5 days under my belt.


This ordeal of posting everyday has been harder than I thought.

I really did not think I would get that many comments each day…HELLO?…you guys rock. Thanks a bunch for tuning in.   

and for today’s dribble:


Did you ever get so tired from being gone all day and then when you DO get home, you can only make it sooooo far into the house before you crash?


Yeah, Lindsay too. After a long day at school, she came home and I made her carry in a 16lb bag of dog food and that just did her in. She made it past the mud room and partially into the living room. crash.

I on the other hand would have at least used the bag of food as my pillow. I am just sayin’.


I have been a’buzz with projects this week. Inside and outside. I promise I will have photos soon; New landscaping. A dining room update. A semi-mural in the playroom.


We have some last minute travel and visitor plans this weekend. It is very last minute and very dire. **sad face**


Now on a high.energy.get.your.blood.flowing.note:

Last night I ventured out the side door of our house to pick up a newly potted zinnia that was catching rain. I was going to place it back onto the plant stand on the porch and I was almost at the plant stand with the zinnia when I noticed THIS GUY perched on the plant stand:


I screamed like a wild banshee. Because he is a snake. And I was not expecting a snake.

I almost shat myself.

Then I realized: um dummy, you have ONE OF THESE in A CAGE in YOUR home right now


He was just trying to avoid the rain.

As the good Samaritan I am , I will try and find him a raincoat the next time I am out….

And the zinnia is out in the rain. still.

Wishing you all a nice, dry and restful weekend. With no chance of shatting yourself.

29 thoughts on “5 days under my belt.

  1. LOL…my kids have done this too…and like you I would have at least used that bag of dog food for a pillow. 🙂 I would have screamed and peed in my pants had I seen that snake. Terrified. I hate that about myself. Of course were going to read your posts and comment…do you think we would want to miss out on all your fun? :)Happy weekend even though it sounds like something isn't good. ((((Suz)))) Lori


  2. LOL! Yes, I would have screamed too seeing that snake. And the word \”shat\”…What a funny word!Sorry your travel plans are not for fun.Have a great weekend.


  3. So what kind is the snake? They give me the shivers! I am not a reptile lover – – – not in my genes. I like the soft cuddly mammals like cats and dogs.Your updates are fun and your girls are good sports to let you take their pictures to illustrate your text.Hope the weekend is as good as it can be under dire circumstances.The good news for the zinnia – – they love rain – – right?!!


  4. Goodness! I'm pretty sure your girl saw the snake and that is what did her in (unless, of course, she is owner of the one in the cage. In that case, my point is lost, but then again, my point usually is.)You know what, Miss Suz? I surely heart you!


  5. Wow, you've done all that and still blogged every day.showoff.that poor child. i can't imagine the stress she goes thru…. bless her little heart.SNAKE?SNAKE?SNAKE?S.N.A.K.E.?oh sorry, was i screaming?i would have died.on the spot.he's 'orrible. the sneaky little serpent.i'm not coming for a visit now.;-(


  6. I would'a freaked out at a snake right there in front of me and I'm sure I would not have taken its picture unless I could reeeeeally zoom that camera cuz I would not be standing there for long. Yikes.Your weekend doesn't sound happy. Hugs! : )


  7. Yes—I probably would have shat myself if I saw a snake on my deck…. I was okay with a skunk (as long as I didn't make him mad)–but NEVER a snake, even a harmless one…. YIPES….You are such a mean Mama–making that sweet little gal carry that HUGE bag of dog food….. Poor little girl!!!!!! ha ha haHave a nice weekend… Hope it doesn't get too cold down your way… We are going into the 20's….. Yipes!!!Hugs,Betsy


  8. I just about peed my pants just seeing that picture! Good heavens, snakes are good guys but they are just little creepers too at times, aren't they? I once saw a little kid stumble out of the ocean and just collapse onto the sand, he was all worn out with fun. It was so cute.


  9. Too funny. Even if you're not afraid of snakes, finding one on your porch is scary. My worst experience was coming in the house at the instant a snake was climbing out of the hanging basket near the door. There he was hanging a foot below the plant and looking me right in the eye.Have a great weekend.


  10. Nonononononono to snakes, of any kind, anywhere. NO. NO. NO.I would still be on the roof, if that had happened to me.Psst! Listen: the best coffee drink I know is coffee with warm egg nog (low-fat, of course) in it! Try that when your temps dip waaaayyyyy down in the 70s. =) I heart you and I would heart some of your weather just now.


  11. OMG you had me roaring there! I don't think I've ever heard you speak like that! lol lol lolBless you for making my sides go in stitches… and for making me like this cold snowy place that harbors only tiny garden snakes in the vines 😀


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