Dear Coach,


Every morning, before your truck is even through the gate, this little critter has taken over your spot in our bed.

And she is not in the least bashful.


She is merely keeping it warm until you return.  Well, that is what she tells me anyway.

Love, Suz and the bed critters.

22 thoughts on “Dear Coach,

  1. You can tell that sweetheart is secure in the love and safety of her home. Dogs give us such unconditional love and respect. They really add joy to our lives – – – most of the time!


  2. Diva – the large ANNOYING Lab – sleeps with us (between us) when it gets cold. She farts, makes all KINDS of noise, and basically interferes with any sort of decent sleep (or any other activity) that might be going on in bed. As you can imagine, we both wish she'd sleep down the hall in the GUEST ROOM, with Ruby. (The dogs have that room, includign the guest bed all to themselves…. but NOOO….) Sigh. Dogs. What're you gonna do?


  3. What a funny picture…. She does look comfy!!!!!! But–I have a question… Is the Mama still in bed too–after Daddy goes to work??????? Hmmmmmm…. Bet not for long, with your busy schedule!!!!!Have a wonderful Sunday.Hugs,Betsy


  4. : ) awwwww. Our cat crawls when gary leaves. I keep meaning to google that and see if she is normal. I am almost 100% sure she is normal since she is part of our normal family…


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