A not so happy post from me, which I usually try to avoid at all costs.


So…the weekend.

It had a few highs and many lows.

First of all, cancer sucks. You knew that though.

A very good friend of ours is losing his battle with brain cancer.

It breaks my heart into little bits, scattered all over the flippin’ place. 

The Coach and another very good friend (Don)  flew to AZ early Friday morning to visit Sean.

A ‘hello.’ visit.

A ‘we love you buddy’ visit.

A ‘saying goodbye’ of sorts visit.


{Sean circa 90’}

I am so glad they went. I don’t know if I would have been able to stay strong enough. {Well, I know I would not have been strong enough.}

Sean was highly medicated…possibly too much.

The Coach and Don were still able to have conversations with him. Sean understood what they were saying, but could hardly communicate verbally to them. 


And that really matters.

Even in his state, he had his sense of humor. For that, I am thankful.


{Coach & Sean}

We all have so many wonderful memories of him and his antics.

I will be forever thankful for his friendship, his flirtiness, his humor, his bigger than life smile. He is a ‘one of a kind’ character.

44 is much too young to leave this life.

God speed and I hope those on the other side are ready for some big ol’ belly laughs. 115_1599

{Don, Sean & Coach. 2005}

Sean passed away Early Tuesday morning.


On the lighter side of life, I laughed when I saw Coach and Don’s flight itinerary.

I asked: Who is your travel agent? Helen Keller?

Picture: zig zagging al lover God’s creation in a plane, plus lots of driving too.


While Don and The Coach were gone, I had some sweet visitors;  Don’s better half Kelly was here with their son and the two boxer boys.

We had a nice visit. But not a’one of us is the dog whisperer. IMG_4783

Today I am thankful for friendship, love, sweet memories and most of all laughter. What would we do without laughter???

Laughter is the elixir of life, we must have it daily to survive.

(I just made that up) Pretty good huh?

Love to you all today…find something silly to laugh about. Ok?

I promise I will.

36 thoughts on “A not so happy post from me, which I usually try to avoid at all costs.

  1. ((((Suz)))) I am so sorry about your friend. You are so right…44 is way too young to be leaving this life. And yes cancer sucks. I am thankful that they went to visit him. I am sure they are glad they took this time. Going through things like this sure does something to our perspective doesn't it? XX


  2. We use the Helen Keller housekeeping philosophy here. I didn't know they had branched out to travel planning. Now seriously, I saw a visually impaired man running yesterday – complete with his white guide stick. Pretty courageous.Sorry about your friend; 44 is when life should be just starting 😦


  3. Good Morning, Suz,I am so sorry to read about your good friend. My thoughts and prayers are will all of you.Yes, I am so glad that Coach and Don visited him. By your precious photos, I can see that they had an awesome friendship.Did Sean have a family?Take care ~Natalie


  4. It's always hard when someone so young loses a battle with cancer. I'm glad Coach and Don were able to visit with him before he died. Both of our children got home the day my first wife died of cancer and she was able to talk with them.


  5. I am so sorry for the loss everyone who knew Sean must feel. Coach and Don are great friends… And I think you provided enough silly in your post… Did you see the shorts they were wearing?!? =)Big hugs to you and Coach!!P.S. My brother just adopted a baby boxer. His name is Mac (short for McKenzie). Too bad his all the way in North Carolina. Which means who knows when I will get the chance to steal him. I will have to post a pic though! He's a CUTIE!


  6. Oh Suz…that is rough. I will never get used to hearing about so many that are dying young. I'm glad you had company for the weekend. I'm sure the dogs gave you many things to smile about during all of this sadness. Hugs, my friend.


  7. goodbye is never easy… and in those moments, hope is our greatest gift. and through the tears i know that you are laughing through memories and holding on tight to right now… and thankful that his pain is over. love to you, and the strength to embrace the laughter.


  8. Don't avoid the not so happy posts. Such terrible things make up all our lives. How wonderful that Sean knew his friends. Life seems so unfair at times, and this is surely one of them. I'll be thinking of you and your family as well as Sean's family.


  9. i F*&%ING hate cancer. I am so sorry to hear about this, he looks like a great guy. I can not imagine what it is like to lose a friend.i like your quote, it is very true, i have allready laughed at quite a few things this morning ;)Of course one of these things was a cat!!btw, how are your lovely cats?


  10. Suz: Nicely said. Sympathies to you and your husband who was a good friend to the end by all accounts. It's nice that they got to say goodbye and it's sad that he was way too young to go. 🙂


  11. What wonderful friends your men are, to take the \”Helen Keller road trip\” to see their buddy. I am so thankful that he knew they were there. Nothing on this earth can stop Love; Love communicates.I hope your day is full of great memories Sean and his humor. If you have a problem with that, try to remember \”Dr. Nostril.\” Sending lots of {{{HUGS}}} to you, your family, and his family. xoxoxo


  12. Oh Suz, my condolences to you and coach at the loss of your dear friend. Sean resembled my son,Ted, in the 2005 photo. Yes, 44 is way too young. Sincere sympathy.You made me laugh at that travel agent remark. Yup…elixir…good one. Also glad that you had company and more dogs while coach was away.


  13. Such CUTE CANINES!!! I, too, am sorry about your friend's suffering with cancer. Praise God for your wonderful memories and his wonderful friends who would travel to see him in his last hours.


  14. So sorry about Coach's friend. 44 is too young, for sure. Coach will be glad he was able to tell him goodbye.On the flip side: love the pictures of all 4 boxers. So beautiful!


  15. Oh, I was sad to hear that your friend passed away…and so young. Thank you for sharing these pics of happier days with us. I can tell he will be greatly missed. How wonderful that his two buddies could make it in time to say good-bye. : )Take care,Mary Lou


  16. Oh Suzanne, I am so sorry…. Cancer is so wicked. As you know, one of my best friends is battling cancer. She is fighting –but I think the cancer is winning. Sorry about Sean. He was so young.. What a loss. BUT–I am glad that Coach and Don got to visit him. Looks like you and Kelly had a good weekend with all of the dogs… Don't apologize for doing a not-so-happy post. This is life–and we all go through it. Unfortunately, life is not all just JOY…God Bless You and I send my deepest sympathy..Hugs and Prayers,Betsy


  17. so sorry to hear about your friend. wow, that is way too young. but glad your hubby and friend were there. on a brighter note, glad you had company of a good friend and her fur kids. they are so adorable the 4 of them. i bet there was some mischief at your place. sending love and hugs your way!


  18. I'm so sorry Sean had to leave this life too soon. Helen Keller travel plans! Sean would surely have laughed about that. I like your newly coined quote about laughter. So true.


  19. I am so so sorry to hear about your friend. What a great guy! What a blessing that they were able to say goodbye! The photos were such a great blast from the past! Did you have fun digging them out? I love the puppy picture! APparently they weren't having the \”sitting in a row\” thing, huh? Sorta like the kids! ugh! lol 🙂 I heart you!


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