Over the moon!



Warning Warning: Bragging post ahead!

Yesterday, LoLo signed with a division one university to play softball. (and to get an awesome edumacation at the same time) IMG_4992

When she was five years old, on a whim we signed her up for T-ball.

LoLo giants

Who would have thunk that she would take it this far.

We are very proud of her. Not only of her athleticism and good academics, but of the whole person she is. (by the way, she gets her mad athletic skills from me. lol)

She is a great young lady who I am proud to call my own. {Both of them actually…dang, I should have had MORE.}


And to answer your possible questions:

*The school is only 30 minutes away.

*And yes she is still ‘going away’ to college.

*And no, I won’t be doing her laundry on the weekends.  (I will cook for her though, I can’t give up everything darnit!)

30 thoughts on “Over the moon!

  1. Anonymous

    Congrats to LoLo! I know you are so very happy for her. You are blessed with beautiful, sweet daughters who are a JOY to know. All the best!


  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! I am so happy for her. I cried. Seriously. I am crying! Congratulations! I am especially happy that she is not going to be that far. 30 minutes is kind of pushing it, but I suppose that is acceptable : )Your family is VERY very beautiful.


  3. Congratulations! You will LOVE her only being 30 minutes away! I don't do MS' laundry, either, but when he calls to tell me he's stopping by, I'll put some brownies or cookies in the oven!


  4. Congratulations! 30 minutes is perfect!! Far enough away can she can get a sip of freedom but close enough to you and Coach where she can still come home when she needs you.


  5. awww congrats to you, your family, and specially LoLo.. she is a doll, well they both are, and WHY didnt you have MORE? what an honor to watch your kids grow into fine adults…


  6. Praise God! It's nice to have an important decision figured out. Even better is being sought after with rewards. You have every right to brag! Thanks for answering the questions we had on our mind. I was thinking of them when I scrolled down and there were the answers.


  7. Congrats to Lo…. I am SO happy for her –and proud of her. I know that you and Coach are also… I'm also thrilled that she will be fairly close to home… You all can see her play more often…. YEAH!!!!!What a great family picture. I'm proud of ALL of you…Hugs,Betsy


  8. WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!I am sorry I missed this before… but so glad I came back to see what the BIG EVENT was (you can't even begin to think of the things I had going thru my mind… hehe).CONGRATS LoLo!!! AMAZING!


  9. This is awesome news! Brag away! I love hearing about fine young ladies such as your daughters. We are all lucky to live in a world where fine people exist. I'll include her parents on that list. 🙂 Congrats to you Lo and your family!


  10. Suz, that would be a dream come true for our daughter. I can truly appreciate what this meant to your family. Congratulations to your beautiful, smart, and athletic daughter.


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