TGIF; busy buzzin’


It has been a berry busy week. I mean berry busy.

And I have not had a berry yet.

Today, just a few snippets, and I will try my darndest to catch up will all the good folks soon.

My in-laws have been with us for a few days. {Don’t confuse them with the out-laws, those peeps are not invited to my hacienda.}I love my in-laws mucho.

I also was lucky enough to have my niece and nephew popping in and out. And: 3.5 dogs.

I’ll explain the .5 tomorrow.

Of course, on Wednesday we had the ‘BIG EVENT.’  That was fun. The newspaper, the six o’clock news, the congratulatory emails, phone calls and texts….so much to take in. I don’t know how those big celebs deal with it. I wonder when we will receive a big celeb paycheck. Hmmmm…gonna go check on that.

On Thursday Linds had her final dance line/band/football game/ show. She has just loved this so much. And WE love watching her do her thing.



I’ll never get used to seeing my baby with all this stuff on her face though!

Indoor dance line season starts next, whatever that means.

In the midst of all that stuff, I have started an update in our dining room {chandelier & ruining refinishing my china cabinet}, letting laundry pile up, cleaning my 12ft tall drapes, postponing a landscaping project and collecting dog hair.

So, you know what I will be doing today.

What are you doin’? Do you have an extra hand. Or three?

Have a great day…and Bee productive darnit.

OR not. That works too.

17 thoughts on “TGIF; busy buzzin’

  1. I am so happy for your family. I might or might not have started crying a little as I read this. You will never know.Let the dust bunnies collect. WHO CARES! Life is too short. Go do something special with the outlaws. And please wear as much makeup as Lo : )


  2. I'm giving myself nine more minutes of blogging and then it's time to pretend that I'm you. I am going to get the kitchen clean. I am going to get one of those laundry piles clean. I am going to buy new sheets. I am … shoot, I'm down to eight minute now 😦


  3. You are one busy bee! 🙂 Your family is so darn cute, and active! 🙂 Its so great that you are so involved, and you can tell how much you love them by the smiles on their faces :))


  4. gosh! it is a darn good thing we didn't have to make healthy snacks this week!!! i just can't believe it is OVER. but then you can find out about indoor dance (which, i bet is when they dance inside?) and maybe notso much make-up! it looks beautiful… but she doens't need it. i love her fresh fresh-face just made up with a big bright smile!


  5. What a beauty queen… Isn't it amazing how your two girls both have excelled in two totally different things…. YET–both are great exercise!!!!!!Congrats to Linds…. I know that you and Coach are just beaming all over at the accomplishments of both of your girls.Hugs,Betsy


  6. I'm glad you took the time to celebrate the achievements of both of your daughters. Laundry and dog hair is very insignificant compared to that.I can't help but look forward to hearing about that .5 dog!


  7. Oh, so there ARE people out there who clean the drapes – I wondered. The lady who sold us the new blinds kept saying tha if we bought the more expensive ones, we could take them down and wash them in the bathtub. Gregg and I looked at each other like, \”Now why would we do a thing like that? We've never washed the other blinds. Why start that now?\” But now I know she was talking about people like YOU. You Bee clean!As for your girls, they couldn't Bee any cuter or sweeter. I just love them! Congratulations and have a wonderful weekend! xoxo


  8. Regular life can keep us busy enough but then we add our projects to that and we have to lose sleep to get it all done!Understandable comment about the makeup but from a distance on the field, it is just right! I am so thankful you enjoy being with your children and are involved in all their activities. Praise God, too, that the news gave your daughter the recognition she has worked hard to achieve!


  9. wow so much cool stuff goin on with the fam… so happy for you and lolo.. she looks SO grown up in her costume… wow.ya know, if we were neighbors i'd be there helping ya with your lil projects… wanna move to nebraska? :Phave a good weekend and dont clean too much, gotta have some fun.


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