Le’ silly niece. Le’ .5 beagle.

My beautiful and silly niece:

“Hey, Aunt Suzanne, look at what I can do”



Me: OH MY GOSH! “That is going to hurt your brain!”

She is full of silly talent.

My silly nieces’ new Beagle puppy:


My silly nieces’ new beagle puppy meeting FIVE large dogs.


…so darn cute.  Right Jenn and Gary ??? LOVE those beagles.

Don’ t worry, the baby beagle held her own…well, not her own bladder. But that was to be expected.


Ozzie thought she was a little nincompoop. And he might be right.





22 thoughts on “Le’ silly niece. Le’ .5 beagle.

  1. i love all doggies, but ones that are especially cute in the face….beagles, cockers, doxies, shar pei, doxies, boxers, bassetts, doxies, great danes, chihuahuas, doxies, well….i think all are cute in the face…too many to name. lol


  2. I met the only baby beagle I have ever seen in a bar with Smileygirl, Tom & Gregg. It was a dog-friendly bar/restaurant, and I fell immediately in love with the beagle baby. Reminded me of Snoopy in the old Peanuts cartoons. Since I've heard nothing but horror stories about the beagle that my parents had when I was a toddler, I did not give into temptation to grab him and run away with him. But it was tempting. Such intense cuteness!


  3. aaawwwhhhh – – they are all precious and I want to pet them. A long time ago – – – – in another life when I was in high school, we lived in a small town. There was a \”neighborhood\” beagle who would make the rounds of all his friends everyday – – – sometimes just to take a nap at our house or maybe he was looking for a treat or a playmate. He was too cute, too.


  4. bwahahahaha so freekin cute, suz! i love any baby animals but to have a beagle it's not my fave bread… they are adorable though… your goggies are SO good wiff udder animals…i have never seen so much talent in one person before as your niece…. :p


  5. Oh My Goodness… Didn't you tell her what my Mama would say: that If you do your eyes that way, they will STAY that WAY!!!!!!! Yipes….What a cute little puppy….. Glad the big dogs are 'nice' to her!!!!Hugs,Betsy


  6. OH WOW. I love my beagle but I would NOT mind ten little puppies right now, they are SO cute 🙂 And your niece and her expressions, oh wow! What is the old expression, \”stop it or your face might freeze into that expression and then you'll be SORRY\”


  7. She is so tiny!!!! I had a beagle mix once but she was not so cute because she ran like the wind to follow her nose and was hard to hold onto!Your niece is related to you by blood somehow I take it? LOL


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