16 thoughts on “Herbalicious

  1. Anonymous

    Kaboodle loves ANY fragrance and it looks like your kitty must be the same! It must be wonderful to have fresh herbs at your fingertips (or paws!!!)


  2. Too funny. Maybe you need to grow some catnip for the kitty to show her what is hers. And what is yours! Good luck! Cats don't really like to learn new things that help us humans out, I've learned.


  3. Our daughter and her husband told us a funny catnip story today. They are trying to get their cats used to a circulating water dish but the cats seem to be leery of the noise and bubbles. Our kids put a little catnip at the base of the outside of the dish and the cats fell in LOVE with their new \”china\”!


  4. I laughed when I read your post as it reminded me of the time I came downstairs and found my three cats standing behind a pile of dirt and what was left of a lucky bamboo plant (that a friend had bought me as a housewarming gift) – all 3 looking at me like butter wouldn't melt…I can't keep anything living in that house. I found a dead mouse in the basement that one of them had caught last week and I rarely look down if I step on something \”crispy\”, it's usually a lovely insect carcass they left for me!


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