Too soon?


Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Thanksgiving? No?

Well, I LOVE Thanksgiving so much that I want to marry it and have lots of little baby Thanksgivings.

It is right around the corner you know….I am thinking about making my turkey later today.

 Too soon?

Perhaps you’re right. I’ll wait a couple of days.

My GA family will be here this Saturday. Time has snuck up on me, so I had to do a rush job on sharpening and shining up my shank. Someone has to keep those people in line.


I don’t usually get very excited for Christmas though, but the colorful lights and shiny stuff surely get my attention.

I found these puppies the other day and I instantly pictured them on my dining room table. {and not leaving tracks!}IMG_4569_thumb1

Aren’t they the cutest?  I have a hard time finding things that the cats can’t break. Seriously, these cats are infringing on the lifestyle that I deserve. *HISSSS*

 Too soon for reindeer?

Perhaps you’re right.

Why are you always right?

Anyhoo, I gotta go and find our Easter baskets.

Too soon?

26 thoughts on “Too soon?

  1. LOL You so crack me up…I love Thanksgiving too…I think it's my favorite holiday…I am sure you will have a fun week getting ready for your guests. I have this feeling you have the wonderful gift of hospitality and make your guests feel at home.Happy Monday Suz! XX


  2. You are so funny. I think you should put all of your holiday things out on one table when your family comes over for Thanksgiving so they can see how much you adore EVERY holiday : ) Whaddya think?


  3. You crack me up… Personally I like Thanksgiving, but I LOVE Christmas. I'll be up in the attic sometime this week dragging down our gazillion boxes of Christmas decorations. (I got to the point where I drag them all down by myself, that way I don't have to listen to hubby tell me I have waaaay to much stuff.)


  4. Speaking of too soon, you may appreciate this…My home looked pretty snazzy in fall gear. My family came down this weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving with us because we aren't going to be able to go home for the holiday. As soon as Thanksgiving is over, I am hosting a Christmas party (the following week). I knew I would be pressed to get everything decorated for Christmas in time so I started last week. My folks celebrated Thanksgiving in a house full of Christmas junk.Too soon?


  5. I put a Christmas cd in the player in the van over the weekend and then wondered what came over me. So much marketing has us thinking about Christmas in's crazy. But the reindeer are cute. : )


  6. I have been very surprised that I haven't seen a lot of posts yet with full Christmas decorations. I know I was seeing some by this time last year.So, soon is a relative term:)


  7. Anonymous

    I know you'll enjoy family visiting for early Thanksgiving. Hope you'll share lots of pics. Your kitties may not can break these reindeer but I bet you'll notice glitter on their kitty cat noses!!!


  8. Ha Ha Ha…. You are so funny, Suzanne. I always look forward to your posts… By the way, it's never too soon for turkeys, for reindeer, and for SNOW…. Easter baskets???? Well–that can wait awhile!!!!! haCute little shiny reindeer you got…Hugs,Betsy


  9. Since the stores started putting up Christmas displays before Halloween, I don't think its too early for you to get started. Besides, your decorations are so wonderful we want to enjoy them as long as possible. You will share them with us, won't you?


  10. thanks for making me laugh out loud – I do NOT think it's too early for Reindeer and me I'm lovin' me some christmas and going to marry it and have dozens of baby christmases! ( that was one of your best lines EVER – substitute Thanksgiving of course)Me, I could skip Thanksgiving. I don't even like turkey. Did I type that out loud?


  11. Never too soon Suz – LOL! I bet Thanksgiving will be a blast at your house! Scout says she would like to come down and run around in your yard and sit on the same furniture that Cocoa & Ozzie do – ha!


  12. silly, silly 🙂 i love rebeckah's idea… since your GA family isn't with you on every holiday you could spruce up thanksgiving with something from EVERY holiday! yahoo!!


  13. Thanksgiving day has been pretty wierd for me the past 4 years, since it's too soon for Patrick to get back to Idaho, so I either spend it with people I don't know very well, or with a friend at a restaurant. I get invited by folks, but it's just strange without Pat. I always liked our formal Thanksgivings, but after becoming a Phillips learned to love their gigantic family gatherings held outside in Phoenix. Different, but SO filled with love and laughter. This year without my FIL I'm sure it will be bittersweet for my MIL. They are always the oldest ones there and Dad said the grace.The good thing about being up North,is that my buddy Candace and I did the Turkey Trot last year and are planning to do it again this year. I guess if there is too much snow on the ground we might pass though. Sorry I'm so windy today. (Tomorrow is my last day in Phx til Jan.Missing Pat already. but must get home to the pooches!)x-c


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