Bringing TP to the Thanksgiving table.


Way back in the day….when I was a full time girl scout leader..

{Stop laughing. I was. And I never hurt or lost any children….that I know of}

..the girls and I made these fabulous Thanksgiving napkin rings.


Aren’t they cute? You don’t have to answer…Cause I know, Yes, they are.

I love getting them out each year.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

And no lemons were involved in this craft project.

*Paper towel/toilet paper rolls, painted and cut.

*Then cheap silk flowers and greenery hot glued onto them. IMG_5288

Perfectly festive. 

And I have perfectly managed to forget I have toilet paper rolls on my expensive wedding china. Until today.

Did you locate your glue gun yet?

22 thoughts on “Bringing TP to the Thanksgiving table.

  1. I love it! I think this might be a project to do with the little's in the near future! I can so see you as the best scout leader ever! Hope your Wednesday is wonderful…and thanks for the project idea! XX


  2. I love that…although I might have to use a paper towel roll if I did it. LOL If you had pretty ribbon, you could cut it to that dimension and glue it on. So purty. You could do them for Christmas too. Plaid ribbon and a cute su'm su'm on the top. : )


  3. i will vouch for you… we never lost any girls (though there were a few that we… oh, nevermind!)anyway, laura's napkin rings need to be re-glued this year… we use them every year!


  4. I remember all of the many, many years I worked with children's ministries in churches, that we would have all kinds of craft workshops… I cannot tell you the number of things I have made through the years using toilet paper rings….. Yow!!!!!!!!Cute napkin rings…HugsBetsy


  5. hehe. I remember making Christmas (TP roll) napkin rings with my daughter years ago. Those things held up much longer than I had hoped. Actually, they could still be hiden in one of my gazillion Christmas deco boxes somewhere. Yours are much more grand than ours were though. The flowers are the cappers.xx-c (using the dogsblog 2day)


  6. oh my goodness but this is so funny…just last night, at a dinner with a group of Japanese PTA ladies, i made the comment that \”any crafty mom in the states has at least one glue gun\”!!!I just got mine out and it will be out and HOT for a few months!!I love those napkin holders…and i'm feeling inspired!!! 😉


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