I can see clearly now~



~through my bathroom window!



I was so happy, I nearly hugged my tree guy.

I came THIS close to going in for BEAR a hug…

but he was much too sweaty and overly stinky. 

He did not pass my hug standards whatsoever….

Have you hugged your tree trimmer today? 


25 thoughts on “I can see clearly now~

  1. I hug my tree-trimmer all the time – – – my husband! – – – except when we have to hire someone to take down a tree – – – – and I definitely do NOT hug them. So will the fronds – – – or are they simply leaves/branches – – – grow back on the lower level or will they stay gone once cut off?


  2. Do the palm fronds get in your way – is that why you had the tree guy come? (I want to make a joke about schweaty palms, but I can't come up with anything.) Are those date palms or coconut palms, or fruitless palms?You are so much fun to kid with.


  3. I'm just a little jealous of your tub and your tree. 🙂 My tree trimmer is my 21 year old sons friend from school. I don't think either of them would appreciate me hugging him. 🙂


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