Fast as Fast can bee~


~Just about anyone can catch me.

A year ago the Coach donated some countertops to the Naples Botanical Garden. And then they gifted us with a one year family membership.

Guess when it expired.


Guess when we arrived for our VERY first visit.

11/18/2010 @4pm.

They close at 5pm.

We just made it.


Lo and I ran through the garden as fast as we could, taking as many photos as we could. (Coach was working & Linds did not feel well)


It was gorgeous and we WILL go back again. We only made a dent in our oohing and awwing

Bee flower

These are ginormous lily pads. I would hate to run into the frogs that use them…IMG_5461

To put them in perspective, here they are with Lo:DSCN5658

Notice who had the big camera (The Baby) for most of our visit…not me.

This was also a good opportunity for me to get some photos for her graduation announcements.

Yes, I am already thinking about that. I won’t make that a last minute deal. (you know I could not order the standard announcements from the school, right?)LoLo jump 2LoLo butterfly bench

{Mildred, don’t you love the butterfly bench?}


What’cha doing this weekend?

My fam-lama-ding-dong (family) will be here this weekend through next. They are a collection of silly people; my blog fodder for the next week.

I am almost done with my dining room makeover, I will post photos soon.  It is riveting stuff.

Bee spontaneous.

Bee colorful.

Bee YOU.

26 thoughts on “Fast as Fast can bee~

  1. Anonymous

    YES! The butterfly bench is so cute and a great photo prop for LoLo. Those lily pads are huge! Have a great time with family and share lots of pics.


  2. You may not have gotten many visits from your gift membership, but you did get some wonderful pictures. I think you also got some great pictures for Lo's graduation announcement.


  3. I LOVE those lily pads! They just scream, CHILDREN'S BOOK! You can work on that over the weekend, okay?Your girls are radiant with joy & inner light. Very beautiful – both of those pics would make great grad announcements! (BTW, David opted out of sending any announcements. Guys!)


  4. You always make me smile! I LOVE the picture of her jumping in front of that colorful wall. The lily pads are unbelievable. Are they native to the area or something from another area of the world? And the roots on that first tree – – – reminds me a bit of the Cypress Trees in Reelfoot Lake in NW TN.


  5. You make me look so pathetic – already planning the graduation announcements. You know I left mine til the last minute and then Son ran over my laptop so I lost all my photos and couldn't do it anyway. You, of course, would have diligently backed up that laptop.Amazing photos. Tell me why again I don't live in Florida??!!


  6. What a bee-utiful place. I can't believe you didn't use up your membership so much that you felt embarrassed to be there. Again. That's what I probably would have done. Love the pics. Very good shots in there. And yes, I will be skipping out on paying the big bucks for senior photos. Either I will do them or I will beg somebody with a nice camera to help me out. : )


  7. I love that jumping for joy picture of Lo! Have fun with the family..are they going to bring some of that mystery food with them? I can't remember what it was, but I do remember you posting last year or the year before about some concoction they brought in a jar. ? Oh I've been hanging out here far too long…ha!


  8. A) How beautiful are those pictures! Seriously! B) Your daughter is even more beautiful! C) I made my brothers announcements and i'll make Aidyns too! In 15 years! 🙂 lolD) Have fun with your fam a rama! E) excited to see your room reveal!


  9. Going to visit on the very last day and the very last hour is so something I would do. I love this place…what great photo's you guys took! And I love the one's you took for her announcements. Very cool! How fun and exciting that you are having family come visit. It will be fun to see and hear about it. Happy weekend dear lady. XX


  10. What a neat place…. Sorry you all didn't go sooner—and then return several times… Great pictures of Lo… Cannot believe that she is going to graduate soon…. Mercy Me!!!!!You will enjoy your family…. Have a nice weekend. We spent today –and will tomorrow also–in the yard (raking,blowing,mowing LEAVES)… Fun Fun…Hugs,Betsy


  11. i have NEVER seen such huge lily pads before… are they really real? duh..and your lo is gorgeous in those pics.. i love the in flight one against the colorful wall, and the white bench ones the best.


  12. You are just too funny!! I think you should find something else Coach can rip out of your house and donate, so you can get another year's membership (tee hee!).I LOVE the pictures of LoLo! She's so damn beautiful!! I'm more and more impressed with your photos every time I see them. You are so talented, Missy! And, I see Lo shared your love of photography. I can't wait to see more picture from the botanical garden.


  13. i'm so glad you got in a good hour! and the pics of lolo are great! i know why you didn't order the grad announcements from school! $$$$$$$ and not as fab as you will do 🙂 can't wait to see 'em. so i can copy next year!


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