What to do. What to do.


What we have been doing for a day and a half. {Cause I know that is what YOU are worried about}

*Eating {fuel}004

*Shopping {retail therapy, exercise and fueling the economy-Leopard readers and a blingy watch for $20}


*Laughing {burns calories and fights wrinkles. Swear}

Homemade rosemary potato chips  {yummy}  Lots of work, but ‘uber yummy.

Busy Busy Busy.

And I won’t complain for ONE SINGLE minute.

How about you?

24 thoughts on “What to do. What to do.

  1. well at least your doing SOMETHING!! lolme, i haven't even posted for the last week.but what you did, the sacrifice you made, to fuel the economy? i am very proud of you, shopping can be sooo strenuous! you could pull a muscle or get carpal tunnel from all that cash coming out of your wallet. i salute you, my dear friend for giving so much of yourself!! God bless you!p.s. the taters look delish! i could eat the whole platter, just for an appeteaser!! lol


  2. I won't complain about your busy schedule either. *LOVE your buys. *Am laughing vicariously with you. *Might come to visit to try those chips. Other than that, I'm finishing the apple pie from last night.


  3. Such fun! Those homemade rosemary chips sound wonderful! How wonderful to be so busy with loved ones. I pray you continue to have a wonderful week of gratefulness.(((Suz))) Happy Monday to you and yours. 🙂


  4. YUMMY – – – homemade rosemary potatoes – – – some of our favorites. We generally bake them as potato logs or wedges rather than slices. . . . and I wasn't hungry for an early supper until seeing them . . .


  5. Yum—those home-made chips look incredible. That is something I have never done… Looks too hard–but I'll bet they are worth all of the effort… I'm afraid though that I'd eat WAY too much of them…Cute glasses…. I started wearing reading glasses when I was about 43 —and have been wearing them since, but only when I read or work on the computer…Hugs,Betsy


  6. My busy-ness isn't quite as pretty right now….but The Source does keep things around our kitchen quite yummy.Thankfully I'm done with Christmas shopping, wrapping and preparing for shipment….and my cards are ready to go. If I wasn't done, it wouldn't be happening this year. In the midst of all we have going on here, we will be hosting our annual Thankgiving dinner with all the out-of-staters present. Again, thankfully The Source does the cooking because I wouldn't have the energy or inclination.My job is to keep people laughing and to set the table on Thursday.In the meantime, me want those taters!!!!!


  7. Nursing one with Strep, getting the other to school, debating how I am going to hang lights on the house, wondering if this weekend will ever come and go and well, reading blogs like yours that make me smile.


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