Busy Bee goes HGTV!

Have I mentioned recently, that I LOVE my home.

I LOVE being home. I love being a home body.

This is my sanctuary…I could literally go weeks without leaving and not blink an eye. {can I get groceries delivered?}

Don’t we love a good makeover story? I do.

I am going to sound like a spoiled little ninny….but I was unhappy with our dining room situation. There was nothing ‘wrong’ with it, but my taste has evolved since we purchased this in 1999.IMG_1362

I was ready for an update, but buying a new set was out of the question….

But I did wrangle myself some new chairs with washable slipcovers. {Anything washable curls my toes. I heart you Pottery Barn}

And a simple update on the finish of the cabinet; the coach brought  home a gel wood stain.  The color: Java (I was not even tempted to drink it)

Cabinet detail before & afterIMG_5238_1


The stain was just enough to tone down the light spots…making this piece look a bit richer.


I also hit the buffet and the mirror in the living room.



All with my two little hands. IT was really easy…but a bit scary because if I ruined them, I had to live with it.

{two arm chairs for the heads of the table double as extra seating in the living room}


I love the results. SO happy.  So happy I could sing dangit.

Fa la la la la la la la laaaaa….well you know what I mean.

Who’s coming for Thanksgiving dinner?

We eat at 3:00, play football at 5:00 and sleep at 6pm. 

Can you dig it?

24 thoughts on “Busy Bee goes HGTV!

  1. I could totally dig it! Nothing like friendship, food and football…lol…I simply love all these projects you've been working on! And yes I love me a good makeover story. :)Happy Tuesday Suz! XX


  2. hey sistah… i love your home and [those dogs]… you did an awesome jobbie…happy thanksgiving to you and yours suz… i hope your holiday is filled with warmth and alot of love…me and cheech are on our way… and i'm bringing my suit!


  3. LOVE these results! And I love the fact that you did it on a budget… (when does your HGTV super-special makeover show air??)You are so crafty. Truly. I have painted my kitchen this week… it looks fab. Something about a \”color\” makeover (even if you don't do anything else) really LIFTS the room!


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