Eat & Drink.


The only other thing needed is LOVE.

A new addition to the kitchen area….straight to the point.


My Uncle put this up for me.

{we took down the curtains…’uber dirty}

He also cleaned windows yesterday, repaired a bathroom faucet and switched out my ceiling fan light.

Don’t you wish you had my uncle? Well you can’t.DSCN5688

{Aunt Trisha is neither eating or drinking…she is working. Naughty}

Have a wonderful day…eating or drinking.

22 thoughts on “Eat & Drink.

  1. How about eating and drinking and getting my haircut – – – and going to see my daughter's new niece at the hospital. It is the first grandchild for my son-in-law's parents. For sure, that is something to give thanks for! . . . and I am so glad you took the challenge to blog everyday. It has been fun to visit with you this frequently.


  2. Oh my gosh I LOVE that! I think that looks so great. And what do I love even better than the words? Your adorable Aunt and Uncle! So sweet. I love them. I am coming to kidnap them this instant.


  3. Step Away from the Laptop, Aunt Trisha!! Love the Eat & Drink. You must have sent some sunshine my way – it's cool out, but sunny. Thankfully, we don't have too many cool days… =)You guys in WARM, SUNNY Florida have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow.


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