Family fun and the harsh realities of being a professional athlete.





Our Thanksgiving: No kitchen fires, no domestic squabbles  and not even a trip to the emergency room.

My only itty bitty complaint:

Since my agent was away yesterday,  I was unfairly traded halfway through our annual game.

Aye caramba’!

Still, I’d call that an almost perfect holiday!

I hope yours was equally great!


17 thoughts on “Family fun and the harsh realities of being a professional athlete.

  1. So were Ozzie and Cocoa on opposing teams or did they just run interference for everyone? Looks like a great way to burn off some of the extra holiday calories! Thanks again for giving us a fun post.


  2. Aw, such fun!! Jenny's right, this made me think of \”Parenthood.\”I laughed at all of you in shorts. It was 20 when I got home last night. 20. You KNOW this little penguin is very happy. 🙂


  3. How fun! I am thankful that you all had such a fun day..except of course being…it's fun to see all of you in shorts since it is literally freezing here. Happy Friday!


  4. I assume this game was played BEFORE the dinner. Our crowd was unable to play anything after dinner, other than cards – and sleep on the couch. I felt as if I was 3 months pregnant after dinner, and I haven't been (or felt) pregnant in 16 years. GO TEAM (whichever team you're on, of course)!


  5. Oh, the FUN you've been having…I'm still coming down from the jet lag. Latest excuse for not blogging yet 🙂 Gotta visit some first.Glad you had a great, rousing, wonderful family Turkey day. Now rest…


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