*Our family is leaving today…I wish for them a safe and uneventful trip back to GA. We have had a fun filled week.IMG_5649

*As of today, we still have six pies left, few casseroles, ham and some turkey, mostly dark meat.  Anyone care to help finish it off?IMG_5660

*I upgraded my phone yesterday to one of these babies:


By the time I figure out how to use it, it will be outdated. But it makes me smile when I hear: “DROOOID”

*Cleaning up the rest of Thanksgiving today, and perhaps sending the children to the attic for Christmas stuff tomorrow. Oh joy.

**Yes, that is nekkid Kelly accosting our pilgrims and climbing our thankful tree. What can I say, she get’s around. 

What’cha doin’ on this fine day?

22 thoughts on “Saturday…

  1. Normally, I would have done the Christmas decorating yesterday, per tradition, but as you know, I had a date!! 🙂 So, I plan to do it today. Then, I'll be driving to Indiana for a family get-together at one of my cousin's.


  2. Today we are eating our Thanksgiving dinner with my son-in-law's family. I have some Chex Party Mix in the oven now for snacking later in the day. This evening, some will go bowling and a few others will go to a movie. One thing I do NOT plan to do is clean any more in the basement this weekend.


  3. Anonymous

    I hope the family has safe travel back – at least they are coming home to clear skies. Yesterday was dreary and cloudy. Enjoy your weekend. Don't work too hard.


  4. After I finish my morning coffee(wonder how long I can drag that out before my husband say's something? 🙂 we will be heading down to the dungeon to clean and go through things…just when I was starting yesterday I got called away due to my friend that is dying. She is still hanging on and hopefully for her sake and her family that is watching her suffer it won't be long.Thanks for the morning smiles. Glad you had a nice week with family. XX


  5. Glad you had a wonderful time with all of your Georgia family….. I'll take one of those pies…. Yum!!!!!So you got a Droid???? Neat…. My keyboard on my cellphone looks like that—but mine is just a plain, ole phone.Tell that Nekkid Kelly to stay away from the pilgrims. They are busy this time of year!!!!! ha ha Have a great weekend.Hugs,Betsy


  6. \”nekkid Kelly\” I loved that picture. This whole weekend is dedicated to seeing more family. Today we see my husband’s side. We will be watching the college rivalry game!


  7. Anonymous

    Oooh, I love the new phone, very state of the art. Sometimes the goodbye's are painful, but it's good to look forward to the hello's again.CJ xx


  8. Six pies left! How can you have six pies left? Wishing a safe trip for the family.You will love the Droid. I'm not taking away any Thanksgiving decorations until Monday. Then a good housekeeping and a start on the Christmas decorations. Have a good weekend. I think you should have pie for breakfast and lunch for a while. It'll give you energy to do all that work; or put you to sleep. Neither is such a bad idea.


  9. we were supposed to do Christmas decor today, but my hubby had to work. so we will do it monday on his day off. i have lots of dessert left over too. i made a coconut cream cake, it is out of the food network magazine. one of bobby flays. it was soooooo freakin yummy! it took me like 4 hours to make it though. lots of steps to that one. then we had pumpkin bread. i have been lazy today. after doing just as few things as possible to get by, i plopped down on the sofa with my lil doxie and we watched Christmas movies all day long. even ate my leftovers in front of the TV! loli will go to my sons house tonight to watch the babies. they are taking in a movie. it will be fun. i took the older one yesterday to see TANGLED and she loved it. well, you rest and have a pleasant \”warmish\” yet festive weekend!


  10. Six pies left over? Either you baked a lot of pies or everyone ate too much to have dessert (that's what I tend to do!). We had a quiet day today and got a start on Christmas decorations.


  11. My dear Suz, I got ALL caught up with you in my Google Reader. Honey you have lived up to your name because you have indeed been a busy bee. Love the updates to your home. Quite lovely!Have a wonderful weekend.


  12. Oh and yes please. Since I ate Thanksgiving lunch at a buffet (vacation) I would LOVE to have your leftovers. I feel like the Bumpiss's dogs stole my joy (fa ra ra ra ra).


  13. i love your phone but it would take me a long time to learn how to use it. i predict and mark my words there will come a day in our near future when a phone will take care of everything we need in life, even plan our menus and drive the car!!! as long as it doesnt learn to blow me nose and brush me teeth, i'm ok wiff that.oh, BTW tell that nekkid kelly she is a very loose woman and i have lost ALL respect for her.AND, i'm tellin her mAmA.AND i'm spreading a bad reputation on her behalf… whatta tart she is and you ALLOW that in your HOME? hmmmfff…:)love ya still, mama tart…


  14. I laughed so hard about naked Kelly on the thankful tree. I showed Kaish. He thinks your house is fun. I would like to come over for leftovers because I don't feel like cooking today : )


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