My face is still asleep…


I had a very sleepless night. Has this ever happened to you? You are dozing off into slumberland when *someone* decides that YOU don’t really need to sleep.

It starts off subtle, a little *tap tap tap* on the shoulder. I ignored.

Then a little *rub rub rub* on the lower back. I still ignored.

Soon, it was hot breath on my ear, then on my neck.

I could not ignore anymore.

Finally, I rolled over and said: “Cocoa, you will have to get into your own bed tonight!”

Oy vey.


We had a fairly {wonderful} productive weekend.

We have Christmas stuff strewed all over the house…there are wreaths and reindeer meandering on the front porch.  {weird}

Sparkly stuff everywhere.

I love glitter. Not. {as per LoLo: Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies}



For all you folks shoveling snow, Lo went to the beach on Saturday evening.


Speaking of Christmas and the beach,  Lindsay and I went to see a local production of ‘A Christmas Carol’ last night. It was awesome and put me in the holiday spirit. Thanks to my friend Tim for insisting we go!!! I promise NOT to be a scrooge.

I have tons of stuff to do today, and still my face is asleep. I might have to go on without it. I wonder if anyone will notice…

How was your weekend? Do you have sparkly stuff all over too?

24 thoughts on “My face is still asleep…

  1. Anonymous

    Most blogs I have visited are suffering with Christmas knees – millions of trips up and down steps to get out the Christmas decorations! Pretty photo of Lo at the beach and good for you and Lindsay for getting in the Christmas spirit! We are getting a sparkly new water line for Christmas – ugh! Tell Cocoa not to be a bed hog!


  2. Yep, I have sparkly stuff everywhere and the lights went up on the house outside yesterday. I enjoyed a long weekend off of the computer and can't wait to duplicate that over Christmas!


  3. Hi Suz, Glad you had a great Thanksgiving and weekend. We did too!!!!!I didn't sleep well either last night –but I don't have a dog around to wake me up…. Hmmmmmm….We are about 99% decorated for Christmas —and I always enjoy doing this… Did you hear me oohing and ahhing when I pulled out all of my angels?????Have a wonderful day –with or without your face.Hugs,Betsy


  4. Oh wow…the beach. Wouldn’t that be nice? I have a foot of snow to swim in. I keep telling myself that it’s pretty and that I needed the change. However when I see your sunshine-warmy pictures it makes me resent the latest snow fall.


  5. Forgot to tell you that I love your John Wooden quote (below). Perfect.I know what you mean about going out w/out your face. Sometimes \”ya just gotta do it.\” Sometimes an extra cup of java helps, but sometimes you just have to go w/out. =) I hope you wake up as the day progresses!We have to wave goodbye to David today – he goes back to G.U. for just 2.5 weeks. Then we get to see him for 3 weeks for Christmas vacation (I keep telling myself that – only 2.5 weeks to go!). xoxo


  6. No glitter here (yet). The new fake white tree is up and looks…well, fake, but I'm not messing with a real one this year since we'll be in Seattle for Christmas. Have been listening to my Manheim Steamroller Christmas CDs. Love 'em! Lolo looks so sundrenched & cute. I forgot what that big, yellow orb looks like!!xx-cassie


  7. No sparkling stuff here…yet. No glitter ever…not with two dogs around.I love Thanksgiving so much that I forbid any signs of Christmas in the house until the week after. I couldn't believe we got three Christmas cards in the mail on Friday!


  8. If I wasn't having so much fun throwing snowballs I just might be jealous of this beach trip and these pictures that speak of fun in the sun. It has been snowing all day off and on…still snowing heavy right now…I just might have to take some pictures of my kiddo's in the snow tomorrow and show you what you are missing. 🙂 Hope your face has woken up by now. 🙂


  9. i wish i was on the beach right now, the older i get, the better the warmth feels to me aging body.also, i love lo's opinion of craft herpes!! that is priceless and i agree.


  10. That first photo?Blew my socks off, now i'm barefoot and cold. dang you for all that talent, woman! ;-)I just cannot picture christmas without snow and cold, but then it's all I've ever known so i imagine the opposite is also true.Floridian reindeer pull a sled on wheels? hehe!


  11. \”herpes of craft supplies\”… hilarious! I am jealous of your warm weather… we might even get some light snow here early next week! I haven't been sleeping well EITHER because of a certain chcolate Lab who is a TOTAL bed hog… an growls at the wind… (sigh). It's been windy almost every night, so as you can imagine, sleep has been… elusive.


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