Beach baby, beach baby and me NOT being a Debbie Downer.


Does anyone else get comments in their spam folder concerning escort services?   I am too busy to NEED an escort or BE an escort. I could use a maid, a handyman and a foot massage. How about you?

Been busy…making things happen, changing the world. You know the normal stuff.

The highlight of my week was going to the beach with my beauties to take some Christmas card pics.

The day was just beautiful; perfect.

And those girls, well, they are nearly perfect. {don’t quote me}

None of these are edited. Yet.




The fact that they held hands…and I DID NOT EVEN ASK? A Christmas miracle. I nearly fell down in the sand and thanked baby Jesus right there…but I could not risk getting sand in my camera. So I thanked him quietly without sanding up my parts.



I won’t bore you, but I have about 335 more….

I adore getting cards with photos.

Raise your hand if you like getting a newsletter at Christmastime… you know, and update from your long lost peeps.

I get quite a few and I love them,  although I do get one “Debbie downer” annually from one of my Dad’s longtime friends. He seems to only highlight the bad stuff.

House fires, broken bones, mental illness, unemployment, cancer, divorce. He does not have a filter whatsoever.  I keep hoping he will shock me with some good news…one of these days. I will let you know in the next few weeks if it happens. 

It’s ok if I complain about how bad business has been for us though…right? Even if I add in that I am thinking of becoming an escort to supplement our income? Oh never mind…I don’t have the time or energy for that.

The Coach will have to take on the escort gig. He has at least 45 minutes of free time each week. 

What’ch doing this weekend?


Stringing up your house to look like the Griswold’s?

{will that movie ever NOT be hilarious? nope}

Whatever you do…

Bee happy.

Bee positive.

Bee festive.

{even if you have to fake all of the above}


33 thoughts on “Beach baby, beach baby and me NOT being a Debbie Downer.

  1. funny thing about faking it is that it becomes contagious and soon it is not so fake anymore. Those photos were just fabulous! Her leap, gorgeous, the girls beauties beyond compare! The weather…doesn't look much like winter around your parts!


  2. Anonymous

    Hi Suzanne, My sis gets those escort comments too. I'm kinda hurt that I don't get them – NOT!!!! Pretty, pretty, pretty girls! Love those photos – my fav has got to be Linds; I could only do that split jump if I had slipped on ice! I think I see a butterfly necklace on Lo – way to go! Have a great weekend!


  3. Love the shots of Linds and LoLo.Speaking of beach weather… we will hit about 78 this weekend! YAY for us! =) Considering our low over night this past week was in the 20s and 30s. So done with cold!I may become a snowbird… 6 months in Arizona and 6 months in Florida. lol…I love photo cards too… heck, I love Christmas cards. I haven't been able to get all three kids together yet this year; I should work on that!Have a great weekend, Suz!


  4. Your girls are so beautiful and the pictures are great. Now which one will you pick…So far no Griswold lights here yet, maybe some this weekend… I do LOVE that movie, cracks me up every time watch it. Which is at least once every Christmas…


  5. \”Sanding up my Parts\” I love it! I should have named my Blog that. My brain is going crazy with thinking how to use that in my writings.If you become an Escort, I'll hire you. In fact, you could be an Escort for Gay Men only! You could corner the market! Plus, you husband would encourage you to take on more clients. He could Pimp you out.Those pictures are gorgeous. I can't wait to see the final version.Your Friend, m.


  6. Editing??? What could you possibly do to improve the pix??? Do you just stare at your beautiful girls all day??? I would (if I were their mother, of course.)I was trying to figure out what nickname others might give me. I'm not Debbie so I can't be a downer. Crazy Caution? Lisa Loser? Arrgh! I'll stop now.


  7. Love those pics! So funny seeing your girl in shorts and a long sleeved top. Would love for that to be the extent of my winter wardrobe needs! I can't pic a favorite though. I love them all. We went out recently and took a lot of pics of our girl and ended up using one for the Cmas card too. Just had to photoshop a red top on her and get rid of a plump fellow in the background..wearing a red shirt. He matched better than she did. But hubs did a great job and the pic turned out perfect. Yours are perfect too!


  8. I know there is a Spam folder but have not found it easily or had time to search. I know additional pages can be done on our blogs with tabs but have not had time to figure that out yet either. My daughter is supposed to help me learn how to download other backgrounds other than what blogger offers – – – – – so no, I don't know if I have any money-making opportunities out there. Love the pics – – – especially the one of her leaping through the air.


  9. I love these photo's of your beautiful girls…love the one of her leaping through the air…very cool shot…thank you for the friday morning smiles…needed them…I get these e-mails too along with other pretty hilarious one's…lol…happy weekend to you and yours. XX


  10. I don’t get escort spam. And I’m OK with that. The big guy might take offense and punch my computer or something. The pictures look great! I could definitely go for some beach time right about now. This weekend I was informed by the big guy that we WILL be going to the earliest matinee of Happy Potter. YES SIR I said when he TOLD me.


  11. Those happy, gorgeous girls just make my heart sing.You are a hilarious woman…maybe you could be a COMEDY escort? Or do a little stand-up for your moonlighting? Maybe you need a cable show, like \”Coffee Talk.\” You could call it, \”Busy-Bee-Buzz\” and just riff and make people laugh. You'd have a huge audience – the new Oprah! You know she's closing her show…there's a hole in the market, Suz! Think about it!


  12. Those are fantastic photos.We have to wait until the 21st to take our photo–I didn't realize this summer that we wouldn't all be together at Thanksgiving. I will shock everybody by sending my card late (that is so NOT me).I love a chatty letter.


  13. These pictures are STUNNINGLY beautiful, my friend. If you're looking for a vote on the Christmas Pic, I vote for the close up of the two of them… the one in the middle… just beautiful. But really – with 2 such gorgeous girls, ANY shot you take is going to be great!We have a friend of the family who sends THE most boring Christmas letters… last year she actually talked about a traffic jam in her letter (apparently, there's not much going on in her life). I used to write them, but haven't in awhile. But I do enjoy getting them, as long as they are entertaining and have SUBSTANCE!But, again, the pictures are beautimous!


  14. No Escort services in my spam file, Suz… But I do get spams telling me all of the ways I can enhance my penis. Guess they think that the name Betsy is a male, huh?????? ha ha haI love getting Christmas letters… I have done one since about 1995 —so I have a good account of each year since then in my albums. What I hate is to get a card from someone I have NOT heard one word from all year and they just sign their names…. Grrrrrrrr…Have a great weekend.Hugs,Betsy


  15. what great pics on the beach… my my my she can jump so high!!! i like that one…our tree's not up yet..i would charge too much if i was an a escort…i do get spam like that, and also the hip replacement recall spams… i didnt know you could give your hip back…i delete approx. 150 spams a day.we have julian for the weekend and we just watched christmas vacation! have you seen 4 christmas's? oh you must! it is so funny!!! reece witherspoon and vince vahn…


  16. Actually, I DO love to get letters with the cards. It seems all my friends have super-achieving successful children, super-intelligent grandchildren and their lives are simply perfect. As I read the letters I realize those old friends haven't changed one bit…always bragging about what they have and what they are doing. It's almost like being at a cocktail party with them, listening to the rhetoric.We're decorating this weekend and remembering how we used to have it all done in one weekend. Another joy of retirement…you can take your time and really enjoy the job.


  17. OH those pictures!! How amazing:) (I had to shovel SNOW today grrr) Escort services. No. Dating services Oh yes! Plenty of those. Weird!Oh and I think I watch that Griswald Christmas movie 3 times a season:) Love.


  18. The first thing I thought when I saw the first photos of your beautiful girls (pinkie swear) was that it had been decades since I'd willingly let someone photograph my butt!!All of those photos are Christmas card worthy, but the last one is my favorite! She defies gravity. Hey, the last time I even tried to do that was decades ago too. Hmmmm. I'm sensing a pattern emerging here.Saving the world would be a bit time consuming for me. I'm more likely to be found pooperscooping in my free time. 🙂


  19. saw the title and then was scared to scroll down… so glad you did not have them in their bikinis for the Christmas card!! the pics are beautiful… and that one of linds leaping! so gorgeous! can't wait to see what you pick 🙂


  20. I think you will have a hard time picking one picture for your Christmas card if the other 335 pictures you took are as wonderful as these are. The girls are beautiful and you've gotten some great captures. But are you so cruel that you would send a beach photo on a Christmas card to people living in the cold north?


  21. Oh my goodness, the debbie downer card thing cracked me up! I do not get a debbie downer card, but now I really want one! Too funny. You'll have to fill us in on this year's events. The pic of them holding hands is just wonderful. It looks like it could be sold in a seaside shop. Nice work!


  22. I keep saying you have a great eye for photography, but add those two gorgeous models and some beach?*bows to the queen bee*I don't think I've ever gotten a newsletter, although they sound fun. You just laugh at the Downers, it adds to the festivities 😀


  23. Susan/Baby Favorite

    Gorgeous pictures. Your blog always makes me smile!I do get Christmas letters but agree that so many of them seem braggy. I usually write them too (not this year, just not enough time), but I try to balance the bragging with a hefty dose of humbleness… because my life and kids are far from perfect! I'm just grateful (most days, and yesterday wasn't one of them!) but I don't want that ever to come across as arrogant. Ya know?!I'm sorry about your hard times, Suz. I admire your positivity. ((HUGS))


  24. Love the pics of your girls. Love the leap, especially. I'm sure your Christmas letter won't dwell on the bad stuff. We're off to CT this weekend to meet our newest grandbaby.


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