I’m lit.


ON Saturday Linds and I adorned our humble abode with Christmas lights….not my favorite thing to do, but she wanted them and offered to help. {it always looks so pretty when done}

Up and down the ladder, not a blast, and luckily my ‘down the ladder’ trips were all planned.

We only did lights around some trees…one of them was this big boy. He’s much taller than he looks. And the girth…oy vey!



And we could not forget about Bartholomew. {Although I think he hoped we would.}


I could not imagine trying to do lights around the house itself. Too much height and and too much house girth.

My sweet child was untangling the lights and said to me: “how come all those Christmas songs don’t’ mention THIS PART?” in reference to the un-fun detangling part.

Something smart we did when we built our house; adding electric outlets in the eaves. They are connected to a light switch inside. Brilliant right? Certainly not MY idea…hence the brilliance. IMG_6179

One Christmas, many years ago I hired a handyman to put lights up around our entire house. He had them all wired up and ready to go…and I could NOT for the life of me remember where the light switch was. Seriously it took an hour for me to locate it.


It was hiding.(do you see it below?)I felt like a dork….I swear I DO live here.


Christmas cards are ordered.

Cocktail party invites are done.

Out of town guests have committed to arrival dates. 

The house is all sparkly.

Still need to plan a birthday party for an almost 15 year old. (???)

Are you making Christmas progress?

Have you received MORE than 2 cards in the mail? 

People who have their act together are so foreign to me.  Luckily, I embrace foreigner’s too. {as long as they are updated on  shots!}

Have a marvelous  Monday!!!

27 thoughts on “I’m lit.

  1. Anonymous

    I bet it all looks especially beautiful at dark! I love the way Christmas lights glow. We got many cards last week and have been enjoying them all. Hope you have a very nice Monday.


  2. I have received 7 cards so far. I decided to hate all the people that are on their game. That is ridiculous. Making all of us normal people feel like weirdos : )I have to write our Christmas letter. : ) And address our envelopes. And find the flippin' address book….Oh, and ORDER cards. Love, your delinquent and tardy friend, BeckyBartholomew looks snazzy with lights.


  3. Hubby put up our Christmas lights yesterday, most of them anyway. There are still a few little things to be done outside, but they'll probably have to wait until next weekend. So far we haven't received any Christmas cards – haven't mailed any yet either…


  4. How nice that you had a helper with this big chore and she is right there are no songs about that part of detangling the lights. 🙂 We will clean and prepare for Christmas decorating this week. The little's can hardly wait of course. 🙂 My motto is \”better late than never\” so I think you are doing just fine! Hope your Monday is marvelous too!


  5. Hi Suz, I'm one of those people who are 'foreign' to you –since I try to get my Christmas letters out early in December. I've always done that –and it's nice to get it done early!!!! Now that you have that fancy new camera, get out there and take some night pictures of your home for us—so that we can see those lights LIT. Bet they are really pretty.Have a great day. Is it COLD down there also?Hugs,Betsy


  6. your home will be beautiful… less is more!! cant wait to see pics of it \”lit\”…0 cards yet… maybe i should send some..wonderful idea about the outlets in the eaves…


  7. Bartholomew looks very festive. I'm sure he's secretly happy to be part of the Christmas decorations.We've only received a few cards so far, but the ones we send out are in the mail. We still have at least one more trip to the post office, then we can collapse and enjoy.


  8. We never do lights outside and the girl and I always pout about it too. But it doesn't do us any good. LOL But the tree is up and the cards are ready to address and mail. Getting there. Would love to see pics of all your lights at night. : )


  9. i will have to drive by sooon! we even put a few lights outside- SHOCKING! it helped to make up for our no-landscaping-looki have rec'd 3 cards. i bet there will be more today though! and mine? have had them for weeks… and that is as far as i have gotten!


  10. Sounds like it's all on track for a beautiful holiday season. I have some of my cards done, but not all.Tree is here and drinking copious amounts of water while it awaits being placed in its stand. No lights or decorations up yet – I hope tomorrow. xoxo


  11. Hey Suz, can't say as I've ever seen a lit up palm tree :)I'm Scroogy this year, but I did put a little 4ft wannabe tree in the window. One card, and mine will probably be the cyberspace kind this year…they count ya know.Have fun with all the lights.


  12. We put in those extra outlets on the roof when the house was built too, it is brilliant I tell ya, just brilliant! That said, I love the Bartholemew got lit as well as the rest of the BIG trees and skinny ones too! A night picture would be super fun to see!!!


  13. Accckkk!!!! I am sooo behind!Everything looks lovely. I think I've gotten about 10 cards so far…which threw me into a tailspin realizing I hadn't started mine at all. I made my husband help me last night…I'm 1/3 done… Go me!


  14. Christmas lights on palm trees is one of my all-time favorite things. Goodness, you have done so much! I have bought a few things, and I'm seriously considering giving them out in the bags from the store. I am so lazy this year, but I'm in the midst of moving. I need a year off!


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