Oh Deer, did you just give me the finger?

Remember when I purchased these sweet deer? Of course you do.


I had no idea that their sparkly poop would be part of my tablescape….Poop happens. IMG_6199

I also jazzed up the back of the dining room chairs too. {Snowflakes; In Florida.}


Now, I am ready for a dinner party.

Who wants to come?

Just be prepared to cook and clean. I’m so pooped.



Speaking of snowflakes, this week there was a threat of a flippin Florida freeze.

Ok, the weather man may have stated things differently….

Do you know how hard it is to find perfectly fitting sweaters for tomato and broccoli plants?


And my eggplant on steroids? Fuggettabout it!

Of course, after all this knitting covering, we had NO freeze.

I might have given the weather man the finger. Or two.

He was right about ONE thing though, it did get cold. 

So cold that I got socks out of my drawer….and I put them.on.my.feet.

Did you just give me the finger?

{You are so uninvited to the dinner party that you were going to prepare and clean up}

26 thoughts on “Oh Deer, did you just give me the finger?

  1. i needed a big suz laugh this morning!!! i will be there to see the poop on your table, okay? and your garden looks all dressed up for halloween!! booooooo! i think you should spruce up the coverings with eyes & stuff. sorry. now i am a little slap-happy! but you know me better than to think I would give you the finger 🙂


  2. Tomatoes have a hard time here in colorado because we have plant them before the threat of snow is gone (it still snows into the very end of May many years) and well…we use these plastic things called walls of water…they cuddle around the plants and you fill them with water and they help keep them warm. oh, by the way, they are also a pain!


  3. I've been keeping up with Florida weather this week and I am so not jealous..for once. We are really cold too. I decided this morning it was time for the annual ritual..two pairs of socks. LOL Looking forward to some real snow sometime. But your chair snow flakes are beautiful! 🙂


  4. Your farm looks great all decked out for cold weather. We've learned that the only time we get an unexpected frost is when it isn't mentioned in the forecast. It looks as if the party is going to be a rousing success — I just may decide to crash it.


  5. The dining room looks beautiful, despite the deer poop. You poor baby! You actually had to wear SOCKS today?! The windchill was -10 this morning when I got up! My freshly washed, dripping wet hair was literally frozen solid when I got into work. hahaha!


  6. You could have put hats on those plants and pretended they were snowmen…just to take the weatherman at his word. You know that's the only job where you can be wrong, day in and day out, and not get fired. Ever wonder about that? =) If I come to that party, I will cook and clean, but I am also going to eat…and sit in the SUN!


  7. Awe shucks …. I was so excited about the invitation. And –now I am UNinvited.???… Darn!!!!!I would even volunteer to vacuum up the reindeer POOP while there…. And now I'm not invited so you will just have to do your own poop-picking-up..Dang—I'm just so upset. Just 'cause you thought I stuck my finger up atcha, you uninvited me to dinner. I was even gonna bring you some hog jowl for lunch…And to think—I was even going to see you wearing SOCKS…. Wow–that would have been so much fun. I don't like the way you dressed your garden. You could have at least used Christmas colors… Dang.Well–you missed out on a nice visitor…. Oh Well.Hugs,The FRIGID Tennessee Queenie


  8. \”I had no idea that their sparkly poop would be part of my tablescape….Poop happens.\” LOL When I talked to my granddaughter from Florida she said to me, \”Grandma it's so cold I had to take off my flip flops and put on socks.\” When I told her it was below 0 here she said, \”I guess you don't feel sorry for me do you Grandma?\” LOL Of course I would never give you the finger…well maybe…lol. Thank you for the Wednesday night laugh! XX


  9. And weren't you just giving me grief about the weather!?! lol… My boss lives in Jacksonville and my co-worker in Tampa; they are crying like babies! lol… As for me, it's gonna be 80 this weekend… YAY!! Love the sparkly decor! 😉


  10. Oh, the fun we could have with discussions about the weather… but you'd end up laughing and me crying so best we not engage in that.I'll stick to admiring your pretty decorations, green gardens, etc 🙂


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