TGIF; The tarty toile makeover.


I asked you a few weeks ago: Who likes toile?

{Note that I asked you…doesn’t it make you want to throw an ax when someone says ‘scuse me, can I ax you sumpin?  No, you can not AX me.} 

*getting off of my grammar high horse now.*

Back to the toile at hand.

One day, out of the blue I decided I wanted to update the guest bath starting with a toile shower curtain. I have never thought about using toile anywhere in our house before…but it was like a design flash of lightning. Minus the burns or power outage.  

(I don’t have a before photo. My bad)

This shower is taller than standard made shower curtains and I can’t sew, so I improvised.


This is two curtain panels on a shower rod. (from Lowes!)

The toile part stays as is; there is a clear liner behind it that pulls open and closed when peeps are showering.

I purchased a few black towels and I even updated the tissue box and garbage can with black spray paint. I love spray paint!


I had the hand towels monogramed. You know how hard it is to keep guests from stealing…from now on, I put my name on everything. (The silverware will be tedious!)

Have a great weekend everyone. Enjoy something sweet…or something tart.


Or Just have some sweet tarts.

But remember, Santa is watching, so refrain from actually being a tart.

I know, I know, it’s a challenge for me this time of year too.


25 thoughts on “TGIF; The tarty toile makeover.

  1. Haha, I never occurred to me to be a tart, now I want to! Thanks a lot! 🙂 My friend just had a toile themed wedding and it was really pretty. Your bathroom great! The towels are so classy! I'd be afraid to use them.


  2. UK pals help me- what is toile? Do we have toile here? Do we call it something else? I have never heard of it ( but I am not remotely crafty or practical with a needle so that isn't such a big deal…). Also – do we have a UK name for arugula lettuce? ( sorry Suz- I know that's a bit of a bizarre question in relation to this post but I really want to know).


  3. Oh how I love that guest bathroom.. Love your toile 'shower curtain' —and all of the black accessories. Do you have a chair in that shower for those of us who enjoy sitting and watching the candles burn ???????Have a wonderful weekend–and don't be a TART.Hugs,Betsy


  4. You are funny! I love to read what you write and yes, it irritates me, too, when people want to \”ax\” something – – – One of my girlfriends used a gold/clay red toile in her bathroom. The surface of her walls was \”messed up\” so she did a two-toned sponge-painting on the walls with the gold as the base and the other on top. They may have even done a faux stucco. Toile is elegant in a bathroom!


  5. Don't even Axe me to think about not visiting now you've done that bathroom with Toile. I told you it was my fave!Excuse me Suz, while I reply to the question Jo axed. Lawrence Lewellyn-Bowen would be shaking his frilly shirt cuffs at you for not knowing that Toile de Jouy is the full name. It's French ye knaa ;-)Also Jo, Arugula is known as Rocket lettuce at home.Sheesh do I have to do everything around here?:-)


  6. It's BEE-u-ti-ful! You did a fab job with that toile. I LOVE ME SOME TOILE, sister, but I will never \”axe you sumpin,\” or \”axe you nuttin,\” as the case may BEE.Seriously, that bathroom rocks. Will you post some spray-painting tips next? I am a little bit afraid of the can, but I would LOVE to cut loose and spray a few things around here. xoxo


  7. Anonymous

    Love the bath makeover with toile! John has a collection of baseball caps and one is MS for Miss. State but he says it stands for Mildred Says!!!Enjoy your weekend. Don't AX anyone anything!


  8. Well…I was gonna ax ya sumpin but now I aintagonna. You gettin all hianmighty on us hea.Mwahaha…tart tart tart :)I love the re-do. Just don't light the candle until you turn the water off. Is that how one dries off in this awesome pottery room?


  9. Beautiful choices in the bathroom! Can't wait to use it! Scout wants to drink out of your toilet. We promise not to steal the towels. LOL at the tart comment….I guess that leaves me out….


  10. Love it! Now, do you light the candle while you are in the shower or is that just to be pretty? Careful not to burn your nether regions. That was kind of tarty, wasn't it?


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