Did he just say I am amazing?


Or was it that he is amazed???


I have been thinking of coming down with an addiction.

You know, one of those addictions that would force send me to see Dr. Drew.


Perhaps some of you don’t watch Celebrity Rehab on VH1?

Well, Dr. Drew is the shizzle.


He can help you beat any addiction.

AND I might have an issue addiction with spray paint…not huffing necessarily,  just redoing stuff around the house.

Do you think that would warrant a 30 day stint with Dr. cutie McSweetie?

Oh, never mind. Surely he would not appreciate me the way my Coach does.

Yesterday on the phone he told me: I heard a Paul McCartney song this morning that reminded me of you….but I can’t remember the name of it. I’ll text it to you later.

I thought: That is so sweet he thought of me….

then I thought: what song was it??? 

LET it BE?

Ebony and Ivory?

Those were the first two I could think of before I got his text.

Seriously. How big of a compliment is that?

I know. I am humbled.

I am amazed at how lucky I am. He is Da’ Bomb!

I am totally not answering the phone when Dr. Drew calls me about my spray paint addiction.

I can conquer it myself. I think.

I have my own Coach McDreamy (who loves me warts and all) and we already have 25 years under our belt. 

Did I just make someone gag?

I really don’t have warts. Promise.

24 thoughts on “Did he just say I am amazing?

  1. Oh Suz that is just so sweet it brought tears to my eye's. Your Coach is the real thing..how awesome is that! Yes, Dr. Drew is a cutie patootie but doesn't compare to your Coach. Coach is right, you are pretty darn amazing…warts and all!! That spray painting addiction of yours should get better once you either run out of paint or things to paint…been through that one and recovered fully…lol…happy hump day Suz! XX


  2. No, you didn't make me gag, you made me cry. Thanks a lot!In all seriousness, that is one of the most beautiful things I've ever read. How much does that man love you!? It's so beautiful that after all these years, love songs still make him think of you. I'm literally sitting here with tears in my eyes. Ok…part of that is a pity-party for me, but MOST of it is for you.


  3. SUZ! The mcCartney song I always sing to my lady is \”some people wanna fill the world with silly love songs…what's wrong with that? I'd like to know, 'cause here I go again!\” :)Re: addiction—BABIES. you have admitted it before, you have a weakness for babies!


  4. Awwwwww.I have a love/hate relationship with Dr. Drew. As someone who has worked with addicts for 13 years, some of the stuff he does baffles me. But I like to have a \”Dr. Drew Moment\” in the substance abuse groups I teach. I think the kids really appreciate it.


  5. i love the way he loves you… especially when he is telling me how amazing you are- that sparkle in his eye. yes, dear friend… you are amazing. now. have you sprayed all that silver GOLD?


  6. I love that song! The funny thing is that I first fell in love with it when Paul and wife were on The Simpsons and that song played at the end. Either way I heard it, I now love it.You can send Dr. Drew my way.Your Friend, m.


  7. Cute post, Suz…. I remember Dr. Drew –when he was first on Oprah years ago… Like Dr. Phil, he has done well on his own, hasn't he??????BUT–you have the perfect 'doctor' in your life—your Sweetie…. I think that Coach can help you with your addiction—so please don't answer the phone if Dr. Drew calls…. HaHugs,Betsy


  8. HEY! I don't have a Coach hindering me! Send him my way. I'm sure I can find some addiction he can fix :)Ummm, ok, so he's younger…AND WHAT's THE PROBLEM WITH THAT???Mwahahaha. Thanks for the info anyway 🙂


  9. this is so cute, suz… I, however, do huff… nail polish, glue, paint fumes and me fave… gasoline. oh let me NOT forget my other fave, white out!! there. now you know my dirty lil secrets…hope ya still lubs me…your decorations all over da house look beautiful and so holidayish.i want to wish you and yours the merriest christmas possible, filled with all the love you deserve. you have a very special close knit family and that truely is special…and…that song totally fits how coach would think of you because you ARE amazing.hugs to you…


  10. If Dr. Drew can treat someone for an addiction to love (not that I watch the show. I swear I don't) then I'm thinking your spray paint addiction and my Etsy addiction would be child's play for him.Honest, I don't even know who Dr. Drew is, or what addiction is. I can't even spell VH1 or MTV…..fo' rizzle.


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