Losing my marbles and keeping the silly.


I’m getting ready for our big shindig tonight. It always sneaks up on me, which is strange since I plan the entire thing…including the date!

I will have photos to share later. Party on the patio…yes, the weather has warmed up again! {don’t hate}

Food and dessert in the dining room, cocktails on the lanai….


Looks like a disaster. BUT there is plenty of wine and a chocolate fountain…need I say more?



File this next tidbit under: Who are these people?

At least once a week we have our very own “Lion King” moment here at La Casa Busy Bee .


Complete with the singing of the song:

Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba 

Sithi uhm ingonyama 

Nants ingonyama bagithi baba Sithi uhhmm ingonyama Ingonyama

{Did you know those were the actual words??}

Ok, we don’t use a lion, we use one of the cats. Usually it’s one that was seconds ago snoozing soundly and innocently.

No, they don’t like it. But they deserve it. And it is entertaining for us. And really, that is all that matters.

If you call PETA, I will deny it all.

I hope you have something fun to do this weekend. Find yourself a silly moment of your own…surely there are many to be had.

Bee Silly.

Bee joyful.

Bee a lion king impersonator friend.


26 thoughts on “Losing my marbles and keeping the silly.

  1. you need to post a picture of your simba moments!! the thought of that makes me giggle, i can picture you guys doing it!!your house is amazing and i know you will have a wonderful party. we just finished painting our bathroom, trying to sell this little place so we can get 3000 square feet of beautiful home!! in Kansas they run a lot less then in other places in the country.have a great party!! will try to do something silly to post about, you are a great muse


  2. Have a blast tonight! We have our extended family's Christmas Eve tonight, so we will partying together. Not together, really, but somewhat at the same time. Except for the whole time difference. Ah you know what I mean. =)Have a lovely weekend!


  3. When is a cat not snoozing soundly??? LOL Too cute.Have a great party. I wish it were warm enough here to party outside. We had one warm day and now we're back in 'wind chill' territory. UGH. Your set up looks very pretty! : )


  4. Hey at least I'm not the only one that has lost my marbles…lol…I smiled from ear to ear reading this…your home looks like it is ready for a party and lots of fun…can't wait to hear about it and hopefully see some pictures of the fun…yes, I thought of you people that live elsewhere this morning as I watched the show fall…glad it's warmed up for your shindig! Have fun you party animal! XX


  5. I'm trying hard not to be envious — a party on the patio while we huddle by the fire to keep warm! (OK, two-some huddling can be nice.) Anyway, have a great time tonight and take lots of pictures.


  6. You always have the 'bestest' parties in the world, Suz. I can't wait to see your photos…. Glad it has wormed up for you–since I'm sure that people will enjoy being on the lanai. By the way, where do all of your animals go when you have parties??? Are they all tucked away in a bedroom somewhere???? Bet they don't like that much!!!!!Have a wonderful time.Merry Christmas.Hugs,Betsy


  7. And as I am reading this, you are having your party. It will be fun to see the pics – – – and like Betsy, I am curious where you animals go or are they party animals? The majority of our cats go into hiding when we have company cuz they are scare-dee cats!


  8. You had me at \”chocolate fountain\”. Your female guests must all be pre-menopausal…..because, were they peri-menopausal the combination of wine and chocolate would create RAGING INFERNOS during what would be their regularly scheduled sleep time….and I don't mean good RAGING INFERNOS. You all have this to look forward to. Ho! Ho! Ho!


  9. i was so buzy getting ready for friday that i didn't see this. i don't know how you had time to post it! i never heard that song in africa. i think they totally made it up…


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