The party recap; chock full of photos and cussing.


If you really care.

I survived another party. Barely.

The spread.


My sweet friend Dawn and her hubby Eric.


Stacy, Suz and Dawn. AKA: Charlie’s Angels.

Dawn is so young, she had no idea what we were doing. (or she grew up Amish)  It took her a moment to catch on….hence my laughing.



The Coach and some of Da’ Boys. IMG_6282

Shiny Happy People. And me. {everyone is leaning in. hello? wide lens}


Ok, for my wordy part.


Stacy, Marcello, Tim, Suz and Jeff.

See Tim? yeah Tim. My BFF. Tim reads my blog. Tim can’t get past the fact that I can come up with shiny happy stuff each time I blog. He said: Some days, it seems you are a bit whiny and mad at the beginning….and I am waiting for you to blow your top…and let it allllll go….but it always turns out sunny. Damn. (he said something similar to that…I had some wine, ok?)   

{Bee happy?}

I explained that when I am not shiny and happy…then I get a call from Bev.

Aka: Mom.

I can’t win. If I am down I lose. If I am cheerful I lose.

So in honor of my friend Tim (who will be 50 next week and has not a flippin wrinkle to his name)

Eff everything.


Eff it all.


There. I said it.

Are you happy Tim?

I sure hope so, cause that hurt my delicate fingertips.

I just can’t be a Debbie Downer.

I keep all the Debbie Downer stuff inside…you know so it can fester, boil and then explode all over my kitchen on a big holiday. {I kid}  

Isn’t that normal?


Oh, and don’t you want to know what Tim says keeps the wrinkles away…

You know you want to know.

Little Debbie’s’ snack (preserved filled) cakes.

yeah, it’s all the preservatives. Go figure. Botox via Little Debbie.

How was your weekend? Did you get blog-outed? 

And just for Tim: Bee Happy. {Damn it to heck!!!}

I lurve you.



28 thoughts on “The party recap; chock full of photos and cussing.

  1. Looks and sounds like a flippin blast! Another successful fun party at the Busy Bee house…all that hard work paid off once again…woot! woot! Hope you get a chance to catch your breathe today.Happy Monday! XXXX


  2. Well yes, whatever blog outed is, I was! 🙂 I even made teeeeeenytiny mention of you in today's post, if you search for it ;)Gosh, OK, spectacular party there, man! I wonder, do your dogs sorta hang close, watching the food, just in case, you know?


  3. Tim really doesn't have any wrinkles at all. Seriously. He is adorable.Love BFF's!Dawn's shirt is so fantastic. She is the coolest.And holy heck you are so skinny. What on earth are you always complaining about. I can't talk to you any more. You are going on my NO CONTACT list.Glad your part was fun!


  4. Anonymous

    I knew the photos would be fun, shiny and happy. Love the Charlie's Angels reference! You look fab Suz and I hate your wrinkle-less friend. Tell him the next 3 years will be bad!!! (I speak from experience!)


  5. laughing, laughing, laughing… still. but you+me=laughter, so why am i surprised?! and you know, i am old today, so now i know all about the charlie brown angels 🙂 stacy? are you reading this?


  6. What that kind of speak, missy, you may have to put a warning on yer blog.This blog is Rated R.=)Glad you had a great time. And curse Tim for having nary a wrinkle. Who does he think he is?!


  7. You kind of fell short on the cussing part. Compared to other blogs that I read. :)This looks like a very fun time! Definitely shiny, happy people. Especially you.I love your chipper attitude. And I love even more that you acknowledge what happens when you hold all the bad stuff in! (Speaking from personal experience, believe me!)Love you!


  8. Susan/Baby Favorite

    Your pink top is beautiful! I am with Tim, though… I always wait for you to explode and then *poof* back to happiness you go! But it does leave me feeling uplifted…if not slightly inferior (and mean), too. ;-)Beautiful pics…wish I'd been there!


  9. I am sorry to inform you I will no longer be able to follow your blog now that it is filled with vulgarity and unhappiness.I wish you the best and strongly suggest you consider anger management as a means to control that vicious temper.


  10. You forgot to mention the all important: after the Debbie Downer stufffffffff explodes all over, who gets to clean it up? Bright and Shiny Suz!Tim may be your BFF, but you are everyone's BSS and that's no BS.I have a 56 year old brother who has not one single wrinkle too. Should we hate folks like that? I think I hate 'em.


  11. At first I was going to ask if Tim wasn't married or had kids. That would explain the lack of wrinkles. Thanks for explaining it.I will never, in a billion years, understand having a Christmas party where it's warm outside. It just doesn't seem right. Okay, I'm jealous! Happy? Of course you are. Shiny and happy!Your Friend, m.


  12. Ya can tell by all the happy faces everyone had a grand time at the party. Yup, we had one last night. Does life get any better!!! Heeehehe!!This Ozark Farm Chick wakes up shiny…used to really upset my daughter for some reason. Social Butterfly was not a mornin' chick.God bless and ya'll have a wonderful holiday season!!!! :o)


  13. Oh my goodness, you are right! No wrinkles on that man!! I guess he knows what he is talking about *off to buy Little Debbie* 🙂 Your party looks fabulous, everyone is smiling so much! Nicely done, Suz!Merry Christmas wishes to you!


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