It’s a miracle we even survived.

My Brother and I certainly were not spoiled children; that is until Christmas came. Along with Santa, came my Grandparents {my Dad’s parents} they loaded up their car in Miami with as many games and toys as they could fit in their trunk and spent each Christmas with Mark and I.

I must have been around 4 here. G’ma is trying to help Mark and I find our way through the bazillion gifts; I am lost, confused, and beginning to go into shock.  It looks like 12 kids lived here.


{Please note the fire safety hazard: The brown electric heater in front of the fireplace loaded with paper and a bottle of whisky crap, and then the ashtray filled to high heaven on the coffee table. I’m certain there was a can of gas on the couch} 

Mark and I Christmas Eve {Suz 6?} {that is my G’pa in the background. I could bet you a million dollars he was playing solitaire and smoking cigarettes in one of those weird filter thingys}

Christmas Mark and Suz

Now, look at that tree above again. Is it just me or does it look like Helen Keller was in charge of the garland application?

Christmas morning. Mark has bed head, I look perfect. {I am holding my doll, Cindy.  Right now Cindy is in my hall closet wearing a one-shoulder nightgown and suffering from a severely bad haircut, thanks to my Brother. Pogo Stick anyone? Check out the typewriter on the floor, it had windows 5}

Christmas Mark and Suz 2

When I got older, there were fewer gifts. Heck, I was not even allowed to open this ONE gift without performing first. {I look traumatized, whose idea was this?}


{I am guessing this is a wrapped bottle of Jim Beam.  Thanks, Mom.}

My how times have changed. There is no smoking or electric heaters at our house, but my girls will each get a box of wine this year along with bedazzled/personalized shanks.

Ok, maybe it has not changed that much.


33 thoughts on “It’s a miracle we even survived.

  1. You crack me up, I just about spit out my coffee while reading this…Merry Christmas to you and your family.Hopefully things will go smoothly and nobody will get shanked… 😉


  2. But lookit the cute baby kitty in the first pic! awe! it almost distracts from the, um, eccentricities of the 60's and 70's…Why was everything brown and yellow?You know, bathroom colors… :-oLoved your flashback, it made me smile. You two were the happiest kids! (minus the forced split, LOL)


  3. Good Lord Suz, that could be pictures of past merry Christmas' in my life! Ok except for the grandparents…But my dad would have had the smokes, less the fancy filters:) At least your tree HAD tinsel…So, can ya still do the splits? I think we need recent pictures of you performing…mwahahahaaa.Have a fantabulous Christmas!


  4. Susan/Baby Favorite

    You kind of scared the bejeezus out of me for just a split second when you wrote that you had to \”PERFORM\” before getting to open even one present. My mind went to places it should never, EVER go! And then I scrolled down and saw the actual picture.PHEW!!!! P.S. I totally wanna hang out with you. Is it unreasonable to ask you to move to the desert of California? How 'bout as a Christmas present to me? Surely you can't resist…


  5. I loved this post! Yes, it is amazing that we made it to adulthood. I think we showed our thanks by being WAY to far in the other direction with our own children. I loved the photographs and the funny narrative.


  6. We had the same Christmas trees and if I remember correctly, by the time we got to the tinsel, the parents were tired of the tree decorating. They felt we couldn't do any harm just tossing tinsel so it looked at bit like your tree, too.My grandfather would sit at the table with a quart of beer while smoking cigarettes – – – all day. He ended up with cancer of the larynx.


  7. You lost me with that gorgeous siamese kitten in the first photo…and no mention of him/her! Who is that little beauty? What is the story?I'm so thankful that you have all of those wonderful photos with your brother. He was a beautiful boy. Thinking of you, of him and your mom, and wishing you a Happy Christmas with your dear ones here. I pray that your brother, grandmother and all of our beloveds in Heaven, are having a great time, too.


  8. This just got funnier and funnier. Gotta love a girl who is naturally the way others have to drink to become. What? You've been partaking? No….That wine was for the girls!!!I love the idea of bedazzled shanks. I wish you'd shared that with us sooner. You're out of this world, out of your mind, hilarious!!


  9. I miss huge ass air conditioners stuck right in the middle of a wall. Ah, the good old days. When were those pictures taken, 85, 86? Just trying to help you out some.Great post! But it got me in the mood for a cigarette.Your Friend, m.


  10. Oh my goodness glory girl, this had me in stitches. The typewrite look like the old Smith Corona I had in college…(it had windows too!!!) Heeehehe!All your photos brought back some good memories sweetie. Thanks for helpin' me know out some cobwebs.Ya'll have a very blessed and Merry Christmas filled with fun, laughter and fudge baby, piles of fudge!!!


  11. That was fantastic. I love the little kitten aslepp on the chair too! My fave, by far, was you doing the splits. I was a bit of a performer…needed the attention…thought I could dance…kind of kid too. Some things never change!


  12. love your pictures… suz, all i wish for you this year is to feel comfort and peace in your lil ole heart that your dear brother and gramma are having one heckofa party this year in heaven, laughin about old times as in these pictures… know you are loved, and appreciated.merry christmas to you and yours. hugs.


    1. OMG. I was thinking about this post when I was writing the Santa one and it made me remember a few things that I didn’t share.
      This was a fun read for even me….and I recall my Mom loved this one so much! I need to re-blog this one since it’s very timely. XO

      Liked by 1 person

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