The best after Christmas gift I ever received.


Remember when you promised me you would NOT grow up?Picture0020

Oh, you never promised me that? You should have.



Happy sweet 15 to my baby Lindsay.

You are the queen of:


one liners


funny observations

rainbow colored outfits



Stealing hearts


I hope you dance forever…

29 thoughts on “*15*

  1. so is today, the 27th, her birffday? it's jo's me sissy's, too. i knew we were related…happy birthday to you linds!! have a great happy big one!!!!you will ALWAYS be yo' MaMa'S BABY… always n forever!


  2. Hi Suz, Hope you and your family had a great Christmas.. From your posts, it looks like you did.We had a great Christmas except for the fact that my sons could not get here to see us –due to the snow… Sigh!!!! BUT–it was a White Christmas –which was nice..Happy Birthday to your BABY. My baby is 39 now–but he'll always be my baby.Hugs,Betsy


  3. I can tell you really love your family and like being with them, too! It's wonderful that they grow into our friends. We are blessed. Not all parents are so fortunate. Happy Birthday to your sweet baby.


  4. Happy Bday to your beautiful baby! PS: Come on over to my blog…. there's a Very Embarrassing Picture of me there… and a discussion about New Years resolutions/goals for 2011… I need your clever and WITTY input!


  5. happy birthday to the girl with the sparkling, laughing eyes. you always make me smile… i have loved watching you grow from three to 15… looking forward to laughing with you for so many more :)and mama? if she couldn't come through on that promise not to grow, at least she has done it with beauty… right through to her heart 🙂


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