Last week~

Lolo and I lost some sleep to see this:


Oh wait, you can’t see anything?

How about now?


Yeah, we both lost valuable sleep trying  to photograph an eclipse.  We should have slept through it and saw photos on the web like normal people.

{In case you were wondering, yes,  I did end up back at the grocery store on Christmas eve. No one was shanked. Merry Christmas.}


Lolo made me this.



It is an ornament with a bee attached and it says: “My Mommy’s better than Your Mommy.”

I know, it is the best thing ever.  She is the best. And don’t taunt her with how wonderful YOUR Mom might be…she won’t hear of it.

The girls got a new game for the Wii.  Just Dance. {walk like an Egyptian}


It is super fun, and quite a workout. Tina Turner {proud Mary} kicked my butt.

We woke up to a winter wonderland this morning. Frost all over the place. Toto, were not in Kansas Florida anymore.

Expect to fork over an arm and a leg for your citrus.

Anything exciting in your neck of the woods?


21 thoughts on “Highlights.

  1. Really, walk like an Egyptian? I almost stood up and danced myself! I have to say, I will battle you for the best daughter in the whole wide world…and I am not sure who would win! Yours are lovely, kind, thoughtful, funny and truly a joy to see in cyberspace.


  2. Are the fruit trees okay? More than you all freezing a bit, we worry about our produce prices cuz we love those Florida oranges!Love the ornament but love even more when our children grow up and do things that touch our heart strings.Wii has some great stuff with it.


  3. Good Morning, Suz,We didn't see the eclipse either…but that's cause we were having a winter storm here in the Dakotas and couldn't really be outside!And now you say you have frost? Oh, dear…the price of our produce will sky-rocket! It looks like you are having a wonderful holiday with your girls. Mine are here too…but Amy is heading home later today or tomorrow. I'll miss her!Have a terrific Tuesday ~Natalie


  4. we had no snow, i saw those pictures online, too pooped too stay up. today haley is 5 years old, so yesterday we had pictures done. the last day they were both 4. she feels so grown up already. she says mommy i need a big cup no more sippies!


  5. Oh how I love your Busy Bee ornament, Suz… Looks like you ALL can get lots of exercise with the Wii —after all of that Christmas food. We saw the eclipse –when we were at Ocean Isle Beach. It was hard to photograph. You needed a long lens and tripod… BUT—I'm sure it was GREAT just seeing that piece of HISTORY.Happy New Year.Hugs,Betsy


  6. I wanted to be up for the eclipse, but I was too lazy. I think it was pretty early (12:30am) – so there should have been no excuse. Just pure laziness.Love the pics of Linds & Lo walking like Egyptians. I always thought there was something different about them! ;)I am done with frost and fog and cold… I want my summer back. I will take 112 degree heat anytime. I can't seem to function at 40 and 50 degrees.


  7. I hate the thought of losing all those delicious Florida oranges. The new Wii game sounds like a great way to exercise. I share your frustrations with photographing the eclipse.


  8. I saw pics of the eclipse on Facebook, but I myself just slept right through it. Love the ornament..very touching. : ) I need to get back on the Wii but I doubt I'll be walking like any Egyptians.


  9. We're already used to citrus price hikes when there is even a prediction of frost. Arm and leg ready here since I can't survive without my oranges.The ornament is just gorgeous and so thoughtful. And no, I'm not at all surprised that you made that Christmas Eve grocery store trip.Have a great week and Happy New Year!


  10. Ohmegosh, not frost in Florida! this planet is tipping on its head :-/I hope you bundle up nice and warm… got any post-xmas booze laying around to spike the hot chocolate??Love the ornament – almost makes me want to be a mommy… almost 😀


  11. love your highlights. you were dancing, we were singing (glee… i might have had a few slushies thrown my way) and tht ornament? very sweet. but she (most) always is, right?!


  12. Ha, you got frost..we got inches! Better than the usual feet :)Guess i better not plan on a juicy orange or nice cool lemonade to quench my thirsty next July…blah!We all got the greatest daughters and they all have the bestest Moms..And we ALl know it! mwahahahaBee warm Suz 🙂


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