Hanging up the Party pants.


Another birthday, another milestone, another celebration.


Fifteen years of being her. Now, we have added in boys to the mix. {But why, oh why  must we add in boys ever???}


Birthday dinner; food, fun and laughter…and embarrassing  the newest gang member too. If you want to be a part of this gang, you have to have thick skin.


Two days of partying. Lunch out, dinner out, dinner out again and then the much anticipated s’mores by the fire. Forget the fact that it was 40 degrees out….it involved sugar. Who feels cold when you are shoving sweet stuff into your mouth? Not teenage girls.


We are hanging up our party pants…at least until July.

I don’t even think my party pants fit anymore.

23 thoughts on “Hanging up the Party pants.

  1. Good Morning, Suz,Your girls always look like they are having so much fun! We tend to celebrate birthdays for a week here, too…and why not? Right??Shouldn't put your party pants away yet…New Years is coming.Have a Wonderful Wednesday. ~Natalie


  2. Boys? BOYS?!?! Who the hell invited boys?!?!I had to laugh at the fire, cuz Stud asked me last night if he could have a fire, too. Um, hello!! It was about 10 below with the windchill! He's definitely MY son!


  3. Your BABY is now 15???? Mercy Me—those gals are growing up way too fast… Both girls are so pretty –and I'm impressed that they both have developed their own talents… Lo is the softball gal and Linds is the dancer. How special is that!!!!Aren't you going to celebrate on New Year's Eve and Day????? SO—it's not quite time to hang up the celebration pants!!!!Hugs,Betsy


  4. Looks like you had lots of fun..I am so not ready to add boys to the mix, but I know it's creeping up on me…Maybe I'll have to come ask you for tips on how the handle the whole thing when it happens here. 😉 Does wine help? I sure hope so…


  5. What about New Year Eve? It looks as if the birthday celebrations were a wonderful success.I'm afraid you're likely to be faced with boys added to the mix even more in the days ahead. (The joys of having pretty daughters!).


  6. You all wear pants at party's???Ok, get your mind outta the gutter. I was thinking of Party Dresses instead :)I say party till the cows come home..which will be awhile cause they're ice skating 🙂


  7. Adorable! Congratulations to her – but I agree – the boys can wait (I didn't think so at her age, though).My party pants are tight, too…and it's not even New Year's yet! xoxoxo


  8. Fifteen years of getting to be her Mom…how blessed you are…I know I keep saying this but I just have to…your daughters are absolutely gorgeous…their inner beauty shines brightly through their smiles and their eyes…two days of partying sounds marvelous…a perfect way to turn 15…and boys..adding boys into the mix of 15 year old girls…was your husband cleaning the gun while the party was going on? 🙂 I have thought of you often when I talk to my family in Florida and hear of the cold and I truly feel bad for all of you…we have had a heat wave here…29 yesterday and 30 today..didn't have to wear a coat…going to enjoy every bit of it while it lasts…another storms is hitting us late tonight and lasting until Saturday…oh joy.


  9. i lOVE your new look 🙂 been thinking about some changes myself… i am ready too… to hang up the party pants 🙂 oh, but i can't until after mid-january!!! these crazy kids & bdays. gotta love them. especially if there is embarrassing involved!!!


  10. Anonymous

    Seriously, does your husband have to sit by the front door with a shotgun 24/7? Your daughters are GORGEOUS! I haven't said hi for awhile…life just keeps getting in the way, darn it! So HI and happy new year!!


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