Decrepit. And then some.


Old. weakened. worn out. 


My feelings exactly.

How about you? You know, we are all a year older today. Plus two days. Or is it three days now?

Darn it to heck is what I say.

Clocks. Calendars. all that stuff can take a hike. Scat. scram. And take your flippin’ wrinkles and saggy biscuits with you on the way out.

You know biscuits is a term we use for buttocks right?


I feel much better too.


Ok, now on to new stuff.

Guess who got her learners permit on Friday?

yes. me.

Kidding. Not me.

Lindsay did.


Just last week she crashed the golf cart into our fence.  Ok, maybe not last week, but we won’t let her live it down. Especially since she will be behind my wheels. My pretty and ‘spensive wheels.

I will do with her like I did with LoLo.



And pray some more.

Then we will go to the Church parking lot and let her roll. Right there with Jesus and God smirking watching. It seems the safest place to do it, cause your neighborhood said NO flippin’ way can she go there and learn.

Good thing all my nails are broken; that will save the interior of my car.  

How was your NYE?

We had a lovely dinner at home. London broil, roasted broccoli and two movies; Easy A (cute) and The Other guys (goofy). 

Is this font too small?

32 thoughts on “Decrepit. And then some.

  1. My neighborhood would welcome your baby and her learners permit. When can you get here.You are an amazing cook. We had sushi and chinese on new years eve. I didn't lift a finger. Well, except to bring it into the house and throw it on the table. David and Tina and baby Sophia came over. It was blissful. Love them.Love you and your small font and your permit learner. She is the best!


  2. I did NOT know that biscuits mean buttocks. And mine are not saggy. They are poofy. Saggy belongs elsewhere on me.On that happy note, I will leave and go stare at the elliptical a while to see if it is saying anything to me today. I hope not.


  3. Ha, I survived 7 learners….you can do this…Stay calm and they won't do things to annoy you, just cause they can…So when did I miss this awesome new look? Love it and the perfect font.Mine has to be BIGGER cause I need to be able to read it…biscuits aren't the only thing going to H E double L :)Carry on Suz…..


  4. Love the new look around your place…font is not too small…your new years sounds marvelous…mine was not too exciting but good enough…new years day was fun as my son and his fiance and her son came over to spend the day…lots of wedding talk and planning..her and I went online and looked at lots of dresses…so fun…she is such a sweetheart…good luck to your new driver…I almost spit coffee out when I read that you take her to practice in the church parking lot and with God and Jesus watching…lol…I really am so blessed to get this morning smile…thank you. XX


  5. 1) The font is perfect.2) Easy A was adorbale. I think I am in love with Stanley Tucci, are you?!3) Go Linds!!!!!! 4) I will pray with you! (Alex will be getting his permit in April, return the favor, please!)Have a wonderful day, Suz!


  6. Oh, the joys of a new driver in the family. I'm sure both you and Linds will survive. But I'm not sure about your choice of a practice site though. My daughter managed to bump into the side of the church when she was practicing. That was over 20 years ago and we both remember it. Fortunately no damage was done.


  7. i LOVE your new design… it's as cute as a buzy lil bee, like you!!as parents its always hard to let them drive, ya worry so much… just keep her away from yo mailbox… bwahahahamy kids learned in the empty kmart parking lot after hours to start…


  8. awww, what a cute new page. i love it. and a new driver? ohhhh it makes me remember my two. such fond memories. i need to spruce up my page, my sister usually does it. i'm technologically challenged. haha our nye was pretty quiet, we spent it at home. i made piggies in a blanket and hubby made chicken wings, and my son brought some chinese potstickers, it was good. also had rice crispie treats, cookies and drinks. i fell asleep before the festivities. bah humbug!oh well, maybe next year!!


  9. I'm years away from any of my kids driving. My 10 year old thinks that he can get his permit when he's 16. I'll let him know, when he turns 16, that he has to wait a couple of more years. Surprise!!!Your Friend, m.


  10. Hi Suz…Happy New Year to you and your lovely family!I don't know why… but that first paragraph could have been coming from me– exactly!! I echo you– I'm sooo tired but I think it's because of this biting COLD weather.. it really wears me down… Take care, Leesa


  11. I seriously laughed out loud about you getting your learners permit. I don't know why that struck me as funny, but it could have something to do with the TERRIBLE day I've already endured {think throwing up all over in the grocery store parking lot. Oh dear.}, and I definitely needed a laugh. Congrats to L!


  12. Suz, I like the new blog-look! It would be so sad if you stopped blogging, but you must do what is best for you. If you do stop blogging, you might have to start writing letters, at least to me! =)YOu're not decrepit! We're tired here, too…maybe it's the holiday aftermath. I bet next week you will feel peppier. God bless you!


  13. the font is not too small. you are not decrepit, and you were right about linds being banned from learning to drive in my neighborhood! anyway i do think you are right about the church being safer and all… loved having time with you today… sorry i had to ditch you in target- we were only 1 minute late for our class!!!


  14. Love your new crib decor. =) I could NOT teach my daughters to drive as I did not have the patience. Hubs drove for hours on back county roads with them. He has the patience of a saint.


  15. Hi Suz, Congrats to Linds for getting her learners' permit… I'm glad my days of teaching my sons to drive are OVER…. I do know that when I learned to drive, my Daddy had to do it. Mama wouldn't get in the car with me at all… BUT-when I was 16 –my parents took me to Florida to Daytona Beach on vacation. Daddy got really sick (sun-poisoning) so guess who got to drive us all back home to Virginia? MOI!!!!! That was before the interstates came into being. I remember driving us through downtown Jacksonville. I did GREAT –and Mama trusted my driving from that minute on.Hugs,Betsy


  16. Your font is perfect! Love:)I will pray for you and start some prayers for myself..only 4 years to go before my babe is behind the wheel and I know it will fly!Our NYE saw some nice fat lobsters on our plates and a silly movie. Love at home NYE's. Happy New Years!


  17. Congrats, Lindsay! The written test is not a piece of cake.One of my girls learned to drive in a cemetery! It had lots of roads and not much traffic. The residents there weren't mobile. Oh my, time for some sleep. My Benadryl has kicked in and made me silly.


  18. Suz, I LOVE the new look!!! And you had the nerve to say you might be leaving us! HA! You ain't goin' nowhere, sista!OMG, Linds is driving! Congrats. I guarantee she'll have her license before Stud. He STILL wants nothing to do with it! I'm getting worried. What 17 yo boy doesn't want to get his damn license!?The font is fine, my eyes are just old. ;-)BTW, I got 3 more spam comments today!!! Imma shank you, I swear!


  19. I say the bigger the better, font that is! What a smart place to have Lindsey practice driving. Wish we had thought of that. Patrick used to take Jessica to the MetroCenter parking lot before the stores opened. They got kicked out! Because of this post you brought this song from the 60's called Time sung by the Pozo Seco Singers to my mind: Some people run, some people crawl,Some people don't even move at allSome roads lead forward some roads lead backSome roads are bathed in light, some wrapped in fearful blackTime oh time where did you goTime oh good, good time where did you goSome people never get, some never giveSome people never die and some never liveSome folks treat me mean, some treat me kindMost folks just go their way, don't pay me any mindTime oh time where did you goTime oh good, good time where did you goSometimes I'm satisfied, sometimes I'm notSometimes my face is cold, sometimes it's hotSunset I laugh, sunrise I cryAt midnight I'm in between and wondering whyTime oh time where did you goTime oh good good time where did you go?


  20. We should all live by our own calendars – that would mess up Hallmark real good, wouldn't it?Tee hee!Ah, young driving… at least cars these days have airbags, remember when WE started driving? LOL!


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