Well, I*ll Bee~


My sweet friend Dawn gave me almost the bestest gift ever.

I don’t want come right out and say it IS the best gift ever, cause then no one will try and top it. {Is the Hope Diamond still around?}

Isn’t this cup just perfect? My hair, notsomuch.


I could not wait to wake up this morning and have my coffee in it. Fo’sho And this girl does not get excited to wake up for anything.  Just ask the Coach.

{Surely my soy half caf latte with cream will be yummy.}

Kidding. I drink real coffee…cause I am a real girl.


I might only have One  five close friends, but they sure know how to make me feel special.  *Love you Dawn*


And Lo and behold, look what the cat done drug in now.

Nekkid Kelly is at it again…


She gets around. {Coffee Ho}

34 thoughts on “Well, I*ll Bee~

  1. What a perfect cup for you! A great gift for a great woman. I'm with Gary…I wouldn't mind soaking in coffee right now so that I could wake up faster…lol…I actually make a coffee body scrub using fresh grounds, and it makes my skin feel awesome. I admit it makes kind of a mess in the tub but sure does feel good!Happy Tuesday! XX


  2. i would get \”nekkid\” in a cup, that is if i could find one big enough!!! lol wait, don't picture that, oh great, now your all picturing that….nevermind….putting my clothes back on my saggy biscuits…i do like a nice cuppa coffee or tea in a special cup. i almost bought the hubs a keurig for his prezzie this year. his desire was for a new laptop….go figure….computer, cofeee, computer, coffee, well, he got his stupid retarded computer. i am still drinking stupid dumb ole plain tea out of a kettle and coffee singles. his birthday is in april….he IS getting the keurig if it kills me. Lol


  3. Love the cup. Soo cute! : ) Hate nekkid 'barbie' kinda stuff. I was so glad my girl passed out of the Barbie phase quickly! : ) Although Kelly looks like she's ready to go skinny dippin' in your cup! LOL


  4. i meant to tell you… that i already have dibs on the hope diamond 🙂 surley i've told you that before? cam was about 2 1/2… and he said \”i buy it for you mommy…\”i'll let you borrow it though 🙂


  5. what a lil whore that kelli is, why she dont even care where she sits and she dont even care that she's nekked. i would take a marker and doddle all over that one…i love that cute lil coffee cup!!!


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