A lot of *YOU* were tag-a-longs.


I was in need of a new calendar. I don’t know about you, but I always purchase mine after January 1st…50% off screams my name!

~The lines between blogging and real life are starting to become blurred~

While perusing a calendar for me, I saw several for YOU.

(cell phone photos)

Beagles; right off the bat I thought about Gary and Jenn.


And my niece just added one of these to her family.

And of course, there was a calendar for Scout and Shelley. Do you know that Scout sends snail mail to Cocoa and Ozzie? They get so darn excited they nearly pee all over the place now when they see the mailman.  {perhaps Scout should mail paper towels?}


The calendar people know we love our dogs…our regular and our specialized pups like Harriet. Harriet loves to be photographed, not sure if she really loves that gigantic pinecone though.  They even had regular doxies for Jo and Jenny.


I almost shat myself when I saw this one:


I should have got one of these for Betsy and Jen, but I like them too much. Can you believe there is an entire calendar dedicated to your nemesis?

When I saw this one, I felt the urge to visit a plastic surgeon. 1294255962340

Can you believe this is the Coach’s dream dog? Forizzle. Ain’t nothing but a hound dog…..

I’m tired just looking at the cover, can’t imagine 12 months of that.

Of course, you knew I would end up with this one…I bet “C” and Woody would arm wrestle me for it…surely I would not win!


And looky here, Cocoa is gracing the month of January.1294266750989

Where that brazen hussy finds the time to moonlight as a model, I will never know.

I’ll never have to worry about Ozzie being a cover model, bless his cartoonish ears and wharf breath~self.


He is a boy that only a mother could love….and I do.

What’s on your calendar this year???

30 thoughts on “A lot of *YOU* were tag-a-longs.

  1. : ) I got something with pictures of commercials from the fifties. Doesn't that sound fun. I am not sure why since I wasn't born then and I don't remember most of the products. Oh well : )


  2. Suz – I am laughing so hard! By the way, my stepmom bought me that very calendar you featured – loL! Yes – Scout loves Cocoa and Ozzie and is trying to think of a way to mail herself down there. Big laughs at Jen & Betsy's nemesis….awww….the squirrels are a little cute…don't ya think ladies?


  3. Anonymous

    Oh Suz, you are so funny! Isn't it funny how different things remind us of our blogging buds! Harriet thanks you for the mention. Squirrels…..they are everywhere! Kisses to Cocoa and Ozzie.


  4. And here I was, waiting with baited breath for the chicken calendar :-DS'ok, I already have one.Tee hee!On sale anything screams my name, too. Hear it? teeeeeeeechnoooooo-beeeeeeeeeee! (cuz you're fighting me for it) 😀


  5. oooh, such cute pooopies! all of them. even the wiries! i love them all. i would have tons of poochies if i lived on a farm. and i was rich. i would never do it unless i could care for them though. they are all so cute, never an ugly pooch. i had to go look at my calendar…it is my MIL's, she gets them in the mail free cuz she sends a donation to a few organizations. ok, so don't laugh…mine is the basilica of the national shrine of the imaculate conception…..i'm sure that should of all been capitalized….i will say penance for it. i normally have my own calendar, but she put it up and i didn't have the heart to take it down….i have another in our office. it is dachshunds. shhhhhh. don't tell.thanks again suz for me lil wire haired ones. love it!!!!


  6. I got one with inspirational messages on it. Good grieF!I would have shat myself too with that squirrel calendar. Did you see his hair? About as weird as the squirrel we have living in our trees that has NO tail. Like a Manx squirrel. Weird!


  7. One of my principals always gets a gazillion calendars and puts them in the \”lounge\” for us to fight over. The secretary was going to get me a \”Dexter\” one, but she ended up getting me something else. Except I can't remember what she said she was getting me because I haven't seen her in a month because of snow days and Christmas break.


  8. oh you betya i would rastle ya fer dat calender…actually we always get the same kind, by mary englebert.. i love her lil drawings… i have saved my fave ones and framed them to hang on the wall.i love your dogs… hint hint…


  9. I would definitely arm-wrestle you for that calendar!!I have a cousin that breeds bloodhounds. Have you ever seen a puppy? OMG! Seriously the cutest thing ever! She also trains her dogs for search and rescue. They have to be kept in a very secure location. Because if they catch a scent that interests them, they will follow it and follow it and follow it!


  10. Your doggie calender is adorable – and 50% off can't be beat.I go the really cheap route when it comes to our calender. They have \”mom\” (with spaces for up to 5 family members) calenders at Michaels for one dollar, and I've been buying those for years now. They are a bit flimsy, but they serve our purpose well.


  11. Why?is there no pic of cute little yappy blonde haired toy poodles in those calendars?My calendar is usually a freebie from the bank every year and the one my sister sends me from back home.Do you feel sorry for me now?;-)


  12. This was such a cute post – – – showing the pictures of your blogger friends' dogs! It seems people who love dogs like other people pretty well, too.My calendar was cats.


  13. AMEN to the squirrel quote… They are my nemesis for SURE…. Cute???? That's a matter of opinion… Let me just say that nobody will EVER see a picture of a squirrel nor chipmunk on my blog…. It's against the Law of Betsy…. ha ha haWe made waterfall calendars for gifts for family/friends this Christmas. We picked a different waterfall we had visited each month. And of course, we have one on the wall in our home. It's VERY special since it's the first one we have made ourselves. BUT–I'm sure it's not anymore special than your Boxer Calendar.Hugs,Betsy


  14. i usually use the one the insurance company gives us because it is HUGE and has big spaces to write everything i have to do…but, this year, they got cheap and put two months on one page. what?? that's not going to work.so….this weekend, i will go and see if any of the 50% off ones are good….i seriously doubt i'll find one with flamingos on it so i have stickers and pictures ready to use!!!i love your new cup…it's just beeyutiful!!! (^-^)/*


  15. We looked at those same calendars at Pet Smart tonight. Hubby wouldn't buy one, even half price. He DID buy a ten dollar magazine about Bulldogs though. Have a Happy Friday!


  16. I can't tell you how happy I am that you didn't send that squirrel calendar to Betsy — I'd have to hear her muttering about squirrels every day.We made a waterfall calendar for 2011. That's a first for us.


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