Lil’ Boys aren’t like they used to be.

At least not as I remember them to be.

We had a fun filled weekend with a super boy.


Well, actually his full name is Super{duper} Boy.  He has superhuman powers….he can make you say: ahhhhh…oooohhhhh…wooowwwwww. IMG_6475He can lure anyone to get on the ground and play at his level. He even convinced me to sing silly songs with the blink of his eye. He’s cool like that.

He also brought his parents;  it’s in their contract to tag a long for the next 18 years. {Fun sponges} 


{The Coach and SB bonding over an episode of the Wiggles}


We have not seen him since his First Birthday Gala…way back in September. Can’t believe how much we have missed him. So darn sweet. I could never ever shank him; I swear.

{This is what David Beckham looked like 32 years ago}


Can you imagine this boy had a tantrum going INTO Target?


I only have them coming out of Target.

His mom will kill me for sharing THAT photo…but it was kinda funny. He wanted to play with the giant RED balls propped out in front of the store…but Aunt Suz did not realize that until the drama ensued.  I am soooo out of practice.

A moment captured of the big kids…almost taking down their dad. {NOT at Target}


That’s why we have health {and life} insurance.

We did a lot of eating, laughing, playing, eating and planned a new kitchen this weekend. {For super boy and his parental unit}


What did you do?


26 thoughts on “Lil’ Boys aren’t like they used to be.

  1. Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Superduper boy is adorably cute. My weekend was a bit stir crazy with a little too much togetherness with the bitter cold we had. I get to go to work today so sanity here I come! 🙂 Happy Monday Suz! XX


  2. He is a dollbaby. How cute.But I had one problem with your post. Did you notice that there is a cat sitting on your countertop? Please do me a favor and swat that thing off of there.Thanks!Your Friend, m.


  3. what a fun weekend! i know you love that little guy 🙂 i love that pic of him with coach! and then the one of the girls tackling coach- what a dad!!! it was a beautiful weekend all around!


  4. Anonymous

    Like Gary, I spotted orange kitty getting a drink also – so sweet! What a precious little boy and lots of fun photos of all the joy he brought! We braced for the snow and cold. We've got 6\” of snow today. In other words, up to Harriet's nose!!!


  5. Too cute! Coach is strong to be able to support those two girls. And the cat doesn't bother me. Plus it looked like it was it's regular feeding place in a window. The food had to be out of the way of the baby!


  6. We mostly cleaned up from one snow storm and got ready for another. I sure wish you would send up some of that warm Florida weather.It looks as if you had a great weekend with SuperDuper Boy. He's a cutie.


  7. A-Dorable. He is way too cute to let him go home. BTW, I was tempted (in a restaurant) this weekend to snatch a darling little girl toddler…I told Gregg, \”You warm up the car and bring it around front…I'll grab the baby and run for it.\” JUST KIDDING! I would NEVER! But I would offer to babysit…Maybe you can get superduperboy to leave his parents at home for a babysitting weekend? Or maybe you like them for more than just baby fixes. While their home is being done, surely they need childcare?Ok, I'll stop now. You can tell my brain has turned to mush during David's vacation. I'm trying to get my own rhythm back again, now that he's back at college!


  8. he is so freekin cute!!! he looks like he could be you n coaches… i see how much you enjoy having company.. either goggies or boyggies…we pretty much stayed in this weekend and went to our friends for dindin.. i did alot of crocheting and computering. makes it sound more important if i put it that way. lol


  9. Blond babies are always the cutest ones – I remember YOUR photos! ;-)We didn't do a single thing this weekend except fight germs. Your weekend was much more enjoyable, I'm sure! Tantrums and all 😉


  10. Oh shoot, what a cutie pie! I know you had fun but I bet you were tired. I'm always worn slap out after playing with my nephew. You caught the picture of the girls and the Coach just right! Wow! Awesome skills of photography 🙂


  11. What a cutie… Since I raised boys, I KNOW about them… You didn't get the 'privilege' of raising boys…. Maybe you'll get a grandSON someday…..Coach seemed to be having a great time with the little guy also… Great pictures… But–my fav is Coach with his girls…. Loved it.Hugs,Betsy


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