This and That


I wish there was a 24 hour live feed for me to view all of the Real Housewives’. They entertain so much, it might be unhealthy. 

I had a very violent dream this weekend. I was angry, both physically and mentally. My heart was beating so fast, it scared me. I could not go back to sleep for a long time.

The next night, I had a hilarious dream. It literally made me laugh. I woke up, and I was chuckling. I kept thinking about the dream, and was trying to NOT laugh out loud, as to not wake the coach. IT was so strange; this fit of laughter I was holding back. When I woke in the morning, I forgot the dream completely. Such is my life.

I watched City Of Angels the other day. {Meg Ryan & Nicolas Cage} It is a pretty good movie, but I was concerned that none of my angels would ever be as charismatic as Nicolas Cage.  Ok, maybe he is more odd than charismatic.

This past weekend I was forced into a store I dislike. Ok, maybe not forced. You might have been to this store before. It is huge, two stories,  full of camouflage, dead animals, guns, ammo, salt licks, lures and mullets… As per my friend Heather:  “This place is all about killing stuff” 


Yep, I could not wait to make my exit, thinking I might be next.  {For the being killed part or the mullet} Have you been there?

26 thoughts on “This and That

  1. I have only watched blurps of the Real Housewives and I am usually utter amazed at them and how they live. Cannot comprehend it. 🙂 Violent dreams scare and bother me too…I have a lot of them and they do keep me from sleeping…I love hilarious dreams which cause me to laugh…lets just say I've woken my husband on occasion with my inability to stiffle my laughter…he tells me that he would rather be woken by that then my cries or screams from the bad ones. I like the movie City of Angels but hate that she dies at the end. Yes I've been in \”that\” store…the kids love it of course.Hope you have a terrific Tuesday! XX


  2. Is it an NRA store? Aryan Nation? Serial killer? Hmmmmmmm…..It looks, uh, inteesting?Nicholas Cage is odd, isn't he? He gets cast in odd rolls, doesn't he? And for the most part, he plays himself. No. Acting. Involved. I did like City of Angels and the one about him being an alcoholic in Vegas…but it was more about the story than him.


  3. LOL! Oh, I've been there! I agree with the Real Housewives, but I'm not getting into the Beverly Hills. I'm limiting myself to Atlanta, DC, NJ, and NY. NJ is definitely my favorite; I don't know if it's the whole family thing or what. I've said this before: Caroline could sooo be my best friend! City of Angels is an excellent movie!


  4. Anonymous

    I have been forced to walk through this store a couple of times. Kinda gives me the creeps too! As for crazy dreams, I constantly re-live high school days and I can never remember the combination to my locker! Some dr. could have a field day analyzing me!


  5. oh you have my brain bouncing this morning!!! and you crack me up about bass pro shop! i disagree… NOT all about killing stuff. you should see the great purple fleece lined flats i got for $9!!! so comfy! and i don't plan on killing anything…


  6. If it's Bass Pro, I went to one once in Nashville because it was in the mall and was definitely unique to my shopping experience. Except for it being about killing things, you have to give them credit for sinking some $$$$ into atmosphere.Wouldn't it be interesting to see what therapists thought of our dreams – – – especially the ones that wake you up in fear – – – like someone might actually be in the house.


  7. I'm pretty sure I've been to a similar store. It's not my favorite. Interesting that you had a laughing dream. I have scary ones, but I've never woken up laughing. Maybe I need more of a sense of humor!


  8. Couldn't concentrate on the store because I got too caught up in \”City of Angels.\” I simply can't stand Nicolas Cage. Can't say why, but I never watch a movie he stars in.Here's to more hilarious dreams and fewer violent ones.


  9. You know what? I just don't like that store either! I know some people get tickled to death and make it a day's event, but I just don't get it.What I DO get is the Real Housewives. LOVE that!


  10. Hmmmm… If that is Bass Pro Shop, we got our hiking boots in there. They have some great hiking and camping gear… Haven't seen \”City of Angels\” –so can't comment about it. I do have weird dreams at times –and silly ones. And sometimes I wake up in a terrible mood –and have no idea why.. OR –a silly mood… Who knows!!!!!Have a great day. We still have snow coming down here..Hugs,Betsy


  11. I actually won a very cool trip at a Bass ProShops grand opening.I have never watched any Real Housewives, but was sick the other day and sucked into a Beverly Hills marathon. May I just say that Camille Grammer is a total beyotch?!


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