Balancing the Pickle budget

I’ve written before about Lindsay and her pickle obsession.

She will deny it is an obsession, but see the photo below.

Members of the Jury, I present to you: Exhibit P.


She has to make sure each burger or sandwich as at least ONE pickle per bite.

{Proof of pickle obsession}

And of course, she won’t use any generic cheapo pickle. Nosireebobcattail.

She has a particular pickle palate, only expensive Wickles Pickles will do.

She goes through 2 jars a week…and that is after I put her on pickle probation.

I did the math…$405.60 per year. for pickles.

On the upside they are cheaper than street drugs, although perhaps more addictive…they should come with a warning label!

Anyone in your house addicted to something INSIDE of your fridge?

31 thoughts on “Balancing the Pickle budget

  1. generally….they are obsessed by all of it! From the moment the shopping is put away there are at least three teenage heads making a beeline {no pun intended} for the fridge at any point of the day…..all I hear is nom! nom! nom!……..Perhaps you could set up a pickle budget jar? cut her down to one jar of pickles a week and the cost of the other jar goes straight into the pickle budget jar where at the end of the year she gets to spend it on whatever she likes……..apart from pickles!!hugshello gorgeous xxx


  2. My baby – – who is now 27 – – used to dip pickle chips in ketchup for a snack almost until she was in junior high school. However, she was content with any brand of dill pickle chip. Today she will order them on a hamburger, then peel them off to eat separately because she likes the flavor of the meal on the pickle but doesn't want to mix the texture with the other foods. And I never taught her any of that. She did it on her own.


  3. I love pickles too…the cheap one's are usually not the best so I understand where she is coming from…my husband has a thing for green olives…my son has a thing for salsa…it's peanut butter for a couple of the little's…it seems I cannot keep enough of these things in my house…but you are right, cheaper than drugs and less side affects too…lol…thanks for the smiles! XX


  4. I've never had Wickles pickles, normally I prefer the \”German\” (less \”dilly\”) pickles. We always have to have pickles in the fridge for Hannah, olives for Nadia and pickled okra for hubby…And I know what you mean about expensive pickles – the German pickles I like are about $4 per jar. Yikes…


  5. Holy Cow–'dem are some expensive pickles!!! George eats pickles –but we buy them in those humongous jars at Sam's. Of course, George only eats them with dinner –and not with lunch or breakfast…BUT—I will give you pause this morning.. Several years from now, when that precious child, has grown up and is gone from your home, you will miss all of those wonderful days buying special pickles just for her…. Kids do grow up and leave home.. Sniff Sniff.Hugs,Betsy


  6. While I do not keep it in the fridge, I heart Jif Extra Crunchy peanut butter. I can not eat an apple without it. Until three years ago, I would not buy crunchy pb. Then one of my girls asked me to buy some. I tried it and was mad that I had gone almost 50 years without the stuff!There is a town in NC, Mt. Olive, that packs pickles. They have a jalepeno pickle that is very yummy and a bit hot. I like them in Bloody Marys. =)And Mt. Olive drops a pickle on New Years…


  7. I'll have to think about that question…It occurs to me that with your new garden and your GREEN thumb, you might grow some pickling cucumbers for her? And teach her to pickle them? You know the saying: \”Give a man a pickle and you feed him for a day; teach a man to pickle and you feed him for life.\” xoxoxo


  8. i just don't think there is any hope! she will never give these up (and i wouldn't either!) wickles=delish!and is stacy reading your blog yet? cuz we could tell her you can get these at publix!


  9. Nothing in the fridge, but I simply cannot keep peanut butter in the house. The jar just keeps calling my name and I keep responding. If I need peanut butter for a recipe, I immediately take the leftover jar to my neighbor.I do love pickles as well, and Lindsay is absolutely correct…cheap pickles are cheap pickles. And forget the homemade cookies…you have Wickles to send her when she's away at college.


  10. that's too cute.. i too love pickles, i like both dill and sweet.. depends on my mood. here i am addicted to simply grapefruit's grapefruit juice. i dilute it a bit and love it!!!and i always have to have a huge bag of wintergreen lifesavors here.. my faves..


  11. we have an addiction to pickles here too, and buy the ginormous jars of both bread and butter and big dills. my son and daughter loved them growing up as do both of us. and when went to italy to see my daughter, omg, the OLIVES!!! i went nuts with them over there! so, i could eat my weight in olives…..yummy, but not so good for me blood pressure!! yikes!


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