Stuff you didn’t need to know

But I am going to tell you anyway.

Happy Friday ya’ll.

I got my eyebrows waxed yesterday. My sweet girl “Holly” accidentally dropped the popsicle stick full of wax IN MY HAIR. I hope I am not giving myself a haircut today.

It has been cold here the last couple of days. {we are wearing pants} But unlike everyone else on the planet, I DON’T have snow photos to share.

I have been walking 2+ miles 4-5 days a week since Christmas. Surprisingly, I am still IN my house. What the hey?

Our friends who visited last weekend, {Heather, PJ & Super Boy} gave us this gift: A box of table topics. 


{{Ironically, I keep them on the table with the salt/pepper and napkins. I know, I am so clever.}}

WAY more fun than I imagined. Each night, we are pulling out topics and letting our minds  mouths wander. One of MY favorite questions was this one:

Which would you choose to be : Funnier, Smarter or more athletic.

The answers surprised me all around. And….I thought I knew these people.

So, what would you choose?



I chose to be smarter….’cause taller was not a choice.

That line up there made me laugh. {out loud!!!}

We have a little sumpin’ sumpin’ planned for the weekend…but it is secret squirrel stuff. I can’t tell you cause then it won’t come true. Like birthday wishes.

What is on your agenda this weekend?

And really…You? Funnier, smarter or more athletic?  Do tell.

37 thoughts on “Stuff you didn’t need to know

  1. Gosh, Suz, this is hard.I think that I would say more athletic but then I'd have to give up drinking and I don't like that idea. I suppose I could carry my wine with me on my walks but what if I spilled it on myself?Perhaps if I was smarter, I could figure it out. Yes, I choose \”smarter\”!Thanks for asking.Your Friend, m.


  2. Hey gorgeous, oh! more athletic I think, 'cause…….I am funny and smart already!!! bwahaha! ;o)And 'cause I promised myself the thunder thighs must go this year!! ;oOHave a great adventure….hope you share what it is!hugshello gorgeous xxx


  3. I would have to choose smarter…mostly because then maybe I would feel more confident with the idea of going back to school for retraining. We had these conversation cards when my adult children were growing up (my god do I feel old writing that last sentence 🙂 and we loved them. We would first talk about our high and low for the day and then answer a question. We do a smaller form of this now with the little's when it's not too hectic around the circus. I hope your sumpin sumpin plans go wonderfully. I am sure we won't be doing much away from home because there is suppose to be snow, strong winds to blow that snow around and bitter cold temperatures…oh the I imagine some baking, playing games and movies or if I get my way, a cleaning party.Happy Weekend! XX


  4. I'd choose smarter, so I could speak Mandarin fluently with less effort. Maybe I should choose to be less lazy. 🙂 I LOVE getting my eyebrows waxed. Too funny about the hair, though, sorry! I can just picture it. I bet she felt terrible! I need to walk more, but it's 5 degrees here. Not happening. (yet)Have a fabulous weekend!


  5. more athletic, then i could get rid of this butt!! it just keeps following me around!! like a stalker that won't give up. maybe i need a restraining order, do you think that would work? a restraining order on my big butt?!? cops would make millions if it did!!


  6. Anonymous

    I'm going with more athletic – I bought a jump rope not long ago to get some exercise. That's when I found out my arms won't go round in circles any more!!!!! Helpful John suggested that the cats operate the rope for me to jump.Have a grand weekend.


  7. I'd say funnier,because you have to be smart to be witty anyway. But you can certainly be smart and boring as a rock. We don't give a rip about sports at our house so that one isn't in even on the menu. : )


  8. IN YOUR HAIR??? That's a bad one.I want a table topics box. Today.As for your question, I would choose athletic since I've never been that before and can't even imagine what it would be like. Would being toned come with it automatically?


  9. My agenda this weekend Dear Suzy involves reading all of the blog posts from my fave blogging people, like YOU, as I've been out of the loop since I had to return to work!Glad to hear that you are wearing pants down there in Suzland. It will look much more refined when you are out in public. :-)):


  10. Your hair – – – oh my – – – I want to know what happens with it. Are you able to put a hot dryer on it and keep combing the wax out with a paper towel?Smarter as in wisdom. Applying smarter is better than just being smarter.


  11. More athletic. Then I could combine my athleticism with some kind of career (pro-beach volleyball player?!?!) and make money while I exercise. Pretty smart, huh? (Which is why I didn't eed to choose smarter!)


  12. I'm not athletic at all. I've been told I'm funny looking, but I don't think that's what the question had in mind, so I guess I'll settle for smarter.Since we can now get out of the house, we're going to make a quick trip to Hendersonville to check on my parents.


  13. i would choose more athletic because i am gimpy now and it would make me feel better! but since i cant be athletic, i choose smarter than a fifth grader…. i can always use smarts…


  14. We were given table topics, and Katie & I loved them – but the guys, not so much. I would answer any of those questions with you!Funnier…because funny people usually are smart (or clever), and laughing is good exercise!We have nothing planned this weekend (I love that), except an out-of-the-ordinary amount of sports-watching: the G.U. basketball game on Sat., and the Seahawks on Sun. (we rarely watch the 'hawks, and since we got a playoff spot that we don't really deserve, I think we'd better watch)! And maybe some yardwork, cuddling and exercise.That brow-wax sounds like pain in the head. I hope you were able to get it out w/out a cut!


  15. I'm not sure which I'd pick. I'm often told I'm funny, and Lord knows, I couldn't POSSIBLY be any smarter (bwah hahaha!) so the only other option would be more athletic. But, then that would require actually moving this big ol' body, and that doesn't sound so appealing. I'm gonna go with athletic anyway, since maybe then I'd be ABLE to move this big ol' body!This weekend is Mother/Son weekend. The dance is tomorrow! Yay! We're going to a new Italian restaurant in town before the dance for dinner, then bowling after the dance. I can't wait!


  16. I would choose to be more athletic –because if I had have participated in athletics during my life, I probably wouldn't have had a weight problem –and would have been MUCH healthier, and would have 'wanted' to get much more exercise…. We did get out today to get some groceries and run some errands. The main roads were good and the back roads were fair.. It was nice to get out though.Hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend.Hugs,Betsy


  17. well weren't you getting all beautified yesterday?! but the wax in the hair thing? yikes! hope you solved that without too much cutting!! i'll say more athletic, cuz you know i am funny. and i don't care to be smarter… especially if i have to study to get there! what are you up to this weekend?! hopefully calling mw cuz you must have forgot!!!


  18. Eyebrows waxed: good. Hair waxed: not so much. Hope the hair doesn't suffer much damage. I'll go for more athletic. If I could hike farther, jog faster, ride longer, I'd feel that I'd conquered the world… almost.


  19. hitting the slopes for a little ski action. that is what is on our agenda. I chose the \”smarter\” in hopes that my memory would come back to a more normal state!!!!


  20. What a lovely idea, this table topic stuff! Every home (and table) should have one :-)How's your hair? did you get the wax out?ouch!to answer the question… more athletic. i'm funny enough to make my dogs laugh and smart enough to (mostly) stay out of trouble but I can't climb a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing :-/


  21. Well, let's be honest. I couldn't be any funnier…or smarter! I'd go with more athletic because:a) skinnier wasn't a choice2) I don't have an athletic bone in mhy body. Or an exercise bone for that matter.See a).:)


  22. \”Table Topics\”? What a COOL idea!I would totally choose to be more athletic… in fact, if you'll harken back to our (long ago) time in Freshman gym class I believe you and I were almost ALWAYS the last 2 to be selected for flag football…. we were the 2 shrimpiest and the 2 least athletic girls!


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