Of Mice and hearts.

“To wear your heart on your sleeve isn’t a very good plan; you should wear it inside, where it functions best.”
Margaret Thatcher

I certainly wish I did not wear MY heart on my sleeve. I should keep it in the closet, way back there in the corner with my size 4 jeans and my hello Kitty stationary.  That way it won’t get hurt. Ever.

But I don’t. Damn it.

Non Heart Hurters:

~Linds ~Lo ~My Niece Kristy~

P1050940 1

I know what you are thinking. yes, those eyes. amazing.

My eyes? Burning. Itching. Red. Hiding.

P1050943 - Copy

Guess where we were this weekend. ..


Palm trees, bright lights, big crowds, lots of foreigner’s.


Late night ice creams and coffee, everything overpriced.


Elaborate chandeliers in lobbies.


And mice ears just about everyfrickinwhere I looked.


Back to reality.

How was your weekend?

I hope it was high on the fun part and low on the low part.

25 thoughts on “Of Mice and hearts.

  1. Hate that you had to spend your weekend in \”mouseland\”! (ha!) We STILL have some snow on the ground, but it will probably be gone by tonight, especially once it starts raining.


  2. \”The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.\” Mark TwainI hope today will be filled with laughter for you! So sorry you got your feelings hurt…


  3. Oh man I wish I was there. I hope you had a great time, wondering why your feelings were hurt, wondering if I read too fast and should go back and re-read but not thinking you told us….


  4. Since I wear my heart on my sleeve too I am right there with you..yes those eye's are absolutely beautiful and amazing…my weekend was not high on the fun scale..I would say boring but it never gets to be boring here…monotonous is more like it…chasing, cleaning, cooking,chasing, cleaning, cooking, chasing, cleaning, cooking…lol..little man doesn't have school today…we are having way too much togetherness….happy Monday Suz…it' already a manic Monday on my circus. XX


  5. I'm sorry about the hurt feelings. And the red, watery eyes. Take some magazines and crawl back into bed.And feel good. Some of us have never even OWNED a pair of size 4 jeans!Hugs.


  6. I was just about ready to feel sorry for you when I noticed people walking around in shirt sleeves! Now I'm just envious!The girls have the bluest eyes I have ever seen.


  7. Hi, I love that picture of your girls and niece. Yes—those blue eyes are remarkable….It's been many years since I visited Mickey Mouse. It has changed ALOT since we were there… Sounds like you had a great weekend.Hugs,Betsy


  8. Suz, your girls (& their cousin) are so very lovely. Yes, those blue eyes would make even Sinatra jealous.I think you mean Disney World…it's not my favorite place, but Kay will be very happy for you!…and I hope the kids enjoyed it.


  9. @Karen…that is hilarious! Yes, that balloon is in Downtown Disney. I'm sorry you had a hurt heart though. I like the hidden mickeys although I don't seem to spot them unless they're really obvious.


  10. those girls almost look like triplets!! i wanna go to disneyland!! how fun, us we went out and left the kids at my sisters. then an avon party and i won a ton of gifts!! way more then i spent!! it was a busy and productive and fun weekend!!


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