Collecting Frogs and Birthdays


The reason for our little jaunt to Orlando last weekend was twofold. Or threefold? I am terrible with numbers.

My FIL Bill is celebrating his 60th birthday today. {Happy b-day Bill!}


I hope I look this good at 60.

I also hope I don’t have a beard at 60. **fingers crossed*

This past weekend Bill and Coach’s Mom had a trip planned to to collect some frogs.

So we {and Coach’s Bro/family} surprised him as well.P1050918

The Frog Artist, Lo & my Niece Kristy…holding frogs.  P1050928

Not REAL frogs…pretty & collectible frogs.

A big birthday is a great reason to make it a weekend. Bill is a great person to be celebrated. He and Sue have been married for 37 years.  I know. Crazy good stuff right there.


{I swear, he is not holding her against her will…it just appears that way}


We stayed at the Boardwalk Inn at Disney. Pretty cool place.

Lindsay was having a Goldilocks’ moment with the seating though…


“Too Little? Too big? Where oh where is my Just right??”


I really want a couch like that one. Doesn’t it look cozy??? Of course, you won’t catch me curling up on a lobby couch….yikes, germs from all over the world living on that piece of upholstery. *going to burn Lindsay’s jeans now*

Aren’t you glad I invited *ALL of YOU* for our weekend getaway? Too bad you were quiet and shy…especially when the bill arrived. Cheapskates.

Happy birthday Bill!  Thanks for teaching me how to cook and lots of other stuff too!  

26 thoughts on “Collecting Frogs and Birthdays

  1. Happy Birthday Bill! What a wonderful family you have. My daughter loves frogs so she would surely love these too. Glad you had a fun get away! Happy hump day Suz! XX


  2. This post makes me promise myself that I will be a wonderful MIL. Nice, nice, nice. That's my goal. Of course, when I am 60 my children will just be graduating from kindergarten so I might be a slightly older MIL, and slightly older MIL's don't have to be so nice. This logic works for me.


  3. You are so appreciative of your family (& extended family) – no wonder everyone is smiling so wide. Bill looks (& sounds) like a gem). Having a good, strong marriage in the parent-generation bodes well, don't you think?I've seen frogs like those, but never thought about meeting the artist! What a great idea. I hope Bill got his fill of those little critters. Which one(s) did he add to his collection?


  4. Happy birthday to your FIL! Looks like you all had a great time together.The impish side of me LOVES knowing that you are a germ-a-phobe! It makes me wonder if you clean your computer everytime I leave a comment 😀


  5. i was hoping really bad that you werent gonna say you was all hunting frogs for eatin… ewwwww [gags in throat a lil]…looks like you had a great weekend getaway.. they are such fun to do!your famfam is very cute! just like YOU!your FIL is handsome and youthful looking!


  6. Umm, I already do kind of have a beard.Also, Disney is one of my favorite places on the planet. Total Rapunzel moment with your daughter! ;)About the sugar-I'm getting chubby and I keep gettig migraines. So, I'm TRYING to eat low carbs, whole grains, you know…healthy! I do feel better and my sugar cravings are almost gone. We'll see how long it lasts! 😉


  7. Suz., how did I totally miss two Posts from you? I'm trying to be modern and since I am a Follower now, I thought that you would appear on my Reader. So I put all my trust into that system and see where it got me. No where I tell you! Sorry about that.Alright, let me tell you. Those frogs are cool. Fred buys little frog gimicks for me that I just hate and take up room. They are next on my list to get rid of. But now if he bought me one of those frogs, I would love it.Take care. I'll check back and not rely on my Reader.Love, m.


  8. I love the idea of collecting frogs.I had to idea there were shows dedicated to it. Wow, so cute! Your family is adorable, all of them. You can tell good, salt of the earth people by their glow. You are all glowing brightly!!


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