On being a cultist.


On a whim yesterday I signed myself up for twitter. Or I should say, I now have a twitter account. I have not a clue as to what I will do with it, if anything. Really, I am ‘out there’ more than I should be as it is.

I thought it would be fun to be on the ‘reading end.’

Steve Martin made me laugh out loud. I mean, he made me LOL.

Damn, I am getting good at this already.

One thought that hit me though, I am now one step closer to being the *twit* that my Dad often accused me of being.

Heck, that right there could have been my very first tweet!

I also signed myself up for Groupon.  {Thank you Dawn!} and with that I was able to sign myself up for a photography class at a very reduced price upcoming in a few weeks.  

I joined two things in one day.

Watch out, soon I will be in a real cult.

Yes, I’m talking about AVON.


Not really.

Ok, for you brilliant people and my non commenters too:

Dave Matthews or David Cassidy?

Barry White or Barry Manilow?

You do realize it is very easy to leave a comment don’t you?

Even a boxer can do it.

I double dog dare you.


Don’t you hate it when someone refers to you as a *Sissy*?



38 thoughts on “On being a cultist.

  1. Dave Matthews, Barry White.I have a twitter account I use only for reading. The people I follow really make me laugh. Are you going to use yours to make witty observations about life? I would so read those! I'll have to go back to your post and look for a link I might have missed.


  2. you always make me laugh!! lmao. i dont twit cuz i fb and blog.. good luck and let us know if you like it. love your doggy pic. NOT AVON!!thats nearly as bad as amway… you silly sissy, you!


  3. I don't have a twitter account..I really am clueless about it…hell I am on facebook but rarely post anything so cannot imagine myself twittering..you made me LOL with this post…David Cassidy of course…and Barry White…hope your Tuesday is terrific! XX


  4. Ok, first my answers are:NeitherBothCongrats on becoming an official twit! I still haven't drunk the kool-aid. However, I signed up for Groupon the day I got back from my visit with Tiffany (in Kentucky) because she's totally hooked. Sadly, I have yet to take advantage of any of the deals yet.


  5. Anonymous

    You have me laughing again today Suz. Last week when we were in the doctor's office waiting our turn, we could hear the patient's voice in the next room talking to the dr. It sounded exactly like Barry White!!!


  6. i love groupon!! and if you sign other people up then they will give you ten bucks!! my first groupon was free because of that ten bucks and i got 20 dollars worth of bbq for free!! so fun when coupons work!!i tried to tweet not as clever as you though i think you would be a fun twit to follow, i like steve martin and colbert they are lol funny!!


  7. Dave Mathews and neither.Ok so I have twitter account too…I liked it for about 3 weeks, then it drove me nuts (hate FB too) but I still have my account…if you want to \”follow me\” I will \”follow you\” and we can be twit cult buddies together@nightstandtalesMr. Rogers or Roger Rabbit?


  8. you DID sign up for twitter?! oh my gosh. it has crossed my mind and then i decided i don't wanna learn anything else. well, only the great stuff you teach here on your blog 🙂


  9. I must admit that I haven't made the leap to either Facebook or Twitter. I get behind enough in blogland! I must say that I don't need Twitter to LOL as long as you keep blogging!


  10. I am on twitter but forget to tweet. When I do I get followers- its weird cos I just tweet rubbish and inane stuff. I don't really understand it. My sister in law is signed up to groupon here in the UK- must investigate XX


  11. Blogging is about all I can handle, Suz… I have not entered the Facebook world OR the Twitter world… My son and family love Dave Matthews… I used to love Barry Manilow—but these days, I'm a country music fan (Brad Paisley, Alan Jackson, etc.).Hugs,Betsy


  12. Cassidy and White. But maybe if I knew who Dave Matthews is, I would choose him. This is so hard!!!Anyway, I don't twitter, tweet or whatever. I'm not even sure if I need to buy something that does that or if I do it through my desktop. And I'm not sure of it's purpose either. And like Matthews above, maybe if I knew what it did, I would want it.I'm very careful about adding to Facebook because when I was adding to it daily, my Blog suffered. So now I just make smartass comments to my \”Friends\”.Your Friend, m.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3fPtMuBtMsm.


  13. oh, the music of barry white….can put you in the moooooood for looooove…..that you can tweet, my love! and deff dave matthews. great music too. i also have to tweet here and there, tho have to admit, it has been awhile since i have been doing FB and blogger. but i will revisit. i think my name for twitter is the same as my blogger. its been too long….lol! as for steve martin, i will have to check him out! and your poopsie is soooo cute!


  14. You have a deadly dry wit that would make me spew milk from my nose, if I drank milk…as it is, I just snort from your funniness and reach for a kleenex! Anyhow, this is my first comment here, because I had to stand up for my men, David Cassidy and ESPECIALLY, Barry Manillow~~ yup, I'm over 50 and proud of it!!! I also see that several others have made this same choice. Good to see we're still out here ;)Thanks for your blog…I know you said a little bit ago that you were thinking of throwing in the blogger towel, but I'd rather you didn't…like I said before, lovin' your wit…and YES, AVON is a cult.


  15. David Cassidy and what were the second choices? OMG! I have been with my MIL for the last 12 days…I can not remember a damn thing! I have been with Hubs for the last 12 days, 24/7 in less than 1000 sq. ft. Our two boxers have been with us as well. I have seen them looking at my throat… I am soooo excited to have internet access again…


  16. I am way too OCD to tweet–I would never get anything done. Now that you're on Groupon(amazing deals!), you need to try Juice in the City, Mamapedia, Buy with Me and Living Social. Dave Matthews and Barry Manilow (at the Copacabana!)


  17. Good grief, Cassidy & Manilow were my teen idols so I guess I'll choose them. My kids hate when I sing their songs. I have a dozen thoughts a day that I think would be good to tweet, but I know they're not really as funny or profound as I'd like to think!


  18. Definitely Dave Matthews, but did you have to put Barry White with Barry Manilow? Can't make a decision on that one!I had a twitter account but canceled it because I didn't know what to do with it!


  19. I'm sure you made a typo here. You meant to say, \”Soon I'll be a cult\”, didn't you?When you tweet, I think you post about what on earth you tweet about.I will say I never thought to set up an account just to read other tweets. I like all four singers, but, truth be told, you'd catch me singing to Manilow and Cassidy. Pinkie swear.


  20. You mean like, \”Listen here, Sissy…\”?I can't decide between those musicians. I must not have had enough coffee today.BEEing good & BEEing sweet are natural for you, Suz! But BEEing in a cult? Not so much – you are more of a leader than a follower, and certainly not a twit.


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