Is it getting old in here?

Most days I am so tired at night…{ok, evening}

So tired thinking about what I have to do to get ready for bed.

It can be exhausting. Or maybe I am exhausting?

prepare the morning coffee.

make sure sink is cleared; load dishwasher

turn off TV and lights.

wash my face.

remove my contacts.

send the dogs out for ‘one more’ peeing.

put on PJ’s

apply eye cream, moisturizer, hand lotion.

try to moisturize overly dry tootsies.

wonder how my face is ‘falling’ at the speed of light

brush teeth

harass children


set out lunch $$

call dogs back in

set alarm

shout “NO” when dogs try to get on our bed


tell Lo to get off the phone. again.

take remote from Coach, who is sawing logs

lay down; let out large exhale

wonder if I forgot something

start my long list of prayers, including thanking GOD for

Yep, getting’ old. 

Welcome to Old Ville.

Choose your rocker.

And hurry damnit.  I ain’t got all darn day.

Is it wrong that I want to start my nighttime routine at 6pm?

Am I alone here?

30 thoughts on “Is it getting old in here?

  1. LOL No you are NOT alone here…it seems once supper is done, I am in this constant motion of preparing for bed…the little's and mine…lol…it is exhausting but I am sure happy when my house is finally quiet and peaceful and I can sit and soak it up and yes thank God for one more day. Happy Monday! XX


  2. \”Early to bed, early to risemakes one healthy wealthy and wise! \”I'm not sure what they say about all the primping. But I think it works for you. 🙂


  3. My husband and I just agreed we needed to get in bed between 8 and 9 or else we both fall asleep on the couch, and then wake up around midnight and have to do our bedtime routines. And we're only 30 and 31….what the heck????


  4. no suz you are not alone in fact other then the dogs our evening mimics each other almost perfectly.i feel tired and so i want to go to bed sooner, unfortunately the kids won't touch the pjs until 7 and getting them to bed is an adventure in monster land!! first finding the bean and getting her jammies on, then getting the toothpaste ready, brushing haley then searching closets for the bean who does not want her teeth brushed, holding her down while my honey brushes, then washing their faces, then reading 1, no 2, no 3 stories all of which are supposed to lull them to sleep but they end up on my lap the whole time i am reading. then putting them back in bed, then listening to them giggle for the next 30 minutes, we start bedtime at 8, we are lucky if they are asleep by 9, and all this with no nap!!i miss my naps…


  5. Wow. I was thinking the SAME thing last night. The hard part is, no one in my family goes to bed @ the same time (most of my peeps fall where they lay, and I have to threaten/drag/curse them to bed). There really is a long checklist of things…And to make matters worse?! I actually have to get dressed today and go into the office for work. Gulp. Matching clothes?! Make-up?! Name tag?! ==shiver== My list was triple long last night!


  6. Cute post, Suz…. You are just so funny… My question though is why do YOU (with 3 others in the house) have to do all of that work…. Share the wealth!!!! Give them some of those duties –and you won't have to take quite as long to prepare for bed… Of course, pampering yourself is something important for you to do… BUT — letting the dogs in and out????? Hmmmmm…..I have never gone to bed early—and even these days, we don't go to bed usually til after 11:00. But–we don't have to get up early these days like we used to… Oh -how wonderful the life of a retiree is…. Are you ready??????? ha ha Hugs,Betsy


  7. No, you're not. It takes me forever to get ready for bed…maybe it is because I am always reading as I brush my teeth, remove makeup (if I put it on that day – try removing eye makeup with reading glasses on), pee, etc. The chores are so routine that I read to make them more interesting, but of course, that means I am s…l…o…w and make silly mistakes.Getting old in here, too. =)


  8. Nope, it takes me forever to go to bed too. Got to take a bath, got to give the cat a snack and some more fresh water, fold down the bed (IF) I made it that day, wash face, brush teeth, turn off lights, turn on alarm, get in bed. And then get up one or two more times to 'ya know' just one more time before I fall asleep. Seems to take forever to get it all done. : )


  9. This is very eerie. You beat me to my next post. I was going to say ' it it me or is going to bed completely exhausing?' I was also going to list all the stuff I have to do and how much it wears me out. Once I didnt have to think about it. I try to delegate as much as possible, and if I am sensible I start the process before i have totally wilted.


  10. Girl, you said IT. What is it, a person gets into their 40s and has to pee all the time? And YES, the dogs need to go out and pee that last time, but you got one up on me there, as when I go out these days I got my parka on, and wade through a boatload of snow so they can tinkle 🙂


  11. Awe girl, welcome to my life! Every morning I look forward to my evening routing and every evening I look forward to my morning coffee, it's a world gone cray-zee!I wish hair would stay clean and teeth would stay brushed and we didn't need to pee. So annoying!


  12. Why is it the women always run a marathon at the beginning and end of each day while the rest of the household are spectators? And they don't even cheer us on many days!!! Praise God for energy and health to keep going!!!


  13. you arent alone.. but cant anyone help you with the nightly chores? you shouldnt have to do it wonder you are pooped…there are nights when i am so tired i cant even brush me teethers… then when i get up to pee i brush them..


  14. Just reading your routine made me want to crawl into bed for a rest! I'm usually so much of a night owl that I'm puttering about for hours. Luckily Patrick is a HARD sleeper and other than the occasional grunt between snores he's out like a light. I do love to sleep in though and with the dogs that doesn't usually happen. I read somewhere lack of sleep ages a person…that's my excuse.x-cassie


  15. I LOLoud'ed the whole time I read this. I'm just wondering when Hubster and I are going to show up at Piccadilly at 3 PM for \”supper\”. And the CRAZY thing….? I like the \”setness\” of my ways. I like the \”drama-free-ness\” of my life… and look forward to the day it slows down even more.Yup… one day I'll come join you down in sunny So. Florida. Hubster will be tagging along behind with his skinny pale legs, black socks and sandals. And the 4 of us will head on up to Piccadilly at 3 PM for the \”early bird supper special\”. 🙂


  16. You are NOT alone. I have been known to go to bed at 7:00! It helps a bit now that my little girl (17) takes care of her own food and schedule. Hubby doesn't have a set schedule…so I just put in earplugs and go to bed when I want. Unfortunately, I also get to enjoy that 'getting up to pee' problem.


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