corralling the critters.


I took a step towards taking back the house. I declared our bed to be “a dog free zone” just before Christmas and I have stood my ground. {old dogs/new tricks}

It was a good decision for me. I NEED my sleeping space. {yes, I am one of those NO touching while sleeping people} I also love NOT washing/changing the sheets every 2-3 days.

At first there was some whining. Some crying. Some pouting.

Then the Coach got over it and is on board with me now. {He tells the dogs it is all my fault. And I don’t even care}

I have NOT convinced them to stay off the couch. Yet. 


That face!


I might have mentioned a time or a hundred that our cats are not friendly with each other and with the exception of Krispy, {the most recent stray} they don’t care of us either.

So this sight the other day was pretty unusual. {would you believe it was 6am and I had not made the bed yet? Yeah, lets go with that.}


They are all on the bed, but as far apart as they can be. Funny.

Perhaps they are taunting Cocoa and Ozzie? “look at us, we are on THE BED!!!”


You know how cats love getting into baskets and boxes?

Well Cocoa loves to fit her big self on small ottomans. She was outside sunning on Sunday. {No, she was not having a manicure, that is Lo and Lindsay’s nail station}


Cocoa is obsessed with being tan. 

Ozzie is obsessed with being my shadow.

It’s a dogs life.


And apparently it is a cat’s life as well!



29 thoughts on “corralling the critters.

  1. Hey! I'm the first one leaving a message. I better hurry and hit Publish before someone beats me to it. Those animals are so cute and I'm not even a \”dog person\” even though I have two dogs. But I am a cat person and I'm glad to see them not on the counter tops.Your Friend, m.


  2. Oh Suz, your dogs and cats are so cute..way to go on getting tough with them sleeping with you…it really does make it hard to sleep…yes I would have to say it's a dogs(or cats) life….happy Tuesday Suz! XX


  3. I find it weird that all of your animals are the same color. Or maybe it's not weird; maybe I am weird for even saying so in the first place. lolOhhh – that face. What a cutie! I think O and C are the cutest ever! =)


  4. They are so cute Suz. Your lovely little pets! Love the happy moments you capture. Someday Ozzie is going to look back on this and squeal with delight : )Oh, wait, he is a dog! He might bark with delight : )I can not believe you wash your sheets so much. You are amazing. If you ever come to my house you will hate me.


  5. Hi Suz, I can't believe that you have banned those precious babies from your bed… I can still hear them pouting and crying, all the way up here. Someone put a big sign in front of your house which said \”ABUSE INSIDE\”….. Poor babies…. Where do those beauties sleep now??? I'm sure there is just no other place in that tiny home for them to sleep. You need to add on –and give them their own bedroom and bath…. Okay??????Har Har har…Love you,Betsy


  6. haha! I am SO relieved to see it's not just our sweet girl who plants herself on your shoulders thinking she's the size of a cat and that's where she SHOULD be! As for the bed, I'm with you sweetie, although in this house I am definitely NOT winning the case…even to the point our girl has to sleep INSIDE the bed covers!!Have a great week and keep that foot firmly planted!!hugshello gorgeous xxx


  7. That triangle of kitties on the bed made me laugh out loud! And each one was in such a 'kitty like' spot. Too funny! I don't mind our cat sleeping with us. She's not as big as your pooches. I don't think I could handle 2 big dogs though. I would end up on the couch.


  8. Hi Suz. It's been like 4-ever since I've visited. You're still at it! And I'm so glad! Plus so happy to see you are still as humorous as ever!I'll be curious to see how long you hold out on keeping those babies off the bed. I DO know how difficult \”Boxer hair\” is. Although we are down to one Boxer now. Lost our Hayley a year ago November. Still miss her.We did adopt a German Shep mix a year and a half ago, though. She's a sweet girl. Our Kommit likes her, but not nearly as much as she did Hayley. Keep buzzing!


  9. ohhh, what a cute lap doggie you got there on your shoulders!! if only she knew….loland i say its not fair to let the kitties on the bed, and the doggies have to sleep on the cold hard floor…they should protest….i will make signs and mail them right away…ps…send me your address please, k?have a good week….love those puppy faces!!! i could eat em up!!


  10. Anonymous

    I love the pic of the cats on the bed! Apparently there are invisible boundary lines NOT TO BE CROSSED! Poor Ozzie and Cocoa. Those cats are just rubbing it in!


  11. Those cats look like they are spelling out a message on your bed – lol! They're in charge! Love your pups – how can you resist those faces! (Greg is the one who won't allow Scout on the bed, but when he's out of town….)


  12. Soooooo cute!!!!! Love your doggies and catties… I don't know if I could sleep with animals on the bed, though… I'm really weird but my stepmom just found a tick colony growing on the side wall of her house this a.m. – by the front door and right on top of where the dog lays on the ground- Seriously– She pulls ticks every day off the dog- and now after finding the tick colony- all babies with a few large adults.. SOOOO gross!!! The reddish brown spider looking ones- Remember, we're in the tropics here… But, EWWWWWW!!! Sorry- had to share that with you!


  13. HA SUZ, a no dog zone to sleep in is alright, really. I got rid of all that…snoring man, little kids and animals long ago and have never looked back 🙂 Damn I sleep good now.Course you need to keep the Coach and them sweet gals. This is just me..And I love that you're catching up with us 'seasoned' gals on your night time routine…mwahahahaaaKeep us smilin 🙂


  14. I love that photo of the cats on your bed. Three points – you just need one more cat and you've got the compass covered! How is it that they are all the same color, especially when one was a stray? And that they don't care for you – when you're so sweet?Okay, that dog looks about to fall upon you. Is it possible that they don't know that they are no longer little puppies (the size of beanie babies)? Maybe you need to get a mirror, sit down and have talk with the dogs. Show them how big they are. Do you think they'll care?


  15. I once had an afghan hound jump on top of me because he thought I was my friend ( I was staying with her in her bed). It was terrifying. It reminds me of the a whole story I could post- thanks Suz XX


  16. Mark – You won! even though she moderates!Sue- We are down to just a fish here but no dogs in my bed when we had them and if I wasn't so so so allergic to cats we would have one


  17. Oh man, this is hardly fair!! Those stupid felines get to go on your bed and Ozzie and Coco don't?? We KNOW they are just taunting the dogs by laying there. Nope. Not fair at all. Tell your dogs they can come stay with us when we get back up in Idaho. (2 pet limit here in Phx.)Smooches from pooches,BabyRD & HootieSure wish I knew how to get our dogs to stay off the bed…they think they oWn our bed despite the fact that they have like 4 dog beds around the place.x-cassie


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