For a *quiet* person, sometimes I can’t shut up.

And by that  I don’t mean I talk a lot…I write a lot of talk.

We have our first softball game tonight. (pre-season) It will be a good gage at the season ahead of us. I just pray that Lo’s shoulder holds out until April. It is still bothering her…and we missed the {small} window to have surgery. 

I love watching her play. 

I love watching the team work together.  {girl power!}

I loathe some of the parents with their agenda’s.  Some peeps are NOT team players; they can’t see past their own noses for the good of the team.

So annoying.

Even more annoying,  I just found out that it is illegal to hunt them down, hog tie them, duct tape their mouths shut and send them to the Island of misfits.  

I know, crazy right?


Some visual eye candy brought to you by Lo via my camera. She loves to photograph regular and weird stuff, and then I find it on my memory.

Her Ipod.


Somebody’s cork collection.


Some essentials on her vanity.


The abundance of freshness….


And this is something that she did in PhotoShop at school.


Mine and Lindsay’s face parts and then there is Ozzie. Those ears are unmistakable.

Have a beautiful Hump day! {that is a command!}

31 thoughts on “For a *quiet* person, sometimes I can’t shut up.

  1. Anonymous

    I think there's being proud of our kids and being obsessed with them winning and being the best. Sometimes it's just too much pressure and that's when the child fails. Sounds like you're doing a great job. I'd like to think I'm the same as you and I would definitely be looking for that duct tape!!Have a great time. Oh, and fabulous photographs.CJ xx


  2. Anonymous

    Very good photos by Lo!When I met John and he was umpire for little league, I wanted to stuff socks in the mouths of some of the parents/grandparents!!! They were not good examples for the players at all!Have a great day!


  3. that cork one is good 🙂 but it makes me thirsty…softball tonight?! i can't come. let me know the next one, ok? cuz i love to hear them cheer each other on 🙂 and you might need someone to hide the duct tape.


  4. Are those YOUR 'maters on the counter? WOW.David was on the golf team and the tennis team. Golf precludes annoying parents from getting near their child, or yelling directions (SSShhhh! It's a GOLF course, for goodness' sake!). That was a benefit. The tennis team had rules, strictly enforced (YAY!), about parents staying back from the court, and keeping *mum*. Only coaches were allowed to talk to players on the court, and I saw them enforce this. Brilliant! However, the rules did not stop some desperate players from CHEATING. That is despicable. I saw it, too. That was a big lesson for David, because he was so polite (and shocked) that he didn't want to expose he cheater – big mistake. We had to talk about that with him & the coach. Those kids who cheat will have hard lessons later in life. Whatever the sport is, it's a GAME! It's a learning experience, a social and athletic one, and it's supposed to be FUN and teach positive lessons. Cheating, yelling and being pushy are not part of FUN, in my dictionary. I'm so glad that your family is involved and can set a good example, as fan, coach and athletes.


  5. Those are great pictures. I try to look at things through the lens but I just don't have the knack. I love the corks, I love the fruit. I love it all. And the photoshopped stuff was hysterical! : D


  6. hehe. You silly. I miss not reading you every day. Life was so much simpler when I only had like 3 friends in blogville. I hope that Lo's shoulder is okay. Surgery on it at such a young age is scary. Her artsy-fartsy shots are very cool. Glad to see I'm not the only one who had a cork collection–finally threw them away. The photo shopped pic is kind of strange…but you look pretty much the same. Bwahahahahaha. x-cassie


  7. I know what you're saying about the parents with agendas. I absolutely hate it when football parents will yell for their kid (\”Way to go, ______!\”) when it's FOOTBALL…definitely a team effort.


  8. I remember when my now grown kids were in sports…so often the parents drove me crazy…their screaming and unsportsman like conduct was embarrassing, not to mention that I felt bad for their sons and daughters. I would have loved to have duct taped their loud mouths…lol.These are some great pictures…are these tomatoes from your garden..oranges from your tree's? I am so hungry for tomatoes and other garden produce…love that last pic that she photoshopped…too funny!Hope the game went well tonight and I too pray that Lo's shoulder holds out through the season! XX


  9. Oh My—I've heard stories about PARENTS of kids who play softball. My son loves coaching –but sometimes it is hard to deal with the parents….Lo is turning into a great little photographer… That is SUPER….Have a great day. It's 18 degrees here right now. Brrrrr…Hugs,Betsy


  10. I'm not even starting on parents associated with their kids team sports.I'm just gonna say that those pictures are a wow.Duct tape is illegal in Ohio and Arizona. I'm not saying that I know this first hand, but I have a friend who has a friend who has a friend and…sigh…


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