Post dance stress disorder.

And I am not talking about the actual dancer here.

Although, she was not happy with her solo performance….we were. She did wonderfully for her first solo gig.

I asked her yesterday: So, can I post your solo dance on the blog?

{I thought she might say: NO!}

Her reply: Share ALL three dances!!!!

Ummm…Shy much? NOT.

This was the first time I saw it as well…she forbid-forbade-demanded I not see it until this day. She’s mean like that.

I decided NOT to share the other two that involved peeps who don’t stay at my crib. 

I am so urban and polite too.

All the grandparents came ‘cept my Mom. She lives too far away and has not yet invested in a jet pack. 

Linds has a big fan club.

My girls are ‘uber lucky.

I had a headache after the dance, and I realized it was because I was smiling so much. MY FACE HURT.

Then on Saturday morning I woke up SORE. I mean SUPER SORE. Like climbing a mountain and falling back down the mountain  sore.

While I was watching the videos again later, I realized later on what the issue was…., I FROZE. My muscles tensed up while watching her.

{that must have been pretty…me: frozen muscles and frozen smiley face!}

So, really, I wore myself out watching my child dance.

Yes, you should be jealous of the shape I am in….hardy harr harr.

The rest of our weekend was filled with: seafood & ‘gators, house repairs, digging in the dirt, and a flooring dilemma.

I’ll fill you in later, gator.

How was your weekend?

31 thoughts on “Post dance stress disorder.

  1. Bravo! She did an awesome job! I love your name for your present issue…post dance stress disorder…lol…sounds like a busy weekend…mine was good as I got away with my husband and the little's had a blast with my son and his fiance…and then the superbowl party we had with my older kids and their friends…good food and a good football game…happy Monday Suz! XX


  2. First, I can move like that (in my head). She rocks!Also, my kids have a big 'ol entourage too. Cuz, that's how we roll. I'd have it no other way.Two proud mamas this weekend! Yeah us! 😉


  3. Awwww, yay for Linds! She did great!! I remember my dance team coaching days {and I was in a lot better shape then than I am now!}, and I would be so exhausted the day after a competition. I know precisely what you mean about the frozenness 😉


  4. Everytime she's on the floor, I just cringe. Doesn't that HURT?! Oh wait, she is young… she can handle it.Not only is she young she is EXTEMELY TALENTED! No wonder you have PMS (Proud Momma Syndrome – known to cause soreness in facial muscles and excited blogging). I taught dance for 6 years and have watched many solos so I KNOW talent and she has it (did that sound a little arrogant or something to you? Like I'm the Simon Cowell of dance? Yikes). Congratulations on a lovely performance!Have a wonderful week!


  5. Anonymous

    Linds, you did a beautiful job! I am so proud of you and loved watching the video; thanks for sharing with us.Suz, you must be so proud and I don't blame you for smiling big!


  6. Hi Suz, I used to be the same way when my sons performed (either singing or sports)… My hands would be wringing wet–and I always felt like it was me who was doing the performing and not them… haShe did GREAT –and I know that you –and the family–are very proud of her.Hugs,Betsy


  7. Oh my hell, she ROCKS!!! By now, you know about that crazy problem I have with crying EVERY time I watch kids perform, right? Well, I'm balling right now!! I especially liked that leg-up-to-ear-down-into-splits move. I just did that same thing last week, except I was falling over a 4 foot snow drift! hahaha!!


  8. She's amazing!And, uh, thanks a lot for making me laugh outloud at my DESK here at work! People think I'm crazy. Wait, they already thought that. But NOW I have the reputation of the crazy lady who doesn't DO ANYTHING all day. THANKS A LOT, Suz! (Because that's all your fault. Clearly.) 😉


  9. How do young people do splits with what looks like no effort at all?!!! She did a beautiful solo – – and it lasted a while. I would have been sore from tense muscles, too. Our kids don't realize how difficult it is to watch them excel, do they?!!!!


  10. I can see why you were tense – I was, too, and I haven't even met her! Time for a trip to DQ for a blizzard, or maybe somewhere else for a margarita? You are a good mom, to follow all the rules. She is a lovely young lady, and I adore her confidence and panache!P.S. – I finally found (& answered) a question you asked a year ago on today's post. I'm quick like that – but also conscientious, =)


  11. I hate to watch my girl when she has to get up in front of people. It just makes me so nervous because I know she's nervous too. She did great and your survived. So I guess it's all good. : )


  12. i'm so glad she let you share 🙂 can i some over and watch the other two on the big screen???p.s. i'm glad i am not the only one who freezes when my littlest heart is on stage performing! cam's piano recitals just about kill me. and since i have no chice but to hear it before, i am going right along with him and (eek!) i know when he makes a mistake… but you know, that is hardly ever!!


  13. hi you proud mama you! that was a LERVELY performance your linds did! wish i was that limber, i havent been that limber since i was a baby bringing me foot to me mouth and drolling all over me toes with me gums!!!! lmao.that seafood festival looks so yummy. Jo n i went to one when i was there and so enjoyed it. you cant beat fresh seafood. well, i spose you COULD beat it.. but then it would be messier to eat.. but i guess thats why there are bibs.. and if you wore a bib you would look funny and people would point so i guess the lesson here is dont beat your seafood.whatev…


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