In which ocean would you find a ‘gator?

On Saturday we took a ride to nowhere.

No, not nowhere. Somewhere.

We went to Everglades city to visit the world famous Everglades Seafood Festival. P1060230 2

Oh, it isn’t world famous?

My bad.


The festival is in it’s  37th year. And since we have lived here 14 years, we figured it was time to visit and see what all the fuss was about.

It is held in the middle of the town square. Homes/stores butt right up to carnival rides and wind chime salesmen.

There were lots of these here. Is it a law that you MUST have multiple tattoos if you ride a hog? 


This guy begged me to go retrieve him a fresh squeezed lemonade. Of course I did.


This is coach’s lunch plate.


And this was mine. I ate the salad to the right 20 minutes later


And yes, salad DOES keep you regular. A salad that size keeps you more than regular. {FYI: Costco has the best prices on TP!}

In Texas, you ride a bull. In the middle east you ride a camel.

Apparently in Florida, you ride a hammerhead shark.


Huh? Yeah, that was pretty random.

I wish I had gotten a photo of the sign that said: You are now in Skunk Ape Territory.

Ironically, I could not get a clear shot of it because there were a bunch of guys lingering in it’s shade. Irony. I love that.

We had fun. But really, we can wait another 14 years to go back again.

We enjoyed some seafood, but we did not partake in all the gator that was available. That was a promise I kept to my lemonade loving gator.

Hoppy Tuesday peeps.

34 thoughts on “In which ocean would you find a ‘gator?

  1. Mocha frappes can subsitute for salad in the regularity department, if you're ever in need.Your seafood festival sounds a bit like our Tip-up town where drunk people go to spend a week-end on a frozen lake. Okay, maybe they're nothing alike. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  2. well, you are ahead of me. we've been here 15 years and have yet to go!! i bet we never will. (i do seem to recall one year there was a seafood festival on airport rd. oh! at the little airport! we went and it was $$$) i love that naples/miami pic… right smack dab in the middle of… nowhere!


  3. Hmmmmm… Sounds like you all didn't have enough to eat there. Wonder why the didn't have much food out????? ha ha Sounds like fun –although every 14 yrs. may truly be enough… haDid you ride that shark???? Hope you have a good day. Get out the Pepto..Hugs,Betsy


  4. Anonymous

    Ah yes, the elusive skunk ape; guess you didn't get a glimpse of him, hee hee.Well now youve been there and did that. Have a great day.


  5. I wonder if that tattooed dude walked funny after the shark ride… LOL!Looks quite delicious, your little plates… I wonder though, who goes there to eat salad but you?Pass the deep-fried pepsi, please! 😀


  6. Wow, that's an enormous amount of seafood!I love the gator in the apron. The bucking shark might've been fun, and good practice for the next time you ride a bull in a rodeo.


  7. Very interesting but since I am not a seafood lover, I will pass on the place, too. You should post some of that on roadsideamerica.comYour adventures are always fun to read because you are funny!


  8. Looked like a fun weekend! Love the gators…and shark…hahahha! Oh my…that's a lot of food!We lived here 23 years before going to the Greek Festival here…it was fun….we coudl always hear the music from our house so it was fun to finally attend.Happy Tuesday 🙂


  9. Do you mean people EAT alligator? Is that not a protected species? Suz, you know I have a thing about snakes…cannot stand them…and 'gators seem like big snakes with legs and huge mouths. I think that picture might cause nightmares.


  10. Since I love sea food I would love a festival like this…I really like local festivals…so fun and the most fun beside good food and drink is the people watching. I am curious…did you ride the shark? If so pictures please! Happy Thursday Suz!


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