Ten on Ten

ten on ten :: Take a photo every hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth of each month. Document a day of your life and find beauty among the ordinary moments.  Or something like that.

{Hosted By Rebeka!}

Prepare to be un-amazed. And amazed at the same time.



Picnik collage





I know. My life is glamorous. And you are green with envy. Luckily, YOU look fabulous in green.

I always breathe easier when these two walk in the door. {separately, buTT together}

Picnik collage2


IMG_6883 22


Lucky for you, I spared you photos of the cleaning of the cat boxes…and some other not so pretty activities. If we had smell-o-vision, you would have all been in a coma by the time I hit 12pm.  {how does a grown woman forget her ‘oderant?}

Dinner is in the oven. Salad is made. Wine is poured.

Well, what am I going to do tomorrow? Mostly the same stuff…but with less smell!

Much Love, Suz

32 thoughts on “Ten on Ten

  1. What a beautiful day. I am sort of thankful for the no smell though : )I smell that so often since Kaishon DEPLORES deodorant. I mean, who on earth hates deodorant. Only Kaish : )I love the dogs playing.And the birthday cake. And the girls coming home! And your pedicure. You DO live a glamorous life. Stop tricking me.


  2. I have boxers too!!! Well… one is half boxer, half american bulldog and the other is 3/4 boxer 1/4 american bulldog. Where oh where do you live?? Outside? diggin' in the garden and washing the doggies?? I live in So. GA and there's no way I could have bathed my doggies today. JustDance 2 and the Wii in general is the only way I get my exercise lately. :o) Thanks for your comment on my blog! isn't 10on10 fun!?


  3. Anonymous

    I haven't even seen my toes since Autumn!!!!! It's cold here! I'm also envious of the salad fixins' – they look scrumpcious. Hope you all have a great weekend.


  4. What an interesting thing to do a picture every hour for ten consecutive hours. It does show that we women are busy people!!! That was an unexpected type post – – – -liked it a lot. Variety is good.


  5. What a super idea! I think you live a very interesting fun filled life…either that or I live a very boring mundane life…naw that aint it…lol…sounds and looks like a great day Suz. XX


  6. well look at you!!! i am impressed 🙂 and i love seeing your mug all filled up!! when you have a mug that big it can give you all kinds of energy for the day!! um… lolo? how many cakes you makin' for that boy????


  7. I like that idea, gives you a glimpse into a daily routine. Lucky you, working in the garden and doing your nails outside. Our morning temp was 13 and there is still snow on the ground from yesterday. 😦


  8. I would like to try this meme, but first I will need to clean my house, adopt some interesting hobbies, and lose weight. After those prelims are done, the post will be good to go.Did THE boyfriend enjoy his cake?


  9. Love the Wii remote. That's cool. We just have plain ole white. : ) Any day that has pampering mixed in sounds like a good one to me. : ) This is fun..today would have been quite a day to take photos. Disaster crazy day.


  10. Checkeee, checkeee, checkeee out. Check out that dominant pretty second right toe. Gurrrrrl, no wonder you ship is always shape. Go toe! Go toe! Get busy! heehee.Ten at ten is crazy awesome. May I join? I love photography.


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