My *maybe* future house.

I {thought I} found my summer place ya’ll.

You know I love my house here in sunny Florida. But in the summer, my hair and I really need to escape the humidity.

Yes, if I could afford it, I would travel to accommodate my ‘do.

Anyhoo, HGTV emailed me and said they were giving away a gorgeous pad in Vermont.  {How did HGTV know about my hair woes?}

A sweepstake… for me to win!

Ok, so perhaps they contacted one or two other peeps.

Pure serenity.  {I can picture the family and I playing checkers in the family room}

The kitchen is what dreams are made of. Don’t you know that this beautiful piece of steel, known as a refrigerator gave me actual heart palpitations and dry-mouth. *swoon*

To share with you the type of sensation I felt when I saw the laundry room would require me to change the rating on this here blog.  {Laundry porn}

*double swoon*

So, I have been entering each day for a few weeks now…trying to win this house.

Then yesterday, I took a tour of the rest of the place. It is pretty freakin’ fantastic. With ONE exception.

The dining room.     {chairs.with.wheels}    Must have been chosen by a six year old.

For years prior to now, I would never have had those because I had SMALL children. Could you imagine my (or your) wiggle worms in those? 

NOW, I could not have those because I have ME.

MrsClumsyMcfallsalot and Shesurelycan’thandlechairswithwheels.

I could see myself flying out of those on a daily basis. NOT.gonna.happen.

So, you can all have this house.

I’ll just stay here in my humble abode; with my wheel-less chairs and non broken neck.  And my flat as heck hair.  

You can enter the sweepstakes here: HGTV Dream Home.

If you win, don’t say I didn’t warn you about your future injuries.

Darnittoheck. Hells-bells-I loved those frickin’ light fixtures!  SNAP.

38 thoughts on “My *maybe* future house.

  1. I've seen a tour of this house on HGTV and it is gorgeous! What a fantastic place for one lucky winner. I'm not so crazy about the \”office\” chairs in the dining room, either…Good luck to you and your \”do\”… 😉


  2. Hey Suz, I saw the first tour of this place on HGTV. My thoughts reflect yours..not my style. Besides, I could never pay the property taxes:) You could come stay here in the summer. It's dry as a cotton ball in your mouth…blah!


  3. so now i can't even enter because if i won you could never come visit. darn! and i was loving the thought of checkers…(btw. the fridge? mine is never spic&span enough to have a window!!!)


  4. Holy cow! Love it…even the chairs…actually we have chairs with wheels…we must be crazy..and you should see the little's fart around on them…lol…but when it's all you have you go with it…lol.


  5. The only thing you need to note is that those look like WINTER photos, Suz. I think Vermont might have a teensy bit of humidity in the summer – not sure – maybe HGTV tells the temperature around the house?No, the only solution is a house in the Pacific N.W. for summer. Check us out – we are divine in summer – unless you mind a little rain until the 4th of July! July – Sept = ideal. xoxoxo


  6. Love the kitchen, but I'm not so sure I want all my inside the frig junk on display. But it is very pretty and humongous! I always drool and sigh when I watch the dream home episodes. Such a fantasy life! Sigh. I wish I could 'winter' at your house. Much milder than here. : ) And if we just lived there all the time, we could get season passes to WDW. I can't seem to convince the hubs that we need to move to Florida. : )


  7. Hahahhaha…I saw the chairs before your comment and I thought the same thing….I could just roll into the kitchen and get what I needed :)Happy Tuesday!


  8. That house is gorgeous! I share your love of laundry rooms–I'm salivating over here!If you can't win the house, i recommend a trip to Park City, Utah. It's also rustic and beautiful and perfect summer weather. Someone has to win, why not you? GOOD LUCK!


  9. All my entries for that house canceled out yours so it's good you don't want it anymore! Once I win that house, it will be sold and the money used to remodel our current one!


  10. I LOVE chairs with wheels, ha ha ha! That way I can roll all over the jumpin' joint wailing 'wheeeeeeeeee!' the whole time. Much fun, you should try it sometime. If I win this house, I'll only accept it if I can share it with you and our gang of puppies! XOXOP.S. I know I'm in the dog house with you and I promise it won't ever happen again. You are so kind and compassionate to be worried, and I appreciate it. You're the world's best GRANDMA. Keep up the grandmotherly excellence!!! Please knit me some boots. Or something.


  11. I am so with you on the laundry porn. I wish I had more space for my washer drier. I am in love with US washers and driers anyway- large and fast. Not small and slow like over here. I know what you mean about the weird wheels on the chairs……. but I would just tip them out and buy different ones. Yay


  12. Ah yes, we registered for this piece of loveliness as well. My daughter is asking me (DAILY) if we won. :)It certainly is nice to fantasize… and yes, it would be a HUMIDITY-FREE vacation zone for my nappy hair as well! 🙂


  13. O.M.FREECKIN.G.!!!! I would DIE for this house {urm…but then that would defeat the purpose of winning I guess!} I have ALWAYS wanted a log cabin house, it just feels SO right! The inside is so me too I love modern contemporary and this is just perfect….even with the wheels, don't you think it's a chore sometimes having to push your chair back….and then pull it back in! Ugh! So yes, even with the chairs, I would die and go to heaven for it… metorphorically!! Just imagine you wouldn't even have to get OUT of the chair, just wheel yourself to the kitchen, get what you want and wheel your self back, if the phone rings, wheel yourself there, have a chat and wheel right on back! perfick!!Someone will have the sun shining on them to win this….I'm off to try…but I guess it's not open to those across the pond!THIS would be my idea of paradise….. :o)hugshello gorgeous xxx


  14. well, have just gone to enter but as suspected not valid across the pond… Suz-Bee I nominate you to enter for me and if you win you MUST promise to pass on the prize {as an incentive I will let you have the house to use during the bad hair months!} ;op~Now, repeat after me….I Suz-Bee solemny promise to hand over the porn-filled…oops, I mean heaven-filled log cabin should I be lucky enough to win on behalf of hello gorgeous……raise your right hand and declare on…etc, etc, etc ;op~hugshello gorgeous


  15. HI There, We are home after a few days with friends in North Carolina. Love your possible new home. Hope you win it —or if not, make them an offer they can't refuse, and BUY it… We'll come and visit –and roll around in those chairs with wheels…haHope you are having a good week.Hugs,Betsy


  16. LOVE the laundry porn. The kitchen LOOKS great, but I don't do kitchens/cook, so I'll just plop myself down in one of the chairs on the opposite side of the HUGE windows–chairs with wheels next to HUGE windows, not a good idea when one has dogs & kids or when one is ME and clumsy!


  17. That was just mean posting the pictures of that gorgeous house! I'd be happy to live in the laundry room!Good luck! I do hope you win.And yes, I'm with you about the Florida humidity. I broke my straightening iron when I went there last summer! It cracked clear in half!


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