Dings, The Silver Fox, Crockin’ out & Two-lips.


We had a lil’ situation this week. Lo had her first fender bender. All is well and NO one was injured in either car. Halleluiah.

Although…with the reaction to my sweet lil’ girl, you would have thought she wiped out an entire village. {SHE is so like me!}

Luckily, the officer did not give her a ticket. See what crying does for you? Remember that people.

And her tank? Barely a dent.


The bigger dent will be with our insurance premium.


As we were watching the softball game on Tues night, Linds said to me:

“Mama, you know Daddy is turning into a silver fox, don’t you?”


“Yes. I know. And I like it.”

Perhaps I’ll start calling him SF?


Speaking of softball season and late nights….

I’ve brought out the ol’ ball and chain.

My crock pot.

I am determined to have GOOD dinners even on late game nights.

I created a dinner the other night….and I thought the Coach was going to run to the nearest jewelry store and buy gobs of diamonds for me. {Sadly, the stores were closed} 

I had some thick bone-in pork chops,  I threw them in the pot with a sliced onion, a can of cream of ‘shroom soup, a bag of frozen green beans, fresh ‘shrooms,  a few halved potatoes and about 1/2 cup of veggie broth.

It cooked for about 9 hours.

OMG. This was slap your mama good. {Sorry Mom}

They were awesome. The most tender chops ever.

I want some now. Right now.


BTW: our valentines day was lovely. I was sick. The Coach and Lo got home around 8:30 from practice… Big stuff.

salad….with hearts.



And I got my fill of two lips tulips. Three dozen like this.

And some potted pink/white too…and for extra flavor; yellow daffodils.

I know. It looks like a funeral in here.

A springy/happy funeral.


Have a sweet weekend!!!!


Do you crock pot?

Anything delish that I MUST try????…Share!



34 thoughts on “Dings, The Silver Fox, Crockin’ out & Two-lips.

  1. Next time I get pulled over, I'm going to pull out Claire's Hannah Montana wig and release the flood gates. If that doesn't work, maybe I'll undo a button or two.Fred crockpots. And although I love the results, I can't handle the smell of food cooking while I'm trying to sleep.Your friend, m.Have a great weekend! m.


  2. Praise God for no one being hurt in the accident. A little mistake helps us learn better sometimes. I am impressed that you could cut tomatoes into heart shapes but why am I not surprised?LOVE to crockpot. I may even list my fav recipes on my website one of these days.


  3. My youngest son's favorite food is pulled pork. In season I do that for him once a week–he eats it after school/before practice every day. I get some nice fresh Kaiser rolls for him.I did a very delish Chicken Tortilla Soup in the CP the other day.Thanks goodness was only a fender bender–do you have to report to your insurance? Might it not just be cheaper to pay for the damage out of pocket?


  4. I need to start using our crock pot more often. Now that we're home late three nights a week (gymnastic and Taekwondo) something's got to give… Your chops sound fantastic, I'm going to scrounge around the freezer and see if I got some chops in there now.Have a great weekend!


  5. Glad no one got hurt..tulips are one of my most favorite flowers as are yellow daffodils…this crock pot meal sounds delicious…I make a chicken taco soup and wild rice soup in it…here is a link to a crock pot cooking blog…she actually has a recipe on her site that is for chicken taco soup that is similar to what I make….http://crockpot365.blogspot.com/ Happy weekend Suz! XX


  6. Anonymous

    Cute post Suz! Can you believe I've never owned a crock pot? So happy Lo is ok. How come men look better as a silver fox than women?? Hope you enjoy the weekend.


  7. Hi Suz, Sorry to hear you were sick.. But–it sounds as if your family took good care of you…Sorry about the fender bender –but that was minor compared to other possibilities…I used to use the crockpot ALOT –when I worked fulltime. Fix your family a good pot roast in there sometime.. They WILL buy you diamonds!!!!!!Have a great weekend.Hugs,Betsy


  8. I think heart-shaped tomatoes for Valentine day are pretty special. I'm sorry to hear about Lo's fender-bender, but I'm glad no one was hurt (except your insurance premiums). The pork chops sound delicious.


  9. oooooh, lordy, i'm a lil bit in lurve with yo silver fox. how do you handle it, mama?…all that twinklin mischevilary in his baby blues and what not, hubba hubba bubbalicious…i tell you what.what.lo-lo, at least it's over. the first is the worst cuz ya can't stop freakin' out. i remember mine and still makes me shudder. best thing about it though is the fact that ya end up becoming a preventive driver from here on out. little price to pay for a good lesson. i am just relieved nothing happened to you, that is the the MOST important result of this. thank God. le crock-pot? (with a french accent)….yah, gotta say the EASIEST darn thang to wrangle up in it is chicken with a jar of your favorite salsa. KBL's salsa chicken. that's it. cook it up, falls apart tender, fork shred it slightly, and you can use it for just about ANYTHING…chicken taco filling, chicken burrito filling, chicken over rice with sliced avocadoes, with a slice of toasted cheese bread, plain just by itself, over a poached egg, etc. if you're real ambitious and have time, throw in ANY chopped veggie you wish. sometimes I throw in mushrooms and green onions. lmk if you try it. da boy is having lasik today and has informed me he will be awaiting much \”pampering\” while he recovers. you'd think he was giving birth or something. ha! so, it will be a weekend of pampering the patient and organizing my 1000+ CDs. yay.have a great weekend!


  10. p.s. forgot to tell ya that you must be my sista from anutha mutha. i use my stainless steel cookie cutters to cut hearts into tomato slices and cucumbers and cheese and whatever else. or any other shapes. ha!


  11. Aieee – so glad your young driver (& all) is SAFE after the \”incident.\” Did this have anything to do with you being sick on Valentine's Day? You poor thing! Loved your 'mater hearts.I don't see much silver in your Coach – he looks YOUNG and kind of blonde, to me. But if you say so, I will believe you, because you are truthful (except when you are joking).Your crock pot chops sound very good. There is a website called \”A Year of Slow Cooking\” (see my sidebar) and she has cookbooks, too. Funny idea, to use it every day of the year! I like allrecipes.com for crockpot ideas, too. You are a great wife & mom! xoxox


  12. I love my crock pot. I was out shopping for a new one today..smaller! I'm glad no one was hurt. She must have been scared. I remember having a small fender bender early on, and it was scary. And that was back before cell phones. I had to go knock on a door. : /


  13. LOVE the tomato heart salad – adorable! I do have some crockpot recipes (didn't you and I call them \”crotch-pot\” when we were young and obnoxious?)… I'll post soon. I love them too. You come home after a hard day of work and it's like the COOKING FAIRY has been. And clean up is so easy. Glad the fender bender was no big deal. I've already told my kids they'll be riding their Schwinns until they're 21. 🙂


  14. I don't know if anybody already mentioned bbq sandwiches:Take a pork loin (or roast), cook in the crock pot. No water or anything. Just the pork. Cook on low (I just leave it in all day), then take out, shred, and add bbq sauce. Then, I put it in a baking dish, cover with aluminum foil, and put it in the oven on around 250…just to keep it warm. MS said that was the best thing that ever came out of that crockpot! you could probably just warm the bbq sauce, mix it with the pork, and serve.Here's a blog for crockpot:http://crockpot365.blogspot.com/


  15. HaHa, obviously you missed my Alphabethursday post this week :)http://lifesoverhaul.blogspot.com/2011/02/change-in-bottler-is-for.htmlENJOY!!p.s. make extra, I'm catching a flight out 🙂


  16. Sorry Suz, I'm really not unfeeling..I'm glad Lo knows how to turn on the tears…. And that everyone's ok. One of the rights of passage for a teenager:) Love your two lips and diamonds too..


  17. so who made the tomato hearts?! your crock pot recipe sounds yum! i might have to try thAt one! lolo's car looks fine! so good 🙂 hope she has calmed down… and hit the road again.


  18. Anonymous

    so glad no one was hurt in the accident.once i'm in the house, i'll be sure to use a crockpot. we own one, but i've never used it. my husband really was the cook in the house. but i'm looking forward to cooking more. i'm craving home cooked food.


  19. oh my… SO glad it was just a lil fender bender. its really scary when our kids start driving… i've been through the first accidents, too and i feel for you.so thankful your baby is ok.love your tomato hearts and 2 lips.. lmao..your hubbster is very handsome but i also think he looks young.whats more heartwarming than something yummy cooking in a crocker, is the relationship your girls have wiff their daddio-ooo-oooo. its how it should be and you both are fanfalookintesticularly great parents! lmao. but really, you are. 🙂


  20. The new teenage driver fender-bender seems to be an unshakable tradition. Each of my kids had theirs. I just felt lucky no one was hurt. Glad Lo had no lasting damages, either. The insurance premiums are only temporary!


  21. I will try this crock pot recipe on the Patrick. It sounds like something he'll like…he likes everything, so I know he'll like it. I crockpot his turkey every year and everyone says it's the best turkey they've ever had. (I don't eat it, so only can go by hearsay.)Pat actually does all the work because he has to cut it up for me to fit it into the crock. All I do is season and let it go on low for 24 hours. Lazy gals turkey!!


  22. Glad Lo was okay in her little car bumping incident – yep, crying works everytime! That pork chop recipe sounds divine – I'm going to have to try it! Usually all I do w/ my pork chops is make this baked onion chop recipe. My best crockpot recipe has to be the pot roast, dry onion soup mix, cream of mushroom soup, potatoes, carrots and cook for 8 hours. I think cream of mushroom soup is the magic ingredient in every crockpot recipe – lol! Glad you had a nice valentines with the silver fox. Shelley


  23. Oooo thanks for the recipe, I'm always looking for new CP dinners to try!I make this one quite often, it's slap your gramma good :-Dhttp://southernfood.about.com/od/crockpotporkandham/r/r114c3b.htmOnly we use just one bone-in pork roast, and I use regular dijon mustard not the grainy one.It's to die for 🙂


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