Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da

Life goes oooooon. La La La life goes on.

That song was bouncing around in my head yesterday.


The vet says: Yes, I can see two stones in Ozzie’s bladder.

me: Do they resemble Keith and Mick?

I should sell that joke. I could probably make a penny and a half.

Surgery might be his only option.

We can do the ‘regular’ surgical procedure with my vet OR I can take him to a specialist that will use newer techniques; less invasive and more ‘spensive.

I am wondering why they can’t just enter his bladder via his big ol’ silly ears. They are WIDE OPEN.


What you talkin’ ‘bout?”


I must remember that every cloud has a sliver lining.


Ozzie and I will contemplate where the silverness lies here. Maybe his are solid sterling silver stones?



Who remembers this show?

We loved this family and held a huge soft spot for Corky…But I was always anxious about someone feeding poor little Arnold! Ruff Ruff.

Our weekend? Hopefully a movie for the big guy and I. We are also attending an annual Oscar gala event. I’ve never taken photos before…but perhaps I will sneak a few with my phone to share! It is quite a fancy affair  for us.

Have a BeeUtiFUL weekend!

31 thoughts on “Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da”

  1. Poor Ozzie and your poor pocketbook! I don't remember much about that show but I do remember the opening because I used to feel sorry for the dog waiting to eat, too! Love the song. It's fun to go back in time with music.


  2. Hi Suz, Sorry about Ozzie –but I'm sure you all will do whatever is needed to 'fix' him!!! Poor little guy… He doesn't feel good yet Mama is making fun of his ears…. Such abuse!!!!! ha ha Enjoy your weekend and take pictures while you are all fancied up!!!Hugs,Betsy


  3. i ahve alwyas wnted you to tkae pics at the party! now don't bee teasing me! i need to see them :)wouldn't that be great if the stones were sterling silver? you would be rich… not necessari;y from the silve, but cuz who else has a dog who can make silver?!did you see the sky this morning? if not, don't worry. i took a pic while i was driving. God was peeking out the wholes in the clouds 🙂 it was beeeeee-you-tee-ful!


  4. poor lil baby!!! he just looks so sad…i want to kiss his lil face…hope he is all better soon, morgan says….ruff ruff woof ruff woof arf arf woof to him, whatever that means…maybe feel better soon, buddy…kisses! lolohhh, please send pics of your gala event…and of you all dressed up and don't forget all the famouse ones either!! ha hahave a great weekend, and if you do see a movie, let us know what it is and how it was…just so we know.


  5. Now why can't he just pass those stones like everybody else? That's not expensive…but it might be painful. I hope he gets well soon, without surgery!And have a blast at your Oscar Party. We are going to one (our first) and I wonder what to expect, especially as we aren't really movie buffs. What movie are you hoping to see this weekend? xoxoxo


  6. I'm sorry to hear about Ozzie, but I hope his situation (and what it may do to your pocketbook) won't curb your enjoyment of the Oscar party. Do try to sneak some pictures.


  7. Wouldn't it be fun for ALL of us to be in one huge place doing the OSCAR thing? MwahahahaaHope Ozzie can get the right fix soon. If they're anything like gall stones, I can relate… the ears? He's still a hunk 🙂


  8. \”Do they resemble Keith and Mick?\” love it, you made laugh out loud!Sorry I found that video of you, I just couldn't help myself.Please post pix of the Oscar gala. I've always dreamed of attending one. How fun!


  9. We loved that show, too. The guy that plays the dad is in \”The Event\”, which I'm trying to catch up. I saw him and couldn't figure out what he had played on.Hope you took lots of pictures!


  10. I didn't know dogs could get stones! Poor Oz! usually the least painful and quickest method at the vet is the most expensive. At least that's been mine and Scout's experience. have fun at your gala!


  11. Poor puppy. His face looks so sad…like he knows what's coming! I want to watch the Oscars. I only saw 2 movies (Facebook and The Kids Are All Right). We used to always have a party and vote and eat and have fun. Too hard now with the little ladies. Please post pics so I can live vicariously!


  12. Hey – just catching up on your blog. Ruby has had TWO bouts with bladder stones. And TWO surgeries. The first time she had (no exaggeration) probably 25 – 30 stones in there. I have no idea how she could walk. They looked like smooth little round river pebbles. AWFUL. EMail me if you want to chat about this… we've gone down this road (twice!)


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