I lost my tears, then we were reunited.

Last night was ‘senior night’ for LoLo and 2 of her teammates. IT was the last home game of the season….the last for their high school career. I’ll miss seeing HER on that field. Next year…her field will be much bigger and further away.

Time flies when you are living. Next thing I know, she’ll be graduating and then we’ll  have to start her campaign for posing presidency.


These two have played together since they were 9…and will continue together at college in the fall. 

Anyhoo…the beginning of the game contained a little dedication to the seniors. The announcer read what the girls were going to do after graduation and WHO they thanked…there were tears…many many tears…. and you will all be shocked that NONE of them were from me. Seriously…what happened to me? I cry ALL the TIME.

My tear well must have dried up; like the skin on my feet. 


I can’t tell you how much my heart fills up when I see this….and to know HOW much he ADORES his girls. That is NOT always a given with parents/dads….my girls are so lucky. 

Ok, now I am crying.


Did anyone notice that the Coach has lost weight? Apparently I was the recipient of all his weight loss.  Um…lets limit our sharing to the bank account, house chores, offspring and fun stuff….Thank you sweet husband.

There I go, throwing out my gang signs again. This is my sign for: Nachos please…Extra cheese!


And if I want to get all bragidocious…and I do. Lolo had an amazing night.  NOT a ball got past her…the girl was on fire. Yes, I almost called the men on the red truck with the big hose.


We have a few more district games and then she will be hanging up her #99 jersey. She has been #99 since she was 9 years old and she’ll be 18 soon…. 


Well, on that note…I am going to find a nice corner, grab my box of puffs plus with lotion and cry my lil’ eyes out. 

Who moved my box of wine??

Boo freekin’ hoo. 



Struggling with sanity while being snarky


Recently, the whole famdamily was running errands together. This always makes for some quality and silly conversations in the car. We had to stop by a place of business and pick up some stuff from a friend of ours. This friend is an odd bird.

After we got back into the car, I said: gosh, so and so is just sooooo strange.

Coach’s reply: Yep, so and so certainly does struggle with sanity.

We all busted out laughing because of the ‘matter of fact’ way he said it…and he wasn’t trying to be funny.

For the rest of the day “struggling with sanity” was the phrase that pays.

For sure every 28 days or so, I will declare to the whole family: Stay away…I am struggling with sanity and I have a shank! Then I’ll give them that evil laugh of mine….mwwwaaahhhhhhaaaa.

If I warn them, then my conscience is clean as a whistle. (According to my attorney.)


A few days later, Lo had a wacky face book message from a person who ‘struggles with sanity.’ (not a friend…but a parent of a friend)

She read it to me, and I said: wow, that was quite snarky.

Lo laughed at me: Snarky? Whaaaat?

I said: snarky….you know, sassy…catty….not nice.

She shook her head, like I made this word up myself.

{bananahammock who?}

A day later she was watching an episode of House…and they used the word Snarky.

I have been vindicated.

Now, it is a fact…you know since it was on fictional TV and all!

Don’t you ever get the urge to shank some snarky person who is clearly struggling with sanity?

I can’t be the only one.