In the Garden *of life*

I often stumble on weeds. Gobs of weeds.

And miscellaneous tomato plants… IMG_7368

and misguided/mysterious lettuce heads…


You can bury a lot of troubles digging in the dirt.  ~Author Unknown


Many times lately, I’ve wanted to bury my head myself in here…but I only got wrist deep. Apparently I’m not that great at digging.



The random baby tomato plant popped up IN THE MIDDLE OF MY GARDEN path. I think I am going to leave it there…it must have good intentions.

The red lettuce head must be a remnant from last spring…a late bloomer.


I am so looking forward to the zucchini and ‘maters and cauliflower and cucumbers and eggplant and peppers and lettuce and and….Ok, I am looking forward to it all.


Except the weeds.…unless they turn out to be a good surprise.

Have a beautiful hump day.

23 thoughts on “In the Garden *of life*”

  1. One year we planted butternut squash in our garden. A few of the squash went 'a little past prime' so we turned them under that fall. We had butternut squash volunteers for YEARS!!!


  2. I can't believe it's garden time already. We're still having chilly temps at night..and sometimes in the daytime. Love the green! : )


  3. You may not be great at digging, but you sure are great at gardening. I'm envious. But if you find a way to keep those weeds under control, please let us know.


  4. I love love love caprese salads with fresh tomatoes from my moms garden. It's the only time I eat tomatoes, really. I have dreams of planting my own garden, then i go out there and it is too hard. And dirty. And weedy. And creepy crawly. And I give up.


  5. When we moved into this house, I had a hard time deciding whether some plants coming up were weeds or flowers. One of my sisters told me that if they were pretty and I liked them to leave them alone. So, I left everything alone.


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