Thankful, happy and snake wrangling.


I was going to write about some good news..some happy stuff in the works…but then I thought about the old adage about speaking too soon and ruining everything. Or don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Or keeping my ducks in a row. Or throwing the baby out with the bathwater…or something like that. Ok maybe none of those pertain to me…but anyhoo…

My husband rocks. SO there.

**this is me doing the happy dance**

Stop laughing….most people jiggle when they dance!

Remember we went to an Oscar party on Sunday? I’m sure you have thought about nothing else this week.

It was tres’ fun.


*Bad cell phone photos alert*

1298844911277The hosts have two of these Oscars at the entrance to their home. They called for a theme this year: Parrot head. {Jimmy Buffet} The food and entertainment was all about being tropical this year. We both got laid lei’d on the red carpet. Forizzle.

1298847987686The table centerpieces. Not the red wine, but behind the red wine. I swear that glass of wine is not THAT big. No the parrot is not in that lady’s hair…but sitting upon a huge margarita glass.  It was a great party…the Coach and I actually stayed until the very end this year. We usually leave earlier, which is crazy since we are the youngest peeps there!!!

The party is held outside on the pool lanai. They hang a huge movie screen on the back of the pool screen…sit down/served dinner. Full bar. Full fun.


{Floating light/arrangement in the pool}


The coach got lucky. Did I say lucky? He is also a lucky genius with choosing his winners.

He won “Best Supporting Guesser” and his other unnamed Oscar?

Well that came as a surprise…to everyone. Midway through the party we hear a ruckus behind us towards the doors of the house. {all the doors were wide open} and we see people jumping up and gasping. The Coach slowly walked over towards it all and next thing I see is him leaning down and picking  up a big ol’ snake. He casually carries it outside to the grass area and comes back in. {meanwhile ladies and some gentlemen are passing out! LOL} You have never seen so many happy people. They were terrified of the snake. It was a corn snake people…just like our pet Freddie. Sissies. Luckily though…if that snake had entered the house, it might not have been found for days.

So, his other Oscar was for his “Snake wrangling” capabilities. Crazy funny.

It has been and UP and down week. A few dramatic moments with one of my children. {In my next life, my kids will attend an all girls boarding school in Switzerland} And of course the dog situation.  And then the good news. Oh…I never was a fan of rollercoasters! But at least I am wearing my helmet.

We are getting through it all….you know what they say: All you need is LOVE. And food. And water. And some other stuff too. Like a ….

XOXOXO Have a beeutiful weekend. I hope it is drama free and fun filled. 

24 thoughts on “Thankful, happy and snake wrangling.”

  1. You are the first one I saw this morning when opening up my 'dashboard' and I say it's a great way to begin the 'drive' through my day! No matter what your adventure is – – – even cleaning up after the dog – – – – it is always entertainment for our reading pleasure! Praise God it is the weekend and some things are in the past. But also PRAISING HIM for energy to make it through it all and a loving family who gets to share all the experiences with you! Thanks for always sending us some of \”your\” Florida sunshine each day with your words!


  2. Being the mom of two daughters, I can only guess the drama is boy related. It is never fun to see our babies with broken hearts. Hope you weekend is a calm, quiet one…


  3. Congratulations to Coach on his two Oscars. I guess there are disadvantages to keeping doors open.Somehow I doubt you would send your girls to Switzerland. I think you would be wanting them back before they even arrived over there. But I understand completely. I used to threaten my teenage daughter with the convent on the edge of town.Have a great weekend.


  4. What a fun evening. You can watch and talk and maybe even snark a little..with friends! : ) Ew on the snake. I would die if something like that came in my house. And we're not missing 'real' school either. : )


  5. Sounds Fabulous!!!I can't believe that they had a lanai. I've wanted one ever since Blanche had hers on the Golden Girls. Lucky dogs! m.


  6. Oh my gosh! You are going on an exciting vacation. I just know it.I hope you don't have to be near any snakes during your trip?Do you want me to come and give some beatdowns to any boys that are bothering Linds or Lo. You know I will. Girls rule. Boys drool.Except for Coach. And my Daddy. And Gary and Juan and Kaish. Oh, I guess boys are ok after all ; )


  7. it sounds like you had such fun at that party.i am skeeeeered of snakes, garden or cobra, please dont bring one near me! worms, either. i will pass out. a fear i've had all of my life and i dont understand why. those are my phobias. im SO afraid of worms that i want to be cremated. yep, no creepy crawlies dining on my carcass EVAR. even though i'd have enough meat to feed a whole country of worms. ewwwww jus got the eeeby jeeebies saying that…what about those gators, ey?nice change of subject…whatta nice coach you have there, missy foo foo.


  8. you are keeping me in suspense again… jeepers! at least you finally spilled about the oscars! i've been waiting, but gave up holding my breath yesterday at 7:53am. so sorry… but i could not comment on that last post. you left me speechless… and i'm not sure in a good waY! take care 🙂 no jinxing in sight!


  9. you have such a brave knight in shining armour. i have one too, he kills bugs, snakes and even rats and one time a bat! hubbys are so good to us! gotta love them! you got a good one there, suz!!


  10. oh i love snakes, it's the bugs i hate i tell you! little creepy crawlies, no thanks!congrats to coach. hope y'all have a great weekend.


  11. Way to go Coach! The good thing about teens is that when you think you can't take the behavior for another day, they make a sweet (even if temporary) turnaround. We who have been there salute you!


  12. Your snake-wrangler is quite a guy. I could use a guy like that whenever I see a snake – even the harmless ones! I'll bet he was really the star of the evening – you just don't like to brag (you're such a nice girl).Thanks for the party recap; I was wondering. Love those super-size statues, and the statuettes. Very grand favors. And the martini glass? WooHoo! Did the parrot eventually fall in after drinking? I hope you have a happy, peaceful, no-drama, no-stress weekend. I love your idea of the Swiss boarding school – sort of. No, it's too far away. Sorry. How about a Swiss day school, if you're in a nearby village? =) xoxo


  13. not sure what my mum would have done if she had seen that snake- she hates them!! However small or harmless……….. I love the idea of an Oscar party. Sounds amazing especially since it looked fairly outdoors orientated and the weather here is still totally wintery and miserable. Sigh. I really wish I lived in Florida.


  14. We had a big black snake in our neighborhood and the guys were all squeamish too, except my husband, who grabbed it and swung it into the field. Now, get this, he's afraid of spiders! I have to get rid of them.I don't know how you do it with 2 girls. I have the 2 boys and always say if I had a girl, I'd be so tough on her that she'd put herself up for adoption!


  15. That oscar party sounded fun! Like the idea of big wine drinks….Not so much the snake though – I'm very afraid! (My sister can't even look at a photo of them – we're both sissies!) Wish I had thought of the boarding school option w/ my stepson…..well no, he's a good boy…sometimes….when he listens….nevermind – ha,ha!


  16. Who would've thought you'd need a snake wrangler at an Oscar party? And who would've thought the coach would win his very own Snake Wrangling Oscar. Sounds like a lot of fun. Hope next week will be drama-free but still fun.


  17. Oh my gosh! Your story had me on the edge of my seat, LOL!Coach = Hero :-DHang in there honey, the roller coaster always comes to an end and then it's the merry-go-round for a bit, which is quite boring when you think about it, no? 😉


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